Positive Changes…..

Change is good, especially when done with good intentions.  There has been much debate amongst my friends at the Frankfort Running Club regarding a name change.  Some wanted a more exciting name that would separate them from the crowd, others wanted something a little more family friendly traditional.  I feel as if the “officers” have made a good compromise in arriving at their final decision.  Please meet the FNRC……from left:  Kathy H., Susan D., Brian P., Diane F., Maggie W., Suzanne K., Brian F, Jeni H., & Jessica.

This group will now be known as the Frankfort -New Lenox- Running Club.   So for those of you who wanted a hard core more exciting name, you can still say that you are going to meet the F’N Running Club.  This will allow you to still have fun and give the “officers” freedom to promote the group in the Frankfort & New Lenox areas thru the Park Districts and other family friendly organizations.  Good compromise?    What do you think?  And thanks to all of YOU who have been coming out to join the fun and help this group grow to the point where they felt the need to be more inclusive and welcoming to others!  Way to make it happen!

So the inaugural run of the FNRC brought out an awesome group for a  cold, dark Wednesday night!  I was very pleased.  There were nine people available for the photo, then myself, and two more who showed up (12 total) in time to sprint off into the darkness.  Thank you to KnuckleLights.com for lighting our way in the dark!  Many of us have them now with more people ordering them today so we illuminate the path like a train really light up the darkness.  Hope we didn’t scare anyone! 

We have been merging with an area Team in Training group for many of our runs as of late because THE MORE THE MERRIER!  That is really what I love most about this group.  They are friendly, nice people, easy to converse with and have a great attitude about running and life.  The paces and distances last night varied greatly as some people are trying to rebound from injuries.  The group ran anywhere from 2 to 6 miles as a whole and there were a few of us who added in some extra miles before hand to make it an 8 mile day.  Not bad for a Wednesday.  So proud of everyone for coming out in the cold. 

And it was F’N COLD!  It was 33 with a breeze when I started my run about 4:35pm and 29 when I finished at 6:15.  I literally had to hug a tree to stay steady enough for a photo….the shivers were taking over!

I only ran a little before everyone came and didn’t stop for many photos because you have already seen a billion photos from this trail it was dark.  I did grab one photo of the Christmas lights. 

It was a beautiful, crisp clear night.  Ms. TooTall wasn’t exactly dressed as planned but I improvised with my RunLove Compression Socks from RunningSkirts.com to cover up the extra skin.  They currently have two pair (aqua and purple) of compression socks on the  SkirtSwaggle page for $19.20!  Great deal, along with many other products that are marked way down for the Active Swaggle deal, plus they are offering free shipping with the PROMO Code:  SKIRTSCHWAG …. Not sure how long they will last so if you want some, buy soon.

“Run”way Fashion:  RunLove Compression Socks, Athleta Headwinds Jacket (wind /rain/snow DOES NOT get thru….select sizes on sale now for $49.99), the Saucony Guide 5’s with the 8 mm drop.

I had heard lots of positive things about the RunningSkirts.com RunLove compression socks, specifically them being a great product for the price.    I have a pair of the CEP compression calf sleeves and consider those to be awesome so thought it would be a big step down to move to these but I really liked them.  They are normally $32 each, which is still a great deal but the Swaggle deal is awesome at the $19.20.  I wore these socks all day at work, then ran in them, then home to the kids for dinner, laundry, etc.  I had them on for about 16 hours and didn’t even notice them.  They didn’t move, just continued to hug my calf muscles and make them feel warm and cozy.  A very light pressure, no pinching, no discomfort.  LOVE!

I also have been wearing the new Saucony Guide 5’s with the 8 mm drop.  Lots of hoopla about this shoe.  I normally wear the Saucony Guide as I need a light stability shoe due to a very high arch and overpronating.  My heel is very narrow, like possibly a AAA?  I don’t have many options that lock my foot in place without heel slippage.  As a result, I have been wearing Saucony for many years now so was NOT excited about a big change.  Then the huge ad campaign for the 8 mm drop just made me more nervous.  I am NOT a barefoot runner and I NEVER want to be one, so going closer to barefoot scares the shit out of me.  However, I must say it has been a pleasant surprise.  The shoe is noticeably lighter, the official weight difference is 1.5 ounces, which should seem like nothing but it’s noticeable.  In order to break these in a bit before just hitting the trail, I have been wearing them at night, around the house, after wearing normal trainers all day.  I could tell a difference immediately on the weight and added forefoot cushioning once I changed into these shoes.  Most of the weight came out of the back-end, around the heel and since I am a forefoot runner I don’t need/want a heavy heel cup.  This works well for me.  So thumbs on the 8 mm drop. 

8.14 miles in 1:19.   A few stops to pick up/drop off additional runners, wait at turnaround points, etc. but overall, kept moving.  

Happy Running,                                                                                                                  Amanda – TooTallFritz

14 thoughts on “Positive Changes…..

  1. It was cold out there last night!!! Although once I got home and took off my sweaty clothes, that helped a lot. Also F’N Runners – I love it!!! Good compromise.

  2. TTF…broadening the horizons and expanding to include New Lenox…pretty soon Mokena too? Technically the acronym for Frankfort New Lenox Running Club would be FNLRC….but, gotta love the spin with that F’N running club. Too bad couldn’t think of a U-word inbetween Frankfort and New Lenox cause then ya be the FUN Running Club!

    Someday…maybe before X-mas…gonna get those knucklelights. Not sure why Mel doesn’t carry em in the RFK store. Like those Run Love compression socks. Obviously women’s apparel and site doesn’t indicate anything bout size…but contemplating trying a pair….like the color and a little heart not a bad thing to have. Men’s running apparel almost always dull and boring.

    Shoes are always a complicated issue and can take years to figure out what works best for one’s self. Saw in Runner’s World a pitch for the “best shoe ever” and turns out it is a Stability shoe. Well, how can it be the best shoe in the world if it is only tailored to runners that need Stability shoes…..What bout Neutral runners….? What’s the best Neutral running shoe in the world? The lower profile or “drop” in the heel probably a good thing all around since it would seem to encourage fore-foot striking. I have some lower profile shoes I use in lessor distances, but gotta be careful with longer runs cause usually not enough cushioning at the heel….and I got enough issues with one heel hurting.

    Cold….well we all gotta bite-the-bullet and just get used to it…We gotta lot of winter to go yet!

    peace 2 all

    • Aware the of the acronym issue but that was the info which I was given. I liked the FRC cuz I think they are a “friendly” running club! Bottom line is EVERYONE is welcome, which is refreshing.

      The RunLove Compression socks do come in black with the heart but they aren’t on sale.

  3. Amanda, thanks so much for announcing our name change! After lots of debating and sharing of ideas, we selected a family friendly, serious name with a twist. However, I know that we will still have many of “Ruckin Funners” at the core of our group. Thanks so much to Brian Feehery, our “Club Creator” for working with the Park Districts to promote this awesome running group. Now should we start working to see if we can get effen vodka to be our official sponsor? F’n awesome!

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