A Matter of Healing Thru Rest, Strength Training & Healthy Eating ….

I’m in a lull between The Go! St. Louis Marathon and the Pittsburgh Marathon.  Three weeks between the two races.  The timing was a strategic calculation to allow my body to heal up a bit from St Louis.  It was a good call. But with this being Boston Marathon week, I’m just restless.  I want to run.  I want to run fast. But alas my chiro body says, NO! 

So I’ll just keep thinking about running fast and well, doing what I’ve been doing …. taking care of myself, eating well, stretching, strength training and running easy. 

Run Easy

But I can certainly think about running fast, right?  I’ve reset my Run Less Run Faster app and am ready to go with some targeted workouts once I get the green light.  I certainly don’t want to backslide and aggravate the Plantar Fasciitis DEVIL who is currently napping.  He certainly hasn’t left but I’m feeling better each and every day thanks to a lot of torture over the last 4 months from my new Chiro

So far, this year has consisted of rest, a lot of strength training and a little running.  There have been a lot of kettlebell swings, hand release push-ups, squats, lunges, weighted sit-ups, knees to chest, ab baskets, side to sides and short bursts of strength workouts both in and out of the gym.   All by myself.  I’m really missing my 5am CF crew in IL!   I also miss being able to swing a kettlebell and not have to worry about some unsuspecting gym patron rounding the corner right into my kettlebell improvised CF area.  I miss having certain equipment, like rings for ring rows, a box for box jumps, a wall ball, and a weighted ball for ball slams.  Yes, I actually miss those torturous things and so much more!  But I’ve improvised and been good about doing a minimum of 2 strength workouts each week.  Even if that means I have to skip a run to squeeze it into my day.  I know that a strong body is essential not only to a healthy life but also injury free running.  So strength training is a priority.  In and out of the gym.

CF at Home

I’ve also made a few changes on the food front.  I’ve always been decent about my food choices but things took a turn south last year.  While I normally favor fruits & veggies, my love of carbs took over and I was eating WAY too many cheese quesadillas & flavored Triscuits!    I tried to balance out my carb intake with exercise.  You know that never works but a carb lover can hope, right?  Then I tried to decrease my carbs and up my protein.  That helped temporarily but I quickly tired of protein powders/shakes/smoothies.  And my body didn’t love all that protein either.  Plus I was still craving those junky carbs!   Then one of the books I was listening to last month (Born to Run by Chris McDougall) mentioned a change he had made that helped him control appetite and lose weight.  Salads for breakfast.  What?  Yep, salads for breakfast.  I figured it was worth a try.  I bought some fresh produce, developed an obsession for kale, and started making a humongous salad every morning after I returned from the gym.  I filled my salads with nutritious items, healthy fats, plant proteins and tons of veggies.  Not a wimpy, “diet” salad but real food that would fill me up!  Every day.  Today’s salad below.  Kale, red onion, avocado, yellow pepper, northern beans, tomato, chia seeds, olive oil, balsamic vinegar & sea salt.


I eat as much of my hearty salad as I want for breakfast and then put the rest in the fridge for lunch.  Guess what.  I’m on week 3 of salads for breakfast.  And I feel good.  Like really good.  I can’t tell you if I’ve lost weight cuz I “Threw Out the Scales” before I started my salad for breakfast regimen.  But I feel good.  And my tummy is happy.  And I’m full.  I’ve replaced most of the cheese quesadillas with healthy carbs like baked sweet potatoes.  Or in a pinch, I eat the Brown Rice Sweet Potato Triscuits.  Smile  Cuz my love of Triscuits goes beyond the scales!  But overall I’m pretty happy right now and feeling way better than I have in about a year.  So I’ll be buying ALL THE PRODUCE and eating lots of greens with a variety of veggies going forward.  I’m not a vegetarian but I’m certainly going to do some more research about food and specifically plant proteins.  And most importantly, I’m going to enjoy feeling good. 

