Rain Warriors….

It was raining today.  And I mean really raining.  But it was Wednesday and on Wednesday’s I run with the F’N (Frankfort-New Lenox) Running Club so I was absolutely ready to run.  I work downtown Chicago and let’s just say I’m “busy” so basically I never even looked out a window today but kept getting random messages, “are you still running?”.  Well, hell yes I’m still running.  Hubby is covering the kids so short of sleeting rain in the MIDDLE of a blizzard WITH 50 below temps……I’m running!  As a mom, full-time employee, and Chi-Town commuter, I may not get another chance to run until next Wednesday….yep, I’m definitely running.  That being said, I realized it would be a small group.  I don’t count on many people to show but I had faith that Susan would show.  I was pretty sure Brian P. would show and I thought everyone else would wuss out that would be it.  I was wrong.  Allow me to give a HUGE shout out to Kate L., Brian H., Susan D. and Brian P. for making an appearance.  PROUD of all of you!  I thank you for not making me run alone in the rain for showing up.

Susan D. & I – we couldn’t figure out if we should just grab a 12 pack and go back to our cars or if we should run. 

Brian F. and Brian P. were voting for beer versus a run in the rain.

However, fortunately Kate L. showed up to break the tie…..so the winner was…….a run in the rain.  Thanks, Kate…..not sure how I would have explained that one to the family.  Here is the proof post run photo of Kate, myself and Brian P soaked to the bone. 

Tonight was a trial run for me after the cortisone shot in my right heel/arch on Monday.  I must say that I felt pretty good today after a shitty pretty bad day yesterday.  However, I was nervous about running and my plan was basically to show up, get out of my car, and do any type of mileage so that I could have something in the books and have a post run point of comparison.

The group tonight went 2 to 4 miles at varying paces.  It was warm at 51 degrees but the rain was pelting us pretty hard at times.  I still wore a light wind-breaker, to help with the rain, and light gloves.  The rain can chill a person quickly if they aren’t careful!  Kate was kind enough to hang back with my knucklelights me so that I didn’t have to race Susan and Brian P. back to the beer our cars.  We did a leisurely 3.57 miles in 36:40 but I was out there.  I had some pins and needles mid foot, toward the arch, but didn’t feel anything in my heel.  It was good.  I think I was being more cautious than anything but if I can get to the point of running pain-free then I’m totally okay with giving up some good running now.  I also iced and drank some beer took some ibuprofen post run, which will hopefully handle any extra swelling.  I’m not planning to run again til the weekend and will hopefully be ready to fly by then.  Whoooop!

Do you go out to run in the rain?  Or do you hit the dreadmill at the first indication of clouds?  Or do you just wait it out, even if that means skipping it for another day?  Let me know how  you work out the weather “issue”.

Cheers to Making Progress.

Double Cheers to my Rain Warriors; I’m proud of you!!                                                 Amanda – TooTallFritz                                                                               amanda@tootallfritz.com

8 thoughts on “Rain Warriors….

  1. First of all: I LOVE THIS POST!!! Second of all: YOU WIN!! I’m kicking myself now for not going. Although I did get on the treadmill for an hour.

  2. I agree with Jeni – jealous and mad. (though I did do Jillian 30 day Shred followed by 2 miles – inside track at LW West) So I did get a workout in AND a quick run. Tomorrow is another day. Ho hum

  3. Good job getting out there! I ended up going to spin class at the gym and then doing abs/arms. I figure days like these are good for forcing myself to do the cross training / strength work that I’m supposed to mix in. I don’t mind rain … if the temps are warmer. Or if it’s a race (and I’ve paid money).

  4. I ran in the rain on Tuesday night because I was too lazy to drive all the way to the gym. I don’t mind running in the rain, especially if it means getting out and getting home quicker! I had runny mascara and wet running tights, but paired with a sense of accomplishment.

  5. I am NOT a person who would have gone out there to run alone, so I need the accountability of having a group of people to meet for a crazy run like this. I knew Iron Woman Amanda and Red Bull Brian would show up, and therefore I did not want to be shamed by staying home. But I was SO STINKING IMPRESSED that Kate and Brian F. also showed up and and brought their true Warrior spirit! And shout-out to those runners from F’N Run Club who ran this afternoon, (Don, Julie, Jeni, and Di) because it was cold and windy and I was freezing my butt of during recess duty just thinking of you out there on the trail. Having all of you to run with makes me HAVE to do it, but even better….it makes me WANT to do it!

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