15 Miles …. in the Snow

Week 13 of Lansing Marathon training closed out with a 15 miler.  Actually, if we are going to be honest, it should have been 17 miles but I knew I was by no means ready for that so I improvised!  As with all things in life, sometimes its more important to cover your ass improvise than it is to actually follow directions.  The last three weeks have been slow due to Ragnar recovery, the flu and my bum foot.  15 miles was plenty.

As it is, my weekends tend to bear the brunt of any training and life schedule so by the time the weekend hits, I’m trying to make up for whatever I couldn’t fit into the normal work week.  This week was no different, Friday night I hit the treadmill for a short speedier run, then did some core/strengthening work that the doc ordered.  I was also trying to break in a new pair of Brooks Ravenna 3s that showed up on my door step last week.

      me_core-ball work               Brooks Ravenna 3_ball work    

Then Saturday was long run day; however, hubby had to work in the morning so the run was broken up into 3 segments.  5 miles on the treadmill while screaming at the kiddos at the designated training pace (9:15ish).  Then hubby arrived home, I dried off and changed clothes to immediately head outside.  I had 5 miles on deck with a buddy, we were close to my training pace of 9:15 but I was starting to die out cuz I apparently wasn’t fueled properly so lagged the last mile.  I returned to my car to refuel only to realize I didn’t have any of my normal fuel, the AdvoCare Rehydrate Gel.  I dug into my bag of tricks to find an alternate fueling option, then took off on my own for the last 5.  By this time, I pretty much felt like crap.  The 5 on the treadmill felt okay but I could tell I was dragging a little cuz it certainly wasn’t as easy as last week, the middle 5 felt tough on the snow covered path.  Not a lot of snow but enough to screw up my already damaged foot strike. 


me_snowy run_1-26-13

And well, let’s just not talk about the last 5 or the fact that the alternate fueling option caused digestive distress which resulted in my having to abandon the trail in search for a bathroom.  By the time I returned to my car, everything hurt including my pride.  However, nothing could take away the fact that I still covered 15 miles, in the dead of winter, when I would have rather been huddled on the couch drinking beer cuddling my babies.

So it may not have been a marathon training win but it was still in the done column.

“Run”Way Fashion for a snowy day with temps in the low 20s:  Athleta Reflective Relay Tights (in Tall), Under Armour Mock compression base layer, Brooks Infiniti Hybrid Windshirt (on sale for $62), regular socks with Brooks Ravenna 3s, lightweight Manzella Sprint Gloves & Athleta Base Miles headband.

image     image      image        

Brooks Ravenna 3_snow image  image

As the temps decrease and the wind picks up, then I add more layers (pants over tights and tech shirts over base layer, possibly tall compression socks, hat in addition to headband)  but this type of gear will get your thru most cold winter runs.  Winter isn’t the time to skimp on good gear. You don’t need a lot, just a few key pieces, then wash them by hand & hang to dry for tomorrow!

Happy running, regardless of the mileage, don’t be afraid to get out and hit the trail even when the conditions aren’t perfect.  Just take it easy so you don’t slip and if its icy instead of snowy, hit the streets or stay inside.  Don’t mess with the ice or you’ll regret it for months.

** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

13 thoughts on “15 Miles …. in the Snow

  1. That is a great picture of the snow covered trail. It would alone would motivate me to get out in run in the dead of winter. Congrats on the 15 miler despite the distress.

    • Kim – It wouldn’t have mattered what it was b/c my body wasn’t use to it. I used FRS chew this tiem b/c it seemd the safest bet. They have worked for me in the past but I normally only do one at a time. I was too low on energy to just do one chew though so did both (equal to one gel) and it ….. ummmm…. didn’t work out.

  2. Well…for so many issues and feeling like cwap at the end…you sure manage some nice big smiles! Hey…this Coach says don’t fret about long run not going well or you fading and feeling wrung-out by the end. That’s one of the purposes of long runs – do stress and deplete your glycogen reserves so the body has a reason to pack on more! Yes, you have to test our your hydration plan that includes fueling, but not so much fret cause you bogging down in the end….that’s good….you got the right mix of stress to nurture the marathon body. And when the mileage gets up higher on those long runs, see if you get to that 14-15 mile mark on track and feeling reasonably well, and then if you start feeling crummy the last few miles…don’t fret and know that you handle the 15-miles more easily.

    And yes…you do have to improvise at times and deviate from the specifics. Case in point is my last long run of 16-miles this past Saturday. Supposed to run easy first 3-miles, then at the faster-side of LR training pace around 8:45 or so, then run the last 3-miles at goal race pace (8:00). Didn’t work out like I wanted cause it was too damn cold. My water bottle froze to slush and couldn’t even unscrew the cap cause it was froze tight. So…did’t get to dose in the fluids each mile and had to wait every 3-miles or so till I passed one of two water stations. That had its effect on trying to ramp up later, but because the leg muscles were so tight and stiff from the cold opted just to run by feel through the end and not force or strain quads or hamstrings just to make some pace. So…the last mile was 8:26…good enough.

    Don’t be disappointed cause your long-runs don’t feel like on top of the world by the end. It’s supposed to be and feel tough…and gradually gets better over the weeks as the training takes effect (usually 2-3 week delay in response). Then…come marathon race day….your body should be trained and conditioned to run those 20-miles far easier than that 15-mile run felt….and then hopefully the conditioning, sound hydration/fueling strategy and will….carries you through that last 10k at goal pace or faster.

  3. I have those same shoes, in all 3 current colors. The gray/lemon/lime and blue/purple feel great, but the turquoise not so much–kind of odd, and makes me sad because I love that color :(. Great job getting it done, despite the problems! And good to see you yesterday, too. Our 4 miles yesterday were a lot faster than our 9 miles on Saturday–not sure if the less packed down snow slowed us down or what :/.

    • Sharon – I had to size up. Had the grey/yellowish ones & they were way too small in my normal size. Sized up a half size & these feel perfect walking around but want to pinch my rt pinkie toe when I run. I wrapped in a blister bandage then added a toe protector & it worked for all 15 miles. I’m hoping they just need stretched out a bit. I only have 20 run miles on them.

  4. Miles are miles whether you run, walk or crawl. I’m glad to hear you didn’t have foot pain on this run. You go girl!

  5. Congrats on getting the miles done. Super nice looking trail to run on.
    I too have been juggling ‘life’ issues, that blocks running- sick child, then my cold, etc.

    Hoping to get back to running in a few days.

    Best of luck with your training.

    • The sick child issue is such an “issue”. Sorry! I also STILL have trouble getting my lil guy to sleep alone. So he is always awake when I want to run in the early morning and my schedule is now all about making up runs/workouts that I should have already completed. I know it will all pass in time but it seems so hard this go around.

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