Emerging Leaders……

I’m to the point in my life where I’ve mostly surrounded myself by GOOD people.  I’ve cut the crap.  Don’t have time for the bullshit.  And spend time, for the most part, with people I like.  People who do good things.  People who want good things for others.  People who treat one another with respect.


As as result, I notice really great things happening to a lot of different individuals.  The individuals who I met initially who were just at the beginning of a journey and I have had the pleasure of watching them grow, progress and develop.  People who didn’t necessarily have a lot of confidence 12 or 18 months ago but who have blossomed into another person as they started checking off goals and racking up accomplishments.  These people have gained a level of confidence never known to them previously.  These people are now leaders in our community in some way shape or form.


So remember to treat one another with respect.  Encourage your friend and neighbor alike because that “mouse” or wallflower will eventually blossom and who knows how they will influence your life, or that of others, thereafter. 

We are surrounded by emerging leaders, but sometimes they come in disguise.  Do your part to help them blossom, to emerge, to lead.

** Come Forth Emerging Leaders; We Are Waiting For You!! ** Amanda – TooTallFritz

6 thoughts on “Emerging Leaders……

  1. Nice perspective…inspiring. You are that leader…just keep nurturing those traits of love, respect, compassion, etc. No matter how good we think we are…we can always do better. Just like training for a race…your actions and behavior require constant attention and focus and commitment. Great post…short and sweet!

  2. True!!! I look to you as a leader & inspiration in running & keeping going, and sportsmanship, and keeping it light! We run hard, train hard, but in the end, this isn’t a race and we’re just doing this for fun. Thank you!

  3. Sometimes I feel like there are too few good, kind people in the world, so it’s always a great feeling when you’re surrounded by them. I’m glad your good people are getting rewarded. We need more good people as leaders in our communities, so I’m glad they’re finding their way up the ranks.

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