Winner of the Chicago Half Marathon FREE Entry

I always love the days where I get to give someone something for free!    But it makes me nervous too.  Why?  I have no idea but I want everyone to win and I know that some people who have entered will only be running IF they win so I feel some pressure, get nervous, have butterflies!  Silly, I know but that’s always how I feel when I go to the random number generator to put in the info.  Soooo glad that I don’t have to make the decision myself!

Today, I randomly drew a  number for a free entry to the 2013 Chicago Half Marathon on September 8th.


I’m a numbers person so always wonder what number will come up.  Today, the “late bird” got the worm and someone who just entered the giveaway at the very last minute will be running with me for free!  It’s someone I know.  It’s someone you “might”  know.  Who is #42? 



Run With Jess:



Congrats, Jess!  Email me at for info on how to get registered!

For those of you who didn’t win and want to register, go HERE and sign up today.   Cost of the half is currently $90.  Great race.  Great course.  Great location.  I’ll be there and so will Jess!  Join us!!

** Run Chicago ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

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