CUTE Summer Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis Support

Yes, I know it’s currently FREEZING in Chicago but Mother Nature can’t take away the fact that summer is coming!  The warm temps have been playing peekaboo with us for the last month and I have been starting to think about my feet more and more.  While most people equate summer with flip flop season unless they are a marathoner who currently doesn’t have many toenails some of us have foot issues that don’t mesh well with the Reef & Roxie movement.  Therefore, we need to be more concerned about what we slide into this summer!


I want you to know that just because your feet aren’t perfect, this does NOT mean that you  need to settle for something less than stylish for your summer footwear.  I went thru this last year with my Plantar Fasciitis while shopping at a “specialty” shoe store.  Needless to say, I didn’t care for any of the grandma “retro” styles and the sales lady told me that I was going to have to forget about style and think more about my feet.  WRONG!  Let get real, life is too damn short to walk around in ugly shoes! 

So whether you are running a marathon, sightseeing, or heading the beach, please know that there are shoes available for your feet that fit, help keep your aches & pains in check and LOOK GOOD!  A few of my favorite functional & supportive sandals are below.   I know, you want to thank me.  You’re welcome.  And yes, this list is years in the making.

Birkenstocks –  Not just for hippies anymore!  When I was in college, these things were all the rage but I was less than impressed.  However, they have come a long way in the last 15-20 years!  My favs are the Gizeh style, which comes in 20+ colors ranging from $89.95 to $120.  Before you freak out about those prices, try to remember that you have a foot issue happening and you need to protect your feet.  Support and protection costs $$.  Sorry, it was hard for me too but I don’t like to be in pain sooooo I ponied up the cash for good sandals.  Pool Patent Gizeh’s below for $89.95.


I have an older model (Papillio Gizehs in black/silver) that I’ve worn now for a couple of years.  They have held up well, look cute and are my go to when I want something a little “nicer”. 


My everyday flip flop & boating shoe is from Merrill, the old Lilac Thong which is available only at discount retailers now.  Several color choices, comfortable & they offer stability.  I didn’t like the braided piece so I cut mine off.  I have these in black & brown cuz I’m just that exciting.  Currently they retail between $56 & $80.  I paid $80 for mine from Merrill last year.  The current Merrill sandal styles are out now and available HERE.  Much better quality than what you will find in most “flip-flop” styles.image

If flip flops aren’t your thing, or maybe you plan to get a little down & dirty in your summertime footwear, Keen offers several nice options.  The Venice is a great shoe for multi-terrain wear.   It retails at $95 and is good in the water, in the mud or just wearing around town.  They have a lot of underfoot support including arch support, and a metatarsal ridge, which offers support  UNDER  your toes.  Plus they come in a lot of cool colors.  WINNING!  Thanks, Keen!


If you need something with a little more protection or if you plan to hit the trail hard this summer, then Keen knocked it out of the park with this Arroyo II.  This hybrid waterproof hiking sandal is the best of best, plus you can add your own insole if orthotics rule your world like they do mine.  You won’t find these in a bunch of fancy colors, this shoe is more about function than fashion.  However, if you’ve been on the trail as of late you already know that these are way cuter than those clunky hiking boots!  The Arroyo II is gonna set you back about $100 but they are heavy duty with big lugs and they come ready made to tear up your local trail.


A few newbies that just found their way to my closet, please don’t tell hubby yet, are the Keen Bali & the Keen Kona Flip.  Both are a little more reasonably pricee at $65 & $50 respectively.  However, don’t let that lesser price tag fool you, these babies still offer lots of protection to the foot, arch and the plantar fascia.  They are adorable and come in a variety of colors, offer good traction for the pool deck, dock or boat.  No worries if your little monsters kiddos are dripping water everywhere, you won’t end up getting wet til they send a giant splash your way you’re ready.

image   image

I hope this helps and gives you some ideas on alternative summer footwear!  Don’t let some nasty bitch sales lady talk you into buying something ugly in the name of foot health!  You have options!

If you’ve also been on the search for years to find summertime footwear that’s GOOD for your feet, please let us know about the good ones!

** Keep Your Feet Healthy, Happy & Look Cute Doing It ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

8 thoughts on “CUTE Summer Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis Support

  1. I love my Birkenstock Gizehs that I ordered last summer. I wear them around the house (with socks!) ALL of the time. I think I will be ordering another pair. They are the BEST thing around for my plantar fascitis. I also have the Keen Coronas which look very much like the Keen Venice but are a little more of a canvas tennis shoe/sandal. I actually have them in several colors but I’ve found that they really don’t have too much arch support.

    I never understood the appeal of Birks…until I started wearing them. The Gizehs are the best thing around. But can you recommend some cute, comfy wedge sandals? Is there any hope to wear wedges for a girl with PF?

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