Boston Run To Remember….

Boston Run To Remember_bib

Too sad to do much else other than run, the kiddos and I joined a local group, the Kankakee River Running Club for a Boston Run To Remember.

52 Adults and children participated.

Boston Run To Remember_group

Boston Run To Remember

Aby, Michael and I were content to just run and hang toward the back of the pack.  The response from the community, the local businesses, and the cars passing by was overwhelming as people cheered, honked their horn and showed support in any way they were able.

Boston Run To Remember_me-michael-aby bring up rear

We were happy to participate.  We were happy to show our support.  We were happy to do SOMETHING other than feel overwhelmed and powerless.

Boston Run To Remember_kids     Boston Run To Remember_me-michael-aby

I’m still sad.  I’m still overwhelmed.  I’m still not going to “say” anything about the tragedy.  However, I’m a runner.  I run.  That’s how I process things and this too will eventually be processed, even if impossible to ever understand.

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7 thoughts on “Boston Run To Remember….

  1. Wow…that’s pretty cool thing to do as a group! When did you do that and how do you get one of those BIBs? Wouldn’t mind having one of those for my own “remememberance.” I guess I did my run for rememberance before the tragedy even happened. I was in the men’s changing tent when the explosions occurred…not in harm’s way…and didn’t see a thing until out of the tent and all the staff and personnel frantically running bout. In fact…I didn’t even know anything serious was going on until eventually there was all these sirens and such…a bit reminiscent to that surreal sound I recall from the meltdown at Chicago’s 2007 Marathon. In fact…no one even alerted us inside the tent…just trying to get into dry clothes as best as a weary, cramped and aching-leg body and mentally fatigued mind could muster in cramped quarters….and wanting to get to Tico’s on Berkley St where the rest of my group had planned to rendezvous post race. By then…back on the street…it was apparent that what we heard inside that tent was no cannon fire (as someone in tent mentioned they do on Patriots Day) and all the race officials, volunteers, police and medical staff were in full action…and barely able to walk at that point…just stay out of the way. It was so surreal. It was a bad dream…I was hoping…but eventually when I got to Tico’s and could see the TV reports…it was obvious…it was reality….and I was hopelessly lost and saddened that there was nothing I could do. And for those that don’t know me…I have a tradition of running that race with a theme of Peace and Love….always shouting out Peace and Love and high-hand peace sign slaps for anyone willing…and the earrings dangling R-ear…peace sign…L-ear small heart…and all that energy given out…energy gained…seeing faces of all ages smile and the positive feelings I was able to generate in some of that crowd along its entire course….lost…far overshadowed by some senseless act of terror. I managed to run a fine race in Boston and I re-qualified there – assuming Boston holds the marathon again in 2014….I will go back a 6th straight time….and that will be my next Run To Remember.

  2. Agree and like you… I have not processed it…with my Half in just 10 days…. I know I have to keep moving and find the courage to run in an unfamiliar area and trust and believe that the sponsors of my Half will protect me and all runners along the way. I know I will be more aware of who and what is happening around me the entire time I am running.

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