Still Living Off the High…..

Some people like coffee, some people like energy drinks, some people jump out of bed and are ready to tackle the world without so much as a blink of an eye.  What type of person are you?


Michael and I sleep in toasters and well …….Mick and Aby look more like Garfield above, which means they do what, sleep in a roasting oven?    I think they could sleep/stay in bed until Michael or I quite literally pulled them out of their warm oven.  Pre-Michael, their slow wake up habits were a huge benefit to my fitness.  I could get up, dress, leave, run 20 miles and come home in time to make them breakfast.  Upon my return, they would still be 1)  sleeping or 2) “possibly” out of bed but in front of the tv/computer looking like two disheveled zombies.  They never once looked at me like “where have you been” when I walked thru the door after a 20 miler cuz it wouldn’t occur to them to care as long as breakfast was soon forthcoming.  Those were the easy days.  Early morning runs.  Early morning workouts, both during the week and on weekends.  Yes, I would absolutely hop out of bed at 3:30 am to run 8 miles before Mick would leave for work at 5:15 am.  It was easy that way and the bottom line is if you wanna run a marathon, it helps to long some miles.  I just wanted to run (and still do!).

Now we have another person in the house who sleeps ready to pop out of that toaster at any given moment.  This mom’s workout routine has been all jacked up for the last 2 years. This would be the point in time when the lil booger learned to climb out of his damn crib.  My morning workouts are now sporadic because my lil man pops out of bed as soon as he hears me move.  I honestly think he can subconsciously feel my heart beat and as soon as the BPMs go up, he knows its time to rise & shine.   We go in spurts where I’ll get in some decent morning sessions, then we will go for a long time where he wakes up each and every morning before I’m even out of bed or dressed.  Then I’ll have a period where I totally give up the early sessions because I get tired.  Yes, tired.  As in tired of fighting my lil man!  I’ve been on that “tired” phase for a while.  It’s not very convenient either cuz my workouts then have to be squished into my real life.  This week was a bit hectic with 3 volleyball games, doc appts, major school projects and well, I never did squish in my tempo session yesterday.  So the tempo fell to this morning.  It was the only option.  It was this morning or it would be skipped like last week.  So how to deal with Mr. Micheal?  Threats.  Bribes.  Begging.  I told him if he got up this morn and heard the treadmill running to NOT come downstairs.  No matter what.  I threatened encouraged  him to instead go get in bed with “sissy” and I’d come get him as soon as I was finished.  Apparently he got up while I was plugged into the Walking Dead.  Went to the top of the stairs.  Screamed for me.  Then screamed that he was going to get in sissy’s bed.  Total win cuz God will never give me more than I can handle and apparently He also doesn’t want me to die running a marathon due to ill preparation.  Thank you, Michael.  Thank you, God.

What I realized after my tempo session this morn?  Wow, do I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my morning workouts.  I’ve been happy all day.  Excited about life.  Not dreading work.  At peace.  Traffic was GOOD this morning!  It’s mid afternoon and I’m still living off the high.   Thank you, Michael.  Thank you, God.  Thank you, Walking Dead for helping me nail that tempo session.  Thank you, Run Less Run Faster for the training plan that pushes my limits while still letting me manage my life.

Last thing, I’m starting to realize that I can nail this marathon plan. I’m starting to believe that it just might be possible.  I’m starting to believe that I’m copping out on my speed sessions and I can probably really do them if I just suck it up have the right thing on Netflix.  If I can run the tempo session, I can run the speed session.  I have the ability.  I have the speed.  I can do it.  It will come together.

“If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it, even if I may not have it at the beginning.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

** Happy Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

4 thoughts on “Still Living Off the High…..

  1. I cannot fathom what it would be like to not have a small child wake me up. It’s been far too long. Here’s hoping little man cooperates on a regular basis for you 🙂 Happy mommy is always best!

  2. Oh…yes TTF…this is great…you have really gotten your running friend and ad-hoc coach’s attention! I can’t believe you ever questioned or doubted you could do what you set your mind to do…irrespective of the “distractions” that life and duty to “lil-man” and “family” imposes. You have a dream…make it a goal…then believe in yourself…do the training and believe in that training will take you down the path or road you want to be.

    Having doubts…expressing feelings…telling us all the details of those things that go awry in your life…the are “sabots” to derail the best of intended plans….that are by-products of the aspects of juggling family life and responsibilities to others…really only a woman has that right to resort to. Not that men don’t have there “days” and “trials and tribulations” and I am no way a “sexist”…..but I long ago observed and learned in some respects that the life you women lead is never easy and always demanding in one form or another. Women don’t just train to and run a marathon…their lives are a marathon….a test of endurance…passion…and heart.

    In regards to those that don’t want to get out of the “toasty” comforts under sheets and zombie-like and slow-to-start the day. Well…just think how you feel after you get done with a run…far better than when you started! Maybe it was on your blog or somewhere else on line…but it was some NFL coach commenting; “that those days when you don’t feel like running….is really when you need to do it.” Now that’s a definitive answer to the dilemma….you don’t feel good early on and not motivated…but if you have the perseverance to go forth….you end up feeling better…and when you train both body and mind in concert that is what will happen if you just simply start and keep going….it gets far easier to get motivated the next time you feeling low and incapable.

    The human body is a “machine” and to get the most of it….you have to work it. You simply have to get out there and work your body to make it get better and at the same time nurturing or training your mind you will feel better if you get out of bed and just get going….move the internal fluids (i.e. blood) around….that’s the name of the game and all one has to do in life…if nothing else…..keep moving….cause to not….you just rust and seize….choice is yours people…keep moving as best you can.

    Nice job on this post TTF…you got my attention and invested a lot to the response. I end…that I never doubt your ability to do what you say you want to do…and you adjust accordingly as what life and family tosses in your face to juggle. If I had one wish to fullfill…I would be as “tough” as you and your woman-kind! Love that song by Jimmy Vaughan (Stevie Ray’s older brother)….”Are You Tough Enough”…..I may not be…but you ladies got what it takes.

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