GoMacro THRIVE Bar Review, Giveaway & Discount Code

I recently received a box of GoMacro THRIVE bars and was pleasantly surprised.  I don’t eat many pre-made bars.  I watch my sugar content and do my very best to keep it under the recommended 24g of added sugar, per day, for women.  And well, most bars alone surpass the 24g of sugar.   So I’ve basically said goodbye to protein & snack bars.  Huge undertaking since I basically owned stock in one of the more well know protein bar giants.  On occasion I’ll now do a low sugar Kind Bar while traveling, but that was it.  THEN I met  THRIVE bars!


The Thrive bars have 5-7g of sugar per bar.  They taste good, like a sweet treat.  Less than 200 calories.  Plant based protein source.  Essential Fatty Acids.  Prebiotic Fiber.  USDA Certified Organic.  Non-GMO Project Verified.  Kosher.  Gluten-Free.  100% Vegan.  Soy Free.

All that is well & good but what about the ingredients?  Here is my favorite Thrive bar, the Chocolate, Nuts & Sea Salt.  Cuz well, Chocolate & Sea Salt = perfection.



Print too tiny on the label?  Better pic below.


Excellent ingredients for a pre-made bar.  I’ve now added the THRIVE bars into my travel routine.  I enjoy the variation and a change from what I’ve been doing for months.  Super happy to have found this bar!  If you would like to try the THRIVE bar, they have agreed to give one lucky reader a free Assorted Tray – 12 bars, 2 of each flavor, $26.28 value.  To enter the giveaway you must comment below & tell us what your “go to” bar is for snacking or added protein intake.  You can gain “extra” entries by following GoMarco on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!  That’s 4 possible entries.  Let me know in the comments if you liked Go Marco on any of their social media outlets.  I’ll give you credit.  If you win, I’ll ask for your social media “handle” to verify.

If you want to try the THRIVE bars now, you can use the discount code: THRIVE30 for a 30% discount at GoMacro.com.  The Thrive Bars can be found HERE.  Or you can find the bars in the Auburn & Ft Wayne IN areas at Kroger, EarthFare, Fresh Thyme & the 3 Rivers Co-Op.  In the Chicago area, you’ll find the Thrive Bars at Whole Foods & Trader Joes.  If you’re in the burbs & have a Kroger, they will be there too.  Go try them!!

Giveaway starts now.  A winner will be drawn on Monday, October 31st at 11am EST.  Good luck!!


** Food Is Fuel ** Amanda – TooTallFritz

56 thoughts on “GoMacro THRIVE Bar Review, Giveaway & Discount Code

  1. For snack I like Kashi Chocolate Almond Sea Salt with Chia. For protein I like No Cow bars. They are also low sugar and vegan. Thrive sounds really yummy though, I’m going to have to try them out! Thank you for the discount and recommendation!

  2. I dont eat too many protien bars but I know I need to. Need healthier snacks that will fill me up without being loaded with sugar and other scary ingredients.

  3. My go to snack bar right now is anything the kids can also eat and like…so gluten, dairy & soy free. These are new to me, but they fit the bill! (Bonus points if it has nuts or chocolate!

  4. I’ve always been a Clif bar girl, probably because they are popular among backpackers, but I would love to try the Go Macro bars!

  5. I’ve been eating fruit and seed bars from Aldi lately. I’d love to try the Thrive bars though! I’m always looking for new healthy snacks

  6. I like the kind bars right now but would love to try these. I have heard a lot of great things said about them. This is such a nice giveaway.

  7. I’ve tried all the bars! I’ve given up on them because basically most of them are like cookies! I can’t wait to try Thrive bars.

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  9. My go to bar has got to be our homemade larabars…I make them and freeze them for quick grab and go! If I have to buy, I usually grab the KINd bars. I follow on IG, FB!!

  10. Nice to see a bar with no soy. I tested positive for a soy allergy 10 years ago. Since I have avoided it all my sinus allergies and infections have gone away. So many products that say protein bars are loaded with soy.

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