2nd Annual ENHS Alumni Fun Run

Last year, a friend had an idea to get our old high school cross country team together for a run.  This certainly isn’t an easy concept with the team spread far and wide.  Add families to the mix and it’s impossible to pick the perfect date; however, this year we doubled in size and I anticipate the same will happen next year.  We don’t race.  We run.  We don’t make it alumni “cross country runner” specific.  We include everyone who has any desire to show up and run or walk.  I’m pretty proud of the range of people who came out from ultra runners, marathon “maniacs”, newbie runners, fitness focused individuals to run/walkers. 

From back from left:  Jenny, Hollie, Kris, Jenn, Butch & Troy.  Front from left:  Adella, Me, Rose, Jennie & Melissa.  Melissa’s hubby Mike was kind enough to take the photo.

ENHS_2013 fun run_group

We ran the same course as last year, following the Bixler Lake Walking Trail.  It is approximately a 3.4 mile loop.


The temps were cold and we “may” have even fought rain/sleet/snow but the morale was high and everyone seemed genuinely happy to be running with old and new friends.  They didn’t even complain verbally that I marked the course UP the hill, instead of around it.   Butch & Mike tackling the hill. 

ENHS_2013 fun run_hill  

Me LOVING the hill (photo from last year’s run).   

me_bixler trail_3-31-12

I really enjoyed the run, the day, the camaraderie and meeting a few new people.  I love this trail.  I love the versatility and how it moves thru the woods, over steams, by the lake and on local roads & walking paths.  I also love how the  loops is short and can accommodate all ability levels.  It’s marked, starting at the Sherman Street trail entrance, go check it out!!  Mike, Adella, Melissa & Hollie at a steam crossing.

ENHS_2013 fun run_stream

We even saw OTHER runners out and about.  I was super excited, particularly when I learned that there is a local run club, the Noble County Runners!!  I spend a lot of time in the area and look forward to having others to run with in the future.  This is really huge for me because I log a lot of summer mile,s solo, up on the country roads by my parents home.  I’ll now have a resource to tap into for long runs and hopefully will meet new people who I will see on the Indiana racing circuit.   Big win plus it make Mom & Dad happy if I’m not running the roads all aloneSmile

Thanks to everyone who came out to the 2nd Annual ENHS Alumni Fun Run!  I’ll see you again next spring, if not before.

If you are local to Kendallville, or Noble County, Indiana feel free to checkout the Noble County Runners to find a new run friend or two!!

** Run, Walk, MOVE ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

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