Cars, Cars, and MORE Cars…..

What do you get at the Infiniti Service Department for $700?  Not much, about a 1/4 of a break job (front/resurface only), an oil change and a new REALLY important belt  that apparently makes the car go and would be a problem if it actually broke half way into Indiana with a load of kiddos in the car.  Oh, and a car wash plus interior cleaning……so maybe it was worth it? 

I won’t even bother pretending to be green or economical when it comes to cars.  I’m a car snob enthusiast and won’t drive one that won’t get up and move or at least look good trying.  I came by it honest since Mom and Dad always had something cool in the “drive”.  Their current toys are FOR SALE.   1984 Hurst Oldsmobile 442:

1976 Chevy Corvette:

When I got out of college, I didn’t go look for a job, I bought this: 

Lots of fun in that red camaro, probably too much fun.  So glad I bought it and beat the shit out of it.  Some dude that my FIL (father-in-law) knows is still driving this car around in CA somewhere.  Wish I were in CA driving this car. 

After college, I wasn’t looking for a hubby, just some dude who would wrench on my car so I didn’t get my hands dirty.  Enter dude Mick:   

So last night I assigned put him on a mission to find photos of “some” of our old cars.  We have been married since August 1999 and he estimated 25 cars that we have owned since then.  That is an average of purchasing 2.5 cars a year.  Not green.  Not economical.  Not smart.  Some were for fun:

That silver vette didn’t last long.  I stole it from some old people for cheap, then it had electical issues and I realized that although it sounded good and was fun, it sat really low, was uncomforable to drive and it was hard to see anything in traffic.  And since I was so low and visibility was poor, it never really got driven to it’s full potential.

Lots of history for the Carey men with this black vette.  Mick had it as a teen, then my FIL had it, then it was sold, then the FIL bought it back many years later, then he gave it back to Mick and it’s currently for sale for too much $$ out in cyberland.  The car looks awesome in the photo because some magazine was shooting it.  Really, it was more “normal” looking on a day to day basis.  I loved driving this car short distances when I could pry it away from hubby cuz it had “some” specialty parts for racing and really just scared the shit out of people when you started it up.  Plus, being a chick, dudes really were shocked when I got out of it.  And I love a good shock factor.

This Seabring (stock photo cuz we didn’t keep it long) was a POS crappy car, poor sound, crappy ride, the only positive was when the top was down and then EVERYONE bitched hated riding in it cuz of the wind tunnel.  Even the dog hated the convertible, so out the door it went cuz it wasn’t worth hearing them bitch the overall general crappiness.

Some for racing/hobby/keeping the hubby happy:

The white camaro is the current “project” car…..I think…… he can’t make up his mind.  He might want an old 70’s vette to build or he might keep this…..makes my head spin, and I really dislike the 3rd Gen body style for the camaro, I’m rooting for him to build a vette. 

Some shared with Father Carey:

Some which hit car magazines and made hubby infamous with other gearheads car dudes:

Some zippy daily drivers….supercharged Grand Prix GTP……. “family car”:

I really liked this car.  It came to me as I was giving up the red camaro after Aby was born  and hauling her in and out of that car, with only 2 doors, no interior room, and lots of driving a stick shift with a screaming baby in the car.  This car was a compromise, family car space plus engine power for momma.  It had a nice rumble too, plus a great Bose sound system to drown out screaming babies, moon roof, heating seats.  LOVE.  Pontiac really knew how to do it right. 

Grand Prix GXP (300+ HP V-8)….”family car”: 

I loved the silver GTP above so much that hubby found this one for me.  This was a newer & improved model and was a really awesome car.  First, it was black, need I say more?  Second, although this model didn’t have a supercharger, which I was slightly leary about, it had lots of power and an even better rumble than the GTP.  LOVED this car and it was a REAL struggle to get rid of it and move into a new market once Pontiac stopped production.  I still miss this car and if they made it again, I would go back.  Lots of options, looked good, had nice interior space and it really slid through downtown traffic, plus was awesome on the tollways and interstates heading to/from my parents.  Did I mention that I really LOVED this car?

Some utilitarian for towing, hauling the family plus the kitchen sink:

Some just cuz the price was right:

1962 Oldsmobile Cutlass F85 – currently FOR SALE please come get it out of our barn!

Some which were worth less than my road/TRI bikes: 

Up until just recently, each and every vehicle we purchased was american made.  But things change.  And the lines have been muddled.  It appears that nobody knows what it means to be “American Made” anymore.  The “American” cars are now made overseas and the foreign cars are made and assembled in the US.  Sigh…..hard to know what is what anymore.  So for the first time, we have a round of “foreigners” in our garage.  .   

These foreigners don’t rumble, they purr.  They are just sleek, smooth and I guess probably designed for a more “mature” consumer.  We have been promised that they will  last “forever” and I can drive them into the ground if we maintain them.  We’ll  see, I put 30K+ miles on the Infiniti this year……and the goal is to keep it til Aby gets her license in 6 more years.  Not sure if this is a blessing or a punishment.  Hubby’s Nissan Maxima:

“Stock” Photo of Infiniti G35X cuz it’s too hard to go out to the garage to snap a photo.

