CrossFit Day 29 & 30

Another chill week at CrossFit since most of us at the 5am class are recovering from the Chicago Marathon.  I personally had a very chill week too.  I ate for recovery and fun.  Then I ate some more.  Then did a billion loads of laundry.  Then I probably ate some more.  It takes a bit for my the body to bounce back after using that many calories in one stint, so I just try to go with it until I feel somewhat “normal”. 

I did CrossFit on TUE/THUR, rode my bike on the trainer for 11 miles last night, then ran 6 miles this morning.  So I’m getting back into the swing of things but I’m certainly not in a rush.  Next week, I’ll start some faster speed work though to shock the body prepare for a few local 5Ks where I’d like to show up and actually run fast.  It’s been a long time since I’ve tried to run fast, like 5K fast, and I’m both terrified and excited.

CrossFit – Day 29 – How to baby the marathoners and get them to show up for a CF workout 2 days post race.  Arms ONLY WOD!!!

  • 10 Wall Climbs
  • 10 Reverse Rope Climbs
  • Death by Pushups

That’s all folks.  I only made 12 rounds of Death by Pushups.  I wanted to get to 15 but only made 10 into the 13th set.  Seems pathetic but I tried, so it is what it is, right?   As a refresher, death by anything uses the clock, in one minute intervals.   One minute per round, go as many rounds as possible.  First round started with 1 push-up.  Do the 1, then rest til the minute ends.  Then 2 push-ups in the next minute.  Then 3, etc. until you can’t go any longer.   In all, I did 88 pushups. 

CrossFit – Day 30 – Trying to get the marathoners back on the CF wagon!

  • Front Squats – 7×3 – We did more than 7 rounds of 3.  We started with the bar only.  I think we probably were using the 31# bar instead of the 45# one but I really have no idea.  I just lift what I’m told.  After a few rounds which focused on loosening up our tight runner hamstrings form, we started adding weights, 10#s at a time (5# to each side).  I think we made it up to 20#s on each side, squatting that 3x before it was time to move on. 
  • 5 minute ladder – Wall Balls & Step Ups.  A ladder starts at 1 and then each round 1 rep is added.  First round, 1 wall ball, 1 step up on the 18” box.   Second round, 2 wall balls, 2 step ups.  I made it thru 10 full rounds and was working on my 11th with the wall balls when the 5 minutes was up.  Hard.   Continuous movement.  Fun.
  • 100 abmat sit-ups.  OUCH.


Previous post on Marathon Recovery HERE.

** Still Recovering ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

9 thoughts on “CrossFit Day 29 & 30

  1. I love seeing that your coaches took into account you runners! ❤ I have to seek personal advice regarding what to do to balance and not destroy myself while I am training up for a marathon from not running at all in 9 weeks time… and sometimes just have to come up with my own WODs and things. I love your posts. I'm a fan 🙂

  2. Great your X-Fit factors in post-marathon running! Still…sounds brutal to me…don’t know how you persist. Is there a conclusion to this X-Fit or does it go on forever? Yikes…run fast…run fast 5ks in aftermath of marathon? Not sure how you do it or how you find the strength and will to pursue it. Most coaching will put 5k and speed earlier in the phase or better yet in the “off-marathon” cycle phase or in the early building-base phase. I am too trashed from that damn Chicago Marathon to run fast mid-distance races (like I ever could in first place). But that is what makes you amazing…you don’t fit the standard recipe. Keep on doin’ what ya doin’…and yes…love your posts…but do think time has come to wrap-up X-Fit and relax a bit. Not that X-fit ever ends…but you might like a break…then take up another XF cycle of training.

    • CrossFit, like running, or swimming or any activity can go on as long as one wants/likes/enjoys it. I am really enjoying it and it’s making my entire body stronger but particularly my low back where I have permanent damage with the onset of arthritis. So for me, CrossFit is here to stay for a while because I’m getting a lot of benefits. While some people can do CrossFit activities at home, it’s not an option for me at this time. So I’ll be CrossFitting for a while, at the same interval of 2x weekly. Works for me but I realize it isn’t for everyone. I can certainly stop posting on it if everyone is bored with it.

  3. My Nike watch said I burned 2800 calories almost bang on, so I guess I know what I should have eaten all week to recover…the only question is, plain or peanut? (Peanut FTW!)
    Do you use the trainer all year? Mine has been tucked away in the garage and it is sadly almost time to pull it out as it’s too dark to ride now whenever I actually have time.

    • Peanut M&Ms for me too!

      As for the trainer, I do use it year round, mostly for shorter rides/workouts. While it’s way more enjoyable to ride outside, it’s not very doable with the kiddos. Plus, it’s easy to ride for 10 to 15 miles on the trainer whereas I wouldn’t bother putting the bike on the road for that distance. Sounds weird, I know.

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