Mind Over Matter …..

At this point, I definitely consider myself an endurance athlete.  I’m a runner.  I’m a triathlete.  I’m an endurance athlete.  I run for fun.  I run to de-stress.  I run to be alone.  It’s no longer about fitness for me but rather something I need to do in order to be a healthy, happy person both physically and mentally. 

mom went running

Goals, tough races and new distances no longer scare me.  I’ve run enough miles in this body to know that I can do anything.  At anytime.  If I really want to do it.  And I’m not going to say that I always want to finish what I start but I can persevere over horrible conditions, and fatigue, and pain, and heat, and metal games.  As a result, life no longer scares me either.  I know that I can conquer anything.  I can persevere over horrible conditions, and fatigue, and pain, and the heat of life, and mental games.  I know that no matter how hard I am “punched”, I will still get back up to “fight the fight”, whatever the situation.  It really is mind over matter. 

Ever wonder if sometimes we maybe “think too much”?  I’ve noticed that when I stew over things too much then I really can make a mountain out of a mole hill.  I’ve also noticed that so many of the things that were so upsetting BEFORE I laced up my run shoes, are just no big deal once I’m a mile or two into a run.  Or maybe those “things” are just more manageable afterwards?  Who really knows or cares why running, or hard workouts, help us me cope better with life, but they do.  Maybe it’s the rush of endorphins.  Maybe it’s the quiet solitude.  Maybe it’s the fact that most of the blood in our body is rushing to our my muscles and it gives our my brain a bit of a reprieve.  Whatever the reason, we all I know that it just quiets the soul and takes the “bite” out of life. 

running is my prozac   

I’ve learned a lot from running.  I’ve learned even more from pushing past my comfort zone and tackling new distances that are not only hard but seem “almost” impossible.  Oh wait, nothing is impossible when I acknowledge that it’s mind over matter.  If I’m healthy, and strong, and ready, then I can do anything.  I will persevere over horrible conditions, and fatigue, and pain, and the heat of the battle, and the mental games.  It’s just mind over matter.

** Mind Over Matter ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

6 thoughts on “Mind Over Matter …..

  1. Completely agree with this Amanda! Sometimes you can be in a horrible mood…go for a 6 mile run and come back so peaceful. Love it! I also love the challenge of it like you were talking about. Running an ultra. And not just walking the last loop…takes mental strength. Physically I was hurting a bit. Mentally you keep going! Tells you what you are made of!

  2. It’s nice that you gave your kids your cell phone number. My mother is still upset that I won’t give her my cell phone number (she somehow senses when I am cycling and used to call me when I was on the busiest highway I could find). The ONLY people who have my cell phone number are my wife and kids — and they know to never call me unless an ambulance or fire truck is at the house!

    • Oh that’s funny! I actually “got in trouble” once cuz the kids called & I didn’t pick up. In my defense, it was a windy, winter day and I had 20 layers on. I never heard it! I try to do better now & have a vibrate/ring combo. But really, just don’t call me (unless someone us squirting blood).

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  3. YES!! I love these sentiments. Running made me realize that I can do so, so much more than I ever thought possible. Now, I think anything is possible.

  4. Spot on! Amazing what we can accomplish with the determination. I’ve repeated the mantra “The body achieves what the mind believes.” over and over on challenging long runs. You are one tough cookie!

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