Getting Back to CrossFit and Making It Happen for 2015

I took about 9 months off strength and CrossFit workouts.  Some women could have had a baby in that time, me, I just couldn’t manage to fit it into my schedule.  Initially when hubby moved to Indiana ahead of the family, I tried to do CrossFit at home.  I called them my “home grown” CrossFit workouts.  I had a 36# Kettle Bell and a few other pieces of strength equipment. I tried to make it work.  But let me say, with kids and dogs to trip over, moving thru one of these home grown workouts was difficult at best.  Plus I was either making the workouts too easy or too hard.  It was a giant flop.  Fast Forward 9 months and I’m trying to get myself back together.  I’m focusing on strength once again.  I’m knocking off the weight I gained last year due to stress and the move.  I’m eating right.  I’m drinking water.  I’m trying to avoiding alcohol.  As they say, muscles are made in the kitchen, not the gym.  But we all know they go hand in hand.


So muscles are made in the kitchen, not the gym.  And we can’t “outrun” a bad diet, right?  Right! But for those of us who have been “on the run” for a long time, running just isn’t enough.  The body settles into a holding pattern and running becomes normal.  What to do?  Something different!  Use different muscle groups, add in speed workouts to your routine, spin, swim, CrossFit or circuit train.  We can’t do the same thing we’ve always done and expect different results than what we’ve previously recorded.  You want to change something?  You want to run faster?  You want your pants to fit better?  What are you going to change to make it happen?

Make it happen_dale adams

So basically 2014 was a year that I just “let things happen”.  And I didn’t like the results.  Yes, I had a stellar year and ran a lot of races but I gained 23 lbs, if I’m being totally honest, and well, what the hell is left now but honesty?  So in 2015 I’m going to make things happen, not LET them happen.  I encourage you to join me in this journey.  Know that things don’t happen immediately but start thinking about what you want, no what you NEED to change.  Now make an action plan and follow thru with it.  Make it happen. 

For me, I have to get my foot and body in a healthy spot.  I’m working on that and have a plan of action and for the first time in a very long time, I actually confident that I’m going to be healthy sooner rather than later.  Secondly, I’m going all Food Nazi, and yes, I can say Nazi cuz I’m like 100% German.  I’m currently doing the  AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge and I’m KILLING IT.  Third, I’m moving back to high intensity workouts like CrossFit.  However, this time, I don’t have a “box” and a CrossFit coach (miss you Jared!) but a normal gym where I’m making it happen each and every day. 

My high intensity CrossFit workouts for the week occurred at the YMCA of DeKalb.  Normal gym, right?  Let’s look at what I did.  

1)  5 Rounds: 15 – Knees to Chest (or abs if you are me!); 15 – Squats w/ weight bar only (33#s); 30 – Double Arm Battalion Rope Waves; 15 – KB Swings (20#s); 15 – Bicep Pulls (each arm – 17.5 #s).  Time – 25 minutes

2)  5 rounds: 15 Knees to Chest; 8 thrusters – 33# bar only; 20 – side to sides w/ 12# ball; 15 – 20# KB Swings; 30 Double Arm Battalion Ropes Waves.  Time:  24:44

3)  5 Rounds: 20 – Medicine Ball (12#s) Bounces off angled trampoline; 20 – Ab Baskets (12# ball); 20 – Side to Sides (12# ball); 10 – Hand Release Push-Ups; 15 – Squats w/ 25# Kettle Bell; 30 – Double Arm Battalion Rope Waves.  Time:  24:55

I will say that the Y purchased a Synrgy 360 and this piece of equipment has been integral in my workouts.  If you have one at your gym, don’t be scared, try it out.  It’s fun and very useful!!

Synergy 360_3

Synergy 360_1  Synergy 360_2 

Get after it and try something new.  Get that metabolism blazing and confuse those muscles.  Move it and Make It Happen!

** Make It Happen ** Amanda – TooTallFritz

3 thoughts on “Getting Back to CrossFit and Making It Happen for 2015

  1. Awesome my comrade…awesome! Never doubted your honesty and always thought of you as telling it like it is not an illusion of grandor or someone you weren’t. Wow…23-lb heavier…to be honest…can’t picture you that far over! But you put it all in context…namely…the year of the move taking you out of what you were used to putting in…and then the extra you consumed…out of stress and such. I believe the X-Fit you seem to love (I not so fond of it!) has a lot of potential to shed that weight you want. But running will do that also. You cite the body gets used to it and you may not be able to shed the rest of the weight (if I interpret correctly). That is true in some sense cause the body responds (adaptations) at getting more efficient based on the work load it faces each day. If you run the same ole thing and at the same pace…body will respond and get more efficient at it…but the weight drop may not come easily or at all…depending on the caloric intake (and relative amounts of calories….i.e. fat, carb, protein). They way around that in running is to “mix-it-up” in terms of high-intensity running and mod-low aerobic running. Interval training at high-end (90% capacity) speed…followed by recovery intervals…can boost weight loss…not only in total calories burned…but post-workout caloric burn due to elevated metabolism.

    Similarly…that’s what that X-Fit training stuff does….puts you in high-aerobic zone for short durations with recovery intervals….and repeat. The only plus with X-Fit approach is there are weights and such that are designed to build strength in various muscle groups and at same time pushing cardio-vascular system into that high-aerobic zone. I don’t do X-Fit…so feel free to correct me if my interpretation is not accurate.

    The thing about X-Fit or other routines that focus on strengthening leg, upper body and core muscles…is that can yield more efficient running in terms of speed…as long as bio-mechanics and gait are good form. Much of this world in terms of humans needs to loose weight, increase strength of muscles and cardio-vascular system. The X-Fit you denote and have described numerous times prior posts…is in my opinion…based on design and how the routines are executed…and excellent means to increase caloric burn and build strength. Win-win! Combine that with running (like you do)….win-win-win-win….! Keep it up…look forward to a future post…lost it and then some! T-23 and counting….

  2. Good job Amanda! It has to be tough to pull this together yourself, without the help of a trainer. I haven’t been in a gym for years and I don’t think I’d know where to start! I’m grateful for my coach. But I’ll be following your progress and look forward to hopefully seeing you at a race or 2 this summer!

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