Saint Joseph, MI …..

Sometimes life gets so busy that we stop having fun.  Stop enjoying the gifts that we have been given.  Stop appreciating life.  It’s times like those when I am tired, fed up and just exhausted, that I need to leave.  Take time out.  Go off and  have some fun, adult style.  Yep, that means I leave those kiddos at home.  They will survive one day or one weekend, or even a week without you me and we’ll all be happier when upon our return.

This weekend was one of those “mommy timeouts”.  I left the kiddos home and hubby and I just went.  We weren’t responsible.  We drank in excess.  We ate food that wasn’t healthy.   We, okay …. probably just me, were loud.  We just had fun and didn’t really care who knew it.  Carefree.  Careless.  Maybe even a little crazy.Mick&I

I’m not really sure the sleepy little beach town of Saint Joseph, MI was ready for us as we rolled into town on Sunday but really, it’s almost summer so we tried to break them in right!  Normally when we go to Saint Joseph, we spend most of our time on, or in, the water.  However, this time the weather was cool so our friends took us in their boat to town, tied it to the wall and we walked around for a bit.

boat_tied up

 On boat

Pretty town, nice riverfront area with walking/running paths, nice views of the water!     riverfront path       St Joe_view of water from town

Lots of shopping!!  Sometimes, little touristy towns like this price a family girl like myself out of the shopping.  However, I was super happy to find a couple cool things that I liked and which I could also afford.  First find, was this cute necklace for a boutique type store.  Price tag with tax:  $39  Second find was a local winery, White Pine Winery, which had a store front and offered wine tastings!   Cost per bottle with tax was about $26 for the Merlot.  Reasonable!!  Plus wine tastings are always fun!!

necklace  WhitePineWinery_sign  WhitePineWinery_me

If the beach is your thing, St Joseph has long stretches of beautiful beaches.  The most popular is Silver Beach which is accessible from town. 

St Joe_beach   Silver Beach

Saint Joseph, MI is a 1.5-2 hour drive from the Chicago area.  Close enough to pick up and go but far enough that it feels like vacation.  If you can’t leave the kids at home, no worries, there is plenty for them too from swimming, parks & fountains to the Chocolate Café by South Bend Chocolate Company to the Curious Kid’s Museum!  Check out the St Joe Today website for all the latest info on the upcoming events, festivals and activities.  And if you like wine, make sure to check out the White Pine Winery  and go like their Facebook page HERE for all the latest info on wine tastings and special blends. 

** Take Time Out and Enjoy Life ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

5 thoughts on “Saint Joseph, MI …..

  1. Wow TTF….Coach Frogger is impressed…taking such frivolous time out to enjoy life away from Motherhood and just hang with the Mick! Seems like so many Moms have hard time giving up to be and enjoy self. But you did it and your kiddies will be fine…whomever picking up the duty watching and caring for em! Abby runs fast and sometimes hangs/runs with mom…there is no worry in her being away from you. Maybe the “little-man”…that your concern…but he will do fine…benefits from time and “dependency” on mom. St Joseph, Michigan…isn’t there a college there?

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