Short Run Long Day 5K – 2013


I am not one to run evening races.  I have the kids.  I have “things” that need to be done.  I have fatigue from a long day at work, plus my commute.  I don’t go out for just anything and it’s kind of a big deal if I get in a nighttime event or workout.   However, for the second year in a row, I attended the Frankfort Park District’s Short Run Long Day 5K event which is always at night, on or around the longest day of the year.  Why do I go?  Because of these people:


The Frankfort New Lenox Running Club.  These people (plus about 500 more from our FB page) are my friends, my run “family” and reason why I keep showing up.  The Short Run Long Day 5K is on our home turf and one of the races with the best turnout for our club members.  We had runners who ran 18 minute 5Ks then spaced all the way down to the end with our run/walk crew.  So proud of all of these people for continuing to show up and keep working on their fitness regardless of their ultimate goals.

The Short Run Long Day event brings out all the local run clubs too with a large contingency of Yankee Runners and Tinley Track & Trail fasties.  This “short run” is competitive and fast with a course that is flat and mostly shaded.  But the race is growing fast and “the word” is that next year, we will be running the course in reverse to accommodate the increasing field and to relieve congestion in that first mile.  Win, Win!!

The race is a family event with pizza, family games and activities.  Runners, walkers and families with strollers are all welcome here.  The event is chip timed but with a “gun” start so that first mile is a bit congested as everyone tries to jostle for the best position due to the gun start.  Half of the course is ran on Old Plank Trail while the other half is on the streets of Frankfort.  One water stop.  Bathrooms at the start/finish and at the Grainery area on Old Plank Trail.  Course is mostly shaded.  Lots of volunteers.  Nice goodie bag with a cute cotton tee, a $10 off coupon from Running Excels, coupon for a free ice cream cone at the Creamery, chapstick, pen & toothbrush:

Short Run Long Day_goodie bag

Great race.  Great crowd.  Great event for the competitive age grouper as well as mom/grandma who may need to push a stroller in order to participate.  I’m super pleased with this race and the growing popularity.  We had 420 finishers this year for a small town 5K on a Wednesday night.  Yay!

Join Aby and I and our F’N friends next year in the 14th Annual Short Run Long Day 5K in Frankfort!  

     Short Run Long Day_Aby_2013          Short Run Long Day_me_2013       

2012 Race Review HERE.

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4 thoughts on “Short Run Long Day 5K – 2013

  1. That is a nice race and I measured the certified course! I haven’t run it past few years cause I never anywhere near 5k condition to race it by this point in June. Maybe next year just run it as “speed training” session.

    You denote that they intend to run it in reverse direction next year? But if they do that without some remeasuring or adjustments…the finish would end up at the end of that road where it starts and not in the park where you would seem to want it to finish.

    Also…to reverse direction changes the locations of the mile splits….which requires remeasuring if you want accurate mile split locations. I hope FPD contacts me about doing that…probably can reverse the course route and remeasure the splits and perhaps adjust finish line location for lessor fee than to measure a new one.

    • Not sure what they plan to do but that was the talk last night. It was congested heading down the road from the start and onto the lakefront path. In fact, Aby was not feeling well and I thought she would be sick and I basically shoved her off the trail panicked that she would puke on 50 people.

      I do like the idea of the trail and that straight away being the finish. Not sure how they would handle the finish area though.

      • Two years ago the course was different. We finished by running on the trail, rather than starting on it. Since I volunteered but did not run the race last year, this was a new route for me. It was nice going in this direction, but the start is always crowded, with people angling to get to the front because there’s no starting mat . I just scoot closer to the back where I don’t have to worry about being crushed. I figure if you are serious enough to wear a singlet or run bare chested, you are welcome to have the front spot in the line. This is always such a well run race. I’m so proud of our F’N Runners for showing up and doing so well. We had runners who took home awards, those who set personal records, and others who did their first race. I’m so proud to be a part of a group that supports one another and exhibits a sense of pride in helping others get out there and be active!

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