My “Thank You” to 2013

The year 2013 brought me health.  Strength.  Determination.  And an injury free year.  Thank you 2013 for all you gave to me, even if every minute was not easy and/or fun.


I started 2013 by running a 200 mile relay race, Ragnar Key West.   I ran bits and pieces from Miami to Key West, FL with a group of amazing people.  I finished 2013 by running my first ever ultra trail race, the Huff 50K.   I filled in the year with numerous events from the 5K to marathon distance, the numbers are below:

  • 5Ks –  4
  • 4 Mile Runs – 1
  • 8Ks – 2
  • Half Marathons – 8
  • Full Marathons – 2
  • Marathon Relay – 1
  • Cycling Events – 2
  • Duathlons – 1
  • Half Iron Triathlons – 2

I did 47 CrossFit workouts.  I ran 1225 miles.  I cycled 814 miles.  I DNF’d one 5K due to foot pain.  I teamed up with Aby for one Duathlon.  I ran 2 relay races (Ragnar Keys and the River City Marathon Relay). 

I didn’t run as many miles as I had planned.  I didn’t cycle as much as I wanted.  I barely swam.  I screamed at the kids WAY too much.  I lost my cool more times than I can count.  I didn’t win Mom of the Year {again}.  I didn’t spend as much “fun” time as I would have liked with the family.  Work got in the way.  My energy levels dipped.  The commute wore on me and my schedule.  I had headaches. I was cranky.  I didn’t clean the house nearly enough.  I was constantly behind on the laundry.  The beds were almost always unmade.  The floors were vacuumed only “as needed”.  I ran on the treadmill when I should have been attending to some of the above.

My favorite race was the Tinley Park Duathlon with Aby as my teammate.

Tinley Park_DU_13_Me&Aby medals

My hardest race was the Great Illini Challenge 70.3 were I suffered heat induced problems as the temps sored well over 100 degrees.

My favorite race shirt was from the Uno 5K Carrera de los Muertos.


My proudest moment was finishing the Chicago Marathon with a smile on my face after many attempts at that race where weather and injury did NOT leave me happy at the finish line.


I stepped outside of my “ box” twice.  First by going to that first CrossFit workout and second by registering for the Huff 50K.

I had good times.  And bad times.  A few sad moments.  Made new friends and forgot some old ones.  Ran races for fun and for speed.  Used a new training method/plan that helped maintain my injury free status.  Focused on chiro/rehab treatments as preventative care.  Gave everything I had to the kids/family, even when it wasn’t enough.  Took time for me, even when there really wasn’t any time left.

I can only hope 2014 will be just as good, with maybe a little less screaming at my lovely children and a lot more boating in the summer months.  Smile 

Thanks to Mom/Dad and Hubby for giving me a few hours here and there to run outside and/or with friends.  Thanks to the treadmill for putting up with all my pounding.  Thanks to Netflix for streaming for me during all those nasty and/or long treadmill sessions.  Thanks to Dr. Alexis for never telling me that I was crazy when she asked “so, what’s next?”.

How did 2013 go for you?  What was your favorite moment, if you can nail it down to just one.

**  Goodbye 2013, Thanks for the Memories  ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

12 thoughts on “My “Thank You” to 2013

  1. running wise, for me personally, it would have to be when I finished the Palos Half Marathon. but, a close second would be running with Julie, Sharon, and Melanie at the Illinois Marathon. seeing all their smiling faces really was inspiring to me as they tackled 26.2 miles.

    non-running, it would be being in Hawaii with my family.

  2. Wow TTF…you were blessed by the Run Gods this year! Just know that goals are simply something to strive for…how many miles you run or how fast your ran them is not always a measure of success…but more so how you feel about yourself. And…obviously you are feeling good about how your year went and what you accomplished. You did awesome, but the best thing and greatest accomplishment I see is you teaming with Abby on that run. Ya…you notched Huff 50k in your run resume and ran a lot of hard trail miles in some sloppy conditions and spent a lot of hours doing it, but you get a lot more from far shorter run with number one daughter. It was your “favorite” race but I view it as one of your “best” races…has nothing to do with distance, duration or difficulty.

    If you really want to know what my best part of 2013 was…well it is simple. Despite contending with nagging injury/issue and sub-par training, ran my 5th straight Boston Marathon in 3:33:12 and qualified myself for number 6. Other aspects of year not so good on the Chicago-side and once again find myself contending with injury/issue with R-groin. Par for the course with a 60-yr old body…just go on forward and see what the Run Gods bless me with. That’s the way I see it….”Good Times….Bad Times…You know….” (Led Zeppelin I). We all have good times and we all have bad times…yin-yan…the way life always was and is and meant to be.

    Hope I am not one of those “old-friends” you cite!

  3. OK, I had the same attitude about housework, and I’m not taking care of kids and dogs! I’m glad you had an injury-free year!! My favorite moments of 2013 were when my horrific 4-hours-per-day commute finally ended! And when I moved out of my parents house. Running-wise, it was Ragnar.

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  5. Wow, you are definitely Mom of the Year. I admire everything that you do as a mom, a woman, and an athlete. You are definitely an inspiration!!

    I’ll be interested in doing another Ragnar race but cannot do the one from Madison to Chicago because of school. Florida?

    Which training plan did you use? Would love more information as I would like to be injury free this year.

  6. Great recap! I think you had an awesome year! And I also did not clean my apartment nearly enough…I probably vacuumed the floors only 4 times. Don’t judge me.

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