So all the practical runners are now running boring subdivion routes to avoid those snowy & slick trails.  While I certainly understand the practicality of that decision, I still long for the beauty and tranquility of the tree-lined trails.  So Aurelia was brave enough to give it a go with me yesterday on the trails near Yankee Woods.  Me & Aurelia: 

But we didn’t make it very far.  We struggled thru deep snow for less than a mile before pulling out and hitting the roads.  It was beautiful even though short-lived and it sucks that of course, practicality always wins. 

We stopped so that I could remove the YakTraks, which were great in the snow, then off to traverse new and unexplored neighborhoods.  It was windy and cold at 22 degrees but the neighborhood homes did provide a wind break and we muddled thru for a slow 10.04 miles.  I’m pretty sure that I was holding Aurelia back as my quads are fatigued from some new activities and it was slow going for me but she was kind about it.  Thanks, Aurelia!

It was good that I got up and out early as my lil man did not leave my hip once I returned home.  At first it was all smiles and giggles and playing.

And then my lil man turned into a sleepy, feverish sickie.  He still isn’t better.  I’m currently awaiting the meds to wear off to see if he needs to visit the doc.   Love my lil man and totally don’t want him to be sick, ever if it does mean extra cuddles and love for Mommy TooTall.

Amanda – TooTallFritz

2 thoughts on “Practicality….

  1. I’m glad that you girls had a chance to get out there and try the trail. Maybe it will be melted soon…we can hope, right? The subdivision running certainly lacks the peacefulness of the trail. Hoping your little guy gets better soon — he sure is cute!

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