CrossFit ….. Day 4

I’m currently in a bit of a rut and totally disenchanted with the swim, bike & run.  It’s almost impossible to make time to get to the pool; I’m averaging about 30 minutes one time a week, which is inadequate.  I get one bike day each week, which is inadequate.  Plus, my body is a bit damaged and the run isn’t going well.  In fact, I haven’t ran long in 3 weeks, and that’s definitely inadequate.  OUCH.  Let’s just keep pretending that I am not facing down the Racine 70.3 in 2 weeks and the Chicago Marathon in 14 weeks.  Yep, let’s just keep pretending.

It's not denial

So basically at a point, when all the things that I “normally” really enjoy aren’t coming together, it’s nice to have something different to focus upon while I try to decide if I should bail on some of my scheduled events.

The 4th of July brought my 4th CrossFit workout.  Fun but I was still sore from Tuesday’s 1/2 Murph.  Smile   We started off with “Death by 10 meters”.  This workout starts easy enough, run one 10 meter sprint over the course of 1 minute.  Then run two 10 meter sprints in 1 minute.  Each minute then rolls right into the next adding another 10 meter interval.  Lots of waiting time at the beginning, no rest at all toward the end as you are attempting to pump off 13, 14 & 15 ten meters sprints in the minute before it rolls to the next.  I just missed the 15th interval only making 14.  So I “died” at 14+14.  Not an easy workout for me because my “run fast” left me a while back and it’s difficult for me to get any lift out of my hamstring to “move it” quickly. 

After “Death by 10 meters” killed all of us, we were ready to crawl home but apparently that was just the warm-up.    We then went to two 6 minute rotations.  As many rounds as possible within the 6 minute time frame.

First 6 minute set:  10 Ball Slams, 10 Ring Rows, & 10 Push-Ups (reapeat as many times as possible) – This one about killed me.  Even the Ring Rows which seemed easy last time were very tough.  Sore arms, sore pecks, sore TTF.  I was very slow and complained and wanted to go home

Second 6 minute set:  10 Box Jumps, 10 Sit-Ups, 1 Plate Carry (carry a 25 lb plate 100 meters) – This set was so much easier for me and I actually enjoyed it.  The plate carry was my favorite.  It was hysterical to see the various ways that people carried their plates.  These are a few pics from google images but it was the same for us.  Some held the plate high over their heads, some under their arm and I carried mine out in front like a load of boxes.

Plate-Carry       Plate-Carry 2    Plate-Carry 3

More fun times at CrossFit.  Stay tuned for this week’s fun & games!

** Attempting to Get Strong ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

2 thoughts on “CrossFit ….. Day 4

  1. I got exhausted just reading about this. It seems that every day there is a brand new bonebreaking drill that I have never heard of, and this post has at least three of them.

    Anyway, the quote that you picked above was very timely because I just uploaded a post this morning about selective memory and the marathon. Check it out — there’s even a giveaway at the end!

    • I’m loving the bone breaking new drills! I hope they make me strong and it would be super cool if they were able to fix my body and help me run strong again. I miss running fast!!

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