Chicago Spring Half Marathon Race Review

I can’t say that the Chicago Spring Half Marathon was even on my radar until a free code for the race started circling on social media.  I looked up the race and proceeded to register assuming the free code would NOT work.  But it did work and all of a sudden I was registered for a half marathon on the Lakefront Path in Chicago. 


That short window where they offered the race for free resulted in a sell out for this race for the first time in it’s history.  While I got in for free with a lot of other people, I had other friends who didn’t get thru during the “free” window and they in turn paid to register in order to join the fun for the day.  It was a brilliant PR move and to be honest, had I not had the free code, I wouldn’t have registered.  I’ve ran several races on the Lakefront Path now and well, they are generally over crowded and not too much fun.  This race, as well as 13.1 Chicago, seem to be the exception to that rule.  Both races have an elaborate corral system, stager the start between corrals and manage to keep the traffic on the path controlled and enjoyable

And the views are pretty cool too. 

Chicago Spring half_views

Chicago Spring half_views2

Chicago Spring half_views3

The race also offered potties, aid stations and medical support every 1.5 miles or so.  There were 2 fueling stations offering energy gels.  I also saw at least two Race Guards running the race and offering support to runners.   I saw a lot of my friends thanks to the out and back course.  Yes, I may have ran the Chicago Lakefront Path a billion times but the views and seeing my friends race never gets old.   Xaarlin was also out there taking photos with her Super Pooch.  Thanks, girlie!!  And my apologies for spotting your pup before I even saw you. Smile

Chicago Spring Half_me running

The race was a simple out and back.  About a 10K out and then back with a little zigzagging thru a parking area to get back to The Park at Lakeshore East where a buffet breakfast awaited our finish!  Nice!

Chicago Spring Half_breakfast

It was a great day to be out and run in Chicago.  It was a great race.  It was very well organized and I really appreciated being able to grab breakfast without having to wait in a long line.  Everything about this race was smooth and easy, and I for one appreciate that.  We even got a cool shirt  and cool medal (photo of the medal courtesy of Nicole F because I have a mushy brain and forgot to take one).

Chicago Spring Half_shirt  Chicago Spring Half_medal

Lastly, another great thing about this race is that it also offers a 10K so that you friends, who don’t dig the half marathon, can also run!  Thanks for going Nicki!!

Chicago Spring Half_me& nicki

** Happy Running & Racing ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

9 thoughts on “Chicago Spring Half Marathon Race Review

  1. I totally agree with your review of the race! I thought it was super organized and that the corral system was fantastic for keeping us from over crowding!

    Did you hear that that code was a PR move? I am still wondering if it was accidentally leaked from something. Ha! But it did get a lot of people to sign up! (and a lot to sign up and not run it, which stinks for people who would have paid for a spot). And like you, I wouldn’t have paid for it. I tend to not do city races until it’s a special occasion or friends from out of town want to do it.

    • Several of us thought it was a PR stunt. I know some people who even got a “Congratulations for registering” email and at the end of the email it said “and it’s FREE!!”. So it seemed legit.

      Good seeing you out there. I was a bit surprised to see you running in the CHI. I should have said hello after but I’ve been a real funk lately and not real social. 😦

      • Ahh, cool! That makes me feel better. I thought I was using a code that was meant for one person and then shared.

        I was happy you said hello! I knew people were running it, but was having a hard time recognizing faces.

        I am sorry you’ve been in a funk. Move getting you down?

  2. I kinda figured you’d notice the pooch or the owl hat before recognizing me 😉 a few people actually said that to me yesterday. Lol

    It was fun being out there yesterday. Since I suck at being a spectator (feeling incredibly awkward cheering and stuff) I hide behind my camera.

    Congrats on another race! You’re super human 🙂

    • I FIRST noticed the dog and THEN the owl hat. LOL! And I understand the awkward cheering thing but thanks for coming out. Gave us something to take our mind off the miles.

      And I’m not superhuman, just tired now. And kinda grumpy. :o)

  3. I was one of those who didn’t get the free entry… and guess what, I didn’t get to run, courtesy of a broken foot! But I was there, cheering everyone on, first time in my life that I did that! It was fun to see a race from “the other side”! From my vantage point, it looks like one I’d like to actually run!


  4. I did not know about the code but don’t think I would have registered anyway. I’ve ran this race before and have liked it but for some reason was not planning to run it this year.

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