A Picture’s Worth….

They always say that a picture is worth a thousand words and since we did about a thousand things today, this is the cliff note version in pictorial form.  The morning started with a quick run with the F’N Running Club.  After 7 to 9 inches of snow falling across the south suburbs, we were pretty light on bodies this morning.  Joe, Susan, Brian & Nicole showed up to run.  A a subdivision route was chosen in order to stay off the snowy, slippery trail.

I even busted my YakTrax out of the box.  They have been sitting new and unused for several years.  I really liked them in the snowy/slushy areas but they really hurt my feet when the streets were clear.  I could feel those springs up in my arch and it didn’t feel good on the Plantar Fasciitis.  I will try them out again tomorrow for a second chance but they may be banished back the to box sooner rather than later.

F’N Runners showing they are multi-talented and can run with their eyes closed.  Joe & Susan:Nicole:

Then straight home to the kiddos to play in the snow!  Aby on the snowmobile:

Daddy & Michael:

Michael and Aby on the swing….exactly what ALL kids do when there is 7″ of snow on the ground, right?

Dakota loves the snow!Libby hates the snow!

Then off to a car show.  The kiddos loved the Joker car.Then a few more errands and over to Grandpa C’s for Happy Birthday Cake.  Michael likes birthdays almost as much as he likes Santa. 

Then a “nutritious” take-out dinner:

Wow, busy day!  What did you do today?

Amanda – TooTallFritz

2 thoughts on “A Picture’s Worth….

  1. Wow…you did a whole lotta things today…you a Wonder Woman! Sorta same for me starting with Yankee Runners Hot Chocolate Run Sat morning…the comparatively short cut-back run (ca 9-mi, but 12 for me) followed by pancake and other eats feast…of course…including hot chocolate. Coach Joe does his “locker-room” speech and year-end awards for some of the runners. Then, in the evening it was the Pancakers “Chase Away the Winter Blues” dinner at Gatto’s in Tinley Park. We all dressed in blue and it was a great time chatting with a lot of members haven’t seen for quite a while. About 3 in the afternoon I managed another 5-miles on the Dreadmill to get the total miles for the day to 17…since that was what my long-run on the schedule was supposed to be…but no way was I gonna get 17 done in that cold and snowy-slushy road, nor was I gonna miss the Hot Chocolate festivities, so I cheated and split up the LR into two separate runs. I am a Coach….so I can make these kinds of decisions – LOL!

    But, TTF I noticed the same phenomena running in the Yak-Trax…they work fine in continuous snow of 1″ or deeper, but when you get to patchy light snow and slush and those springs more often pounding on asphalt…had the same outcome making that L-heel and arch hurt and once that plantar in L-foot acts up…it tends to aggravate and result in the L-hip and hamstring to tighten and hurt. So…I was glad to make it through 12-miles and call-it quits….then get home take a 1-hr nap (since I was up at 3:30 am getting ready and digging out to make it to 7 am start in Palos), then did some stretching and soaking therapy that got me back from the dead and ready to run another 5 on the Dreadmill.

    I wouldn’t give up on the Yak-Trax, but save them for truly running in or on top of deeper snow. For example, if you had run on the OPRT, the Yak-Trax may have been more forgiving to the foot…unless there is a lot of frozen snow and ice that doesn’t give. The key is there has to be enough snow that “gives or yields” to the impact. For the patchy snow or slush on the streets you might try putting some “Ice Spikes” in the bottom of your shoes. In fact I have a pair of Trail shoes with spikes on the bottom that I brought Sat morn, but thought there would be a lot more snow on the streets so I went with the YT. You can google “Ice Spikes” online to check them out and I know Fleet-Feet in Schererville sells the spikes and the installation driver, but you can also make your own simply by going to the hardware store and buy some 3/8″ long #9 or #10 sheet metal screws and use a standard nut-driver tool to install them. You just simply screw them into outer sides, usually two up front towards the toes, two back towards the heels, then four more spaced apart equi-distant along both sides of shoes, usually about 1/2″ from edge. These work really nice on ice and slippery, slushy streets and may work better with the plantar issue.

    Another thing with plantar is an afflicted foot just doesn’t like nor tolerate cold temperature well…so the longer duration you out running in cold and the colder your shoes and feet inside them get…the more that tendon will tighten and pull. I discovered that at Midwinter Cruise with my L-heel just hurting more and more as I stood out there on top of the snow calling out the split times.

    OK…you had a real busy day…so layback today and relax!

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