Birthday WOD …… CrossFit Day 20

We learned the hard way this morning at CrossFit that if it’s your birthday, or someone else’s, shut up about it OR lie about your age. 

21 again

If you’ve just started following, I’m a newbie CrossFitter.  I go to CrossFit 2x a week at 5am with my gal pals from the run club.  Although what we “do” does not have a special designation, I’d like to think we are more on the CrossFit endurance path than the hardcore CrossFitters like Jared these ladies:


You will never catch us at CrossFit in our undies, in fact most of us don’t wear undies cuz well, we are runners.  And we look way more like this guy below than the awesome women above.  Source:  StudentLive

weight lifter_studentlive

So today it was Michelle’s birthday.  Happy Fucking Birthday, Michelle!!  She was 38 so our workout surrounded her age.  Yay!  Sounds like fun, right? 

Michelle’s #38 Birthday WOD

  • 38 Box Jumps (18’” Box) – I did 19 jumps & 19 step-ups so that I didn’t die
  • 38 Ring Rows
  • 38 Kettlebell Swings (36# I think)
  • 38 Walking Lunges
  • 38 Hanging Knee Raises (Knees to Chest or Knees to waist in my world)
  • 38 Push Presses – Bar only (45# I think)
  • 38 Supermans
  • 38 Wall Balls (10#)
  • 38 Burpees
  • 400 meter Run

This was a rough one for me and my weak arms.  I almost didn’t make it.  But I did so I’m happy on that front.  And no, I’m not really mad at Michelle I’m actually mad at Aunt Julie because she’s the one who brought up the birthday.  A WOD is a WOD in my book.  I’m always glad that I went, even when it’s hard.  So whether is YOUR birthday or not, I’ll still be there.  

** Trying my damdest To Get Stronger ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

10 thoughts on “Birthday WOD …… CrossFit Day 20

  1. great job, Amanda! Sorry I missed a birthday “celebration”…I never like to miss a good time, Especially with my F’N friends. Betsy and I had our own “fun” at 9:00 with Jared and those other crazies…

  2. I have done that thing in pic 1 with the dumb bells. I had on my underwear and shorts and a t-shirt lol. It was the workout with my 20 yr old son, I almost cried, I was sore for two days. I will not be with you for the WOD on June 5 when I turn 49! I really want to make it to 50 :o)

  3. Wow TTF…keep it up…you gotta be one tougher chik by now! Hey…can you get me a workout with those 4-ladies doing those dumbell lifts in plank position? Note that gal far left in foreground…she got some upper body arm and shoulder strength!

    Happy b-day Michelle…all those at x-fit on Michelle’s B-day….just thank her she is only 38. If I was there and my b-day….your WOD theme would center on 60-reps! So…be thankful Michelle is so youthful.

    Keep it up the x-fit. We should have take before pic and some basic tests of strength, then test you post program conclusion and see if you gained any “measurable” strength. I say measurable…cause I know mentally you will have become stronger.

    Love your posts…all of them!

  4. What do you mean that photo of the nearly naked girls doesn’t look like us? It totally does! I thought that you took that photo of us this morning!!

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