I like the Infiniti.  It gets up and moves and is very sleek, has good sound, moon roof, heated seats, and gps/computer.  Nice to drive.  However, it is somewhat uncomfortable to ride passenger, has little interior space in the back seat Aby hates it, little trunk room and is a gas hog.  Hubby wanted me to get the M series for space reasons but it just didn’t move as well.  I drove a lot of cars to decide on the Infiniti and I do like, it just not sure I will stay with the Infiniti line after this car gets passed on to Miss Aby. 

This is a decent compilation of our vehicles past and present.   Cars are a bit of a passion for us.  Mick likes the fast/hobby/race cars but will settle for a normal or even shitty daily driver.  Me, I like a fast daily driver that can accomodate the family to some degree.  I am over the sports car thing, don’t like how low they are to the ground, or the poor visibility but you won’t catch me in a minivan or SUV anytime soon either.   I know, not green, not practical, not smart but it’s part of who we are as imperfect people.

What do you drive?  Is it smart and practical or excessive and possibly more than what you really need?  

Happy Driving!                                                                                                                           Amanda – TooTallFritz

9 thoughts on “Cars, Cars, and MORE Cars…..

  1. I drive a 2000 Chevy Tahoe, LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Has 219,000 miles on it and we have driven it for every one of them. I plan to drive it AT LEAST two more years until Rachel is 16. It has GREAT space for travel, holds enough sports gear for a team. Comfortably hauls 6 people, a large dog and camping/fishing equipment for a weekend at the pond or a family of four for a ten day driving vacation. It is a gas hog, and the noise level isn’t great, but for a family on the go it has been perfect!

  2. Dude…dad is selling the Hust? Does he know about this or did mom tell you to post? Ha! Wow…can’t believe I actually read “MOST” of that post even though it was about cars. Good work… I obviously did not inherit the car gene. Really, really don’t care what I drive as long as I can get from point A to point B safely.

    • Mick told me that they were both “for sale”. I was a little surprised about the Hurst too but also know that they don’t use them AT ALL and they still store and maintain them, so I guess it makes sense. No, mom didn’t tell me to post them but I figured while I was posting pics, I might as well mention it. LOL!

  3. Wow…a side of TTF knew nuthin’ bout….Fast woman….Fast cars…Fast-slick race-car dude-hubby….Whatever floats your boat TTF – LOL! But…I can relate to wanting to have that “power” when you want 2 call on it…especially since I drive a Ford Ranger pick-up with measly 4-cylinder engine and can B quite anxious moments merging on X-way with 65-70 mph semis closing-in fast.

    That Range been good to me so far since 2002…ya just a utilitarian vehicle to get me around and sometimes haul stuff bout. It stands apart from the rest of pack and easy to find in the parking lot with all those stickers on the tailgate (peace frog, peace sign, various 26.2 stickers, various stickers of bands like AC-DC, Metallica, Who and such).

    Before the Ranger was a Ford Explorer that I kept for 4-years before I sold it and went to the Ranger…and before the Explorer was a 1990 Toyota pick-up…another 4-cylinder thing….had 350,00 miles on it and still going strong before some hit-n-run driver ran a red light totaled it out…left me there in oblivion to wake up to paramedics with a broken neck. Would still probably have that Toyota and be driving it if it didn’t get totaled…or rust out or something….Just go get another engine or rebuild if the body stays solid (which it was at 10-years old when it was totaled in 2000).

    So…pretty easy to tell I just buy something…stick with it…drive it till it ain’t worth fixin’ anymore.
    Don’t do a heck of lotta drivin’ or travelin’ and to add some green to life…have “green days” where I don’t drive the truck and it stays parked in the garage…and I either walk, use mass transit…ride my bike…or run to do my errands.


    • I think you have the right idea. “Our” way isn’t very economical. :o) Another issue, I have is finding a car which I fit inside. When I bought this last one, I actually test drove some that were more economical but I didn’t always fit well inside since I am so tall.

  4. I loved seeing your car history! My husband and I are in to cars, and my dad and brothers are mechanics… with lots of cars. Right now we have a ’78 Datsun 280Z and a an ’05 Infiniti FX35. We had an ’07 G35 but had to sell it.

    I am not surprised you say that about the Chrysler! A lot of people I know have had bad experiences with them.

    I love the late 60s and 70s Corvettes!

  5. and this blog is not more than a thought and in enters a 77 Corvette project. Yes a “project”. I am not of fan of “survivors”, I’ve had “beaters”. Besides I have an excellent set of tools. It is the 11th Corvette in my family name (we have had one of them twice does that count as 2, if so enter us in at a dozen) and Mama’s family has hte one mentioned above. not in order of year but rather of ownership —> 68, 79, 80, 85, 78, 89, 90, 85 (2x), 86, 05, and the latest is a 77 (yes for you mathaholics we’ve hit 5 years in a row between the families –> 76,77,78,79,80) For the curious the 85 (2x) was the fastest (as seen above) but the niest was the 05 by far.

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