Food You Eat_Ann Wigmore

The point of this post isn’t to start a movement where everyone should eat salads for breakfast but rather to suggest that if you’ve been doing what your doing for a long time and it’s not working  ……. maybe it’s time to try something new.   Be open to change.  If you are tired and run down, what type of food are you using for fuel?  Exercise will always help us feel and look better but the FOOD that goes into our mouth is the main source of our energy and health.   I’m trying to make sure that I’m eating what my body NEEDS rather than what it immediately wants.    As a result, I want less and less of the foods that are “not so good for me”.  I’m still not perfect.  Never will be perfect.  I mean, we have a standing order with the pizza guy for Monday nights but now we get a salad with that pizza too.  Winking smile

If you are struggling, don’t give up.  Cuz that will put you further back than where you are now.  Keep fighting the fight.  Change things up.  Don’t’ forget to Hide the Veggies from the family and yourself in some of your favorite meals.  And please, try to find a way to fall in love with good, clean foods.

eat like crap

** Eat Your Veggies ** Amanda – TooTallFritz

8 thoughts on “A Matter of Healing Thru Rest, Strength Training & Healthy Eating ….

  1. Interesting. I’ve never heard of anyone eat salads for breakfast. When I eat salad consistently (for any meal), I always feel better and lose weight. Thanks for sharing what you are doing now.

    • I hadn’t heard of it either! I always eat salads for lunch. Or I used to and just got tired of them. But using a variety of veggies, leafy greens and beans helps a ton!

  2. I am so HAPPY to hear this from you!!! I LOVE my salads and eat them everyday! I also love to have a sweet potato for a meal. As long as you change up your salads you will not get tired of them. If I don’t have a salad in two days I start having salad withdrawals, they just help me feel good. That is why I am sooo Happy you are loving them. Good to know you also were able to get something out of that book too!! I also googled the author and have incorporated 100 ups from him, I feel it is helping my running form. Wish you were going to Nashville RNR marathon with me this weekend…..I’ll have to struggle through on my own…..

    • I was so tired of salads but have been using all new ingredients and that has helped a ton. Usually eat them for breakfast & lunch now. And usually we try to do a salad with dinner too.

      Wish I were going with you too! I’m ready to run!!!

  3. Well my good-friend TTF (Amanda)…didn’t go through all the detail about diet and struggle with diet and such or the C. McDougall thing….all of that you cite…very good aspects to explore…but nothing out there is an answer…the answer will only be found by the self that seeks…not an answer…but fullfillment and contenment in their own life…balance I guess…that the answer lies not in what others tell you…but what you discover in your self and works. And what works for you…or works for others…simply a foundation for one to build upon and let it build the structure that makes a stronger home for them….but the answer does not lie in others or methods or anything….other than inside yourself. That’s always what I recognized with you…the ability to recognize struggle…to seek “answers” to help keep you going forward (but not sure “progress” is the answer)…moving on to find the “answer” to what works…whether it be weight or running that race to some finish time goal. But somewhere down the road I call my life…I discovered there is no answer….other than what you discover in your own heart. That is all that is important….not the finish time…not the things that went bad…or even went well….just what you discovered about yourself and who you really want to be. And in all this following your blog…so awesome it be…follow the inner inside of Amanda Carey (aka Tool Tall Fritz)….but all I see is an awesome person…with strong will…good and forgiving heart….dedicated…not only to family….but her running friends hoping to motivate through your own experiences. I identify with most…if not all you post about. I not a woman…and a man…but doesn’t matter…I recognize the inner struggle that is not simply running, or necessarily women….but in a far greater perspective…what goes on inside every single human being on planet earth that goes infinitely beyond running…the inner struggle to find self and be happy and content with it. Keep posting stuff…I have taken keen interest in what you post on these blogs….and you help immensely for me to recognize aspects of your own life….mirrors my own…and likely anyone else that spends the time to read it….and I find myself on the path of feeling comfortable just who I am…what I do…no expectations…just be the best I can do or be…always be willing to help others. That’s what you have inspired…to me…I suspect all others…with your posts! You can have doubts…that is to be expected with any other human…even the “greatest” that the world has to offer who we perceive or expect to be invincible. But the single individual is a single link….but multiple links in a chain….make it stronger. That is what your posts do…build a stronger chain. You probably may not recognize this…or being the “humble” self you seem to be to me…don’t take that credit. But I will acknowledge it and for those bloggers of you that will go the distance to read this long-winded post….will see….that I see you as someone that builds strength through your temporarily or recurring weaknesses. Keep it up TTF!

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