Midwinters Cruise 5K – 2013 & My Achilles Heel….

Each year in January, I look forward to a small 5K hosted by the Park Forest Running & Pancake Club,  called the Midwinters Cruise.  It’s the only race I normally do in the winter months and I run specifically to show support for my local runners.  Its no secret that I like small, local races.  It’s no secret that LOVE my local running clubs.  Its no secret that I want to meet as many runners as possible.  Its hard to show support and meet new people while sitting home cuddling my lil ones …… even if it is only 11 degrees with a negative wind-chill upon waking!

Kim, Nicki & I (in the middle) hauled it up and out to run in the cold!

Midwinters Cruise_2013_kim me nicki

Since I run this race each year, I’ve already “reviewed” it.  If you want additional info, look to last year’s review HERE.  The race has a cruise theme and a tropical vibe.  Some runners and members of the hosting run club wear grass skirts, flower leis, and funky hats during the event.  The rest of us were buttoned up to our chin trying to stay warm.  The temps did rise to about 15 degrees prior to the 10:30 am start but the wind-chill was still a factor.  No big deal, the course is a double loop so the direction changes quickly. If your cold one minute, just hang on and you will soon round a corner to find the wind at your back. 

This event offers a few unique factors beside the tropical theme.  They always offer a non-traditional SWAG item.  This year it was gloves with their logo and you got to choose between black, red, blue and grey.  I was feeling the red.

Midwinters Cruise_2013_gloves

They have pancakes, breakfast sausage, coffee & Gatorade upon finishing.  Then they present raffle prizes from local businesses and loads of age group awards so that as many people as possible walk away with something.  This year the age group awards featured a sailboat.  See Maggie from Mag Mile Runner with the award for her age group win here:

Midwinters Cruise_2013_maggie

Good race.  I’d recommend it to anyone.  And if you are shy about running in the winter, this is a good place to start because you can wait inside until the very last minute.  In fact the race officials will make a call and usher you out to the start.  No need to worry about getting outside early in fear of missing the start.  Once everyone hits the start line, the race begins promptly without much fuss. Run, then as soon as you are finished, you can head right back inside.  Chip timing, easy parking, good food, great awards.  Win, win!

This race didn’t exactly fit into my training schedule this year but I went to show my support.  I had been having some shooting pains on the inside of my right heel so was a bit nervous about running.  The pain just made its appearance on SAT and I only ran 4 of my 12 scheduled miles.  I made sure to do a little warm up to see if it would hurt while running.  It didn’t hurt so I headed to the start line.  I took it out slow.  No pain, hit the first corner and started speeding up a bit thinking I was fine but I wasn’t.  I had an episode of the shooting/stabbing pain less than a half mile into the race.  I hopped a couple steps and hit the grass to walk it off.  The funny thing is the pain leaves as quickly as it comes.  It doesn’t last, then I think I’m fine …… so I started running again ….. slowly.  No pain.  Then it hit again at the mile mark.  I must say, I’ve never been so happy to have a looped course for a race route!  I just jogged back to the start area and stepped off the course without doing my second loop.  Yep, I took a DNF in a 5K.  Not so awesome but apparently it wasn’t my day.  It has not been fun rehabbing the posterior tibialis tendon, which I tore on June 2nd (2012), and the fact that this shooting/stabbing pain is in the exact spot as where I felt the “pop” of that tendon previously made my decision easy.  I decided to err on the side of caution. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Alexis was busy tearing up the race course and ended up winning the overall female award.  Great job, Doc!  Did you enjoy the pancakes?   Can I see the trophy?  Wonderful!  Now can you look at my foot?  I mean, it’s not like it’s YOUR day off or anything, right?   And thanks, Maggie for catching the Doc in action!

Midwinters Cruise_2013_alexis & my foot

I ended up in her office first thing this morn.  It’s kinda a mystery as to what I did cuz I didn’t “do” anything.  It doesn’t hurt when I run or walk; I just get these random shooting pains that are unbelievably painful but also very brief.  My sensitivity is where the Achilles tendon attaches to the inside of my heel bone.  She did a few therapies & taped me up:

foot_black heal tape

I went to work and have been enjoying the random shooting pains all day.  Then my foot started to go numb, then my calf started to go numb & now the back and sides of my knee are in the pins & needle stages of numbness ….. what’s next?  I keep getting up, stretching, and holding the numbness at bay but I’ll be honest, I’m a “bit” nervous.  Hmmm…. how’s this one going to turn out and can we finish it soon so I can get back to my training plan?!?!?!  Pretty please?  I have a marathon to run!!!

** Happy Running & Racing ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

18 thoughts on “Midwinters Cruise 5K – 2013 & My Achilles Heel….

  1. Good post Amanda…love that race…but rarely run it cause I out there marking and setting up the course, then marshalling it! I don’t really know Dr. Alexis…but I did see that first lady runner in Nike jacket steaming buy and said something bout “fast lady…nice job” or something to that effect. She definitely got speed…and good form and gait to boot!

    It’s a great race…am proud to be a member of that club and it is the only 5k race I know of that every finisher gets something. Next year I am going to suggest they just give out the “everyone” awards at the finish line…just like ya do with a bling…cause I suspect some runners don’t wait around for all the awards and to come up to that box they had inside with the “everybody” gets one award. And those were some pretty nice prizes they were giving away in the raffle. Just not sure how they determine the winners in terms of randomness. Doesn’t matter…I ain’t even in the mix to win anything cause I just volunteer at event. Hmmm….thinking Dick Macknick walked away with some nice prizes….maybe I better start running it! LOL!

    You know…those stabbing pains and numbness you talking bout…give me suspicion of some neuropathy? I had a lot of issues related to sciatic nerve compression at L4-L5. Now that I am more experienced with the “sciatica” that was originally thought to be hamstring tendonitis….pain can be felt elsewhere that is not the origin of it. Sometimes…when my sciatica acting up…I get issues as far down in my feet. But I don’t get the stabbing or electric-jolt kind of pain…dull-throbbing-like. Still…what you describe could have major nerves involved? Ask Dr. Alexis bout that possibility.

    And thanks for spending some time with Judith. She wanted so bad to meet and talk to you cause you are essentially neighbors down there in Monee-Land!

  2. My heart goes out to you…..this is not fair, by any means……hopefully it is a pinched nerve in there or something very little…..we want you back out there asap!! Good call on Sunday, don’t need to push it for a 5k. Thoughts and prayers!

  3. Sorry to hear about the ankle. I have been taking the last six days off from running due to a slight pain/tingling in my inside right ankle. From what I have read the minimum rest required to heal a grade 1 ankle injury is seven to ten days. So I am not going to test it out at least until day 8 or 9. I have a marathon to train for too, so it is frustrating. But the best thing is staying off of it, which stinks….

    • Yes, I’m erring on the side of caution because the other alternative is going back to injuryville and that really sucked big time. Hope you feel better soon! Which marathon are your running? I can’t remember, sorry!

      • Thanks for the well wishes. Hope yours improves quickly as well. Yes, error on the side of caution. Injuryville is not a nice place to visit! I am running Boston.

  4. Found your blog when searching for exactly this type of inner heel pain. What did it end up being, and are you recovered?

    • Its all related to the posterior tibialus tear from June 2012. I took some time off & the chiro worked it hard for a week & I was back on the run the next weekend.

      The sharp shooting pains did get worse before better. They became more frequent & my legs were experiencing numbness. It was scary but the chiro was on it & reacting accordingly & giving me stretches to keep numbing & tingling at bay.

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