Normally, I am a very somewhat focused individual.  I work in a job that is deadline oriented.  My co-workers are Me, Myself & I so there isn’t any “back-up” and there is no question as to “if” it’s going to get done.  It HAS to get done before the deadline,  NO.MATTER.WHAT.  In addition to the J.O.B, I have a long commute, family responsibilites:  hubby/kids/pets/house, etc., and I love to get my run on as often as possible so its normal for me to have a time deficient .   Therefore, my interaction with social media, email, reading and other “fun” things has to be limited.  It sucks is difficult to be an adult.

However, I must admit, I am currently struggling to focus on anything except the buzz on the facebook boards regarding registration for the 2012 Chicago Marathon.  My friends and F’N Running Club buddies are signing up at an alarming rate.  People who said “no way” yesterday, signed up today.  In fact, they are not the only ones registering, over 25,000 people registered in the first 24 hours!  Wow.  I am getting slammed with messages, updates, etc. of new people who are running and a good number of people who have also chosen to run for Ronald McDonald House Charities along with me!  I am so excited!  It looks like I will not be standing on the start line “alone” this year but will have lots of “friendlies” standing right beside me and ready to tackle the momentous occasion as a team.  Thank you to all of you who have registered and/or are planning to register!  This is going to be the best year ever!  And PLEASE contact Charles R. at RMHC if you have any thoughts or questions about becoming a Charity Runner.  You will not be sorry, the experience RMHC offers is like no other:   private bathrooms, free post race massage, great food/drinks before and after the race (for you plus your family & friends!), and of course, Ronald McDonald and the entire RMHC crew will literally roll out the red carpet to cheer and congratulate you upon finishing!  It really is an awesome experience.

With all of these fun things happening, I’m surprised I was even able to pry myself away for a run yesterday!  But I did!  The temps on Feb 1, were amazing at 50 degrees and it was a beautiful day to run! 

The best thing about the weather was that we got to get back on the trail for the first time in several weeks.  WHOOOOHOOOO!  I love you Old Plank Trail!

Here are a few pics from the walking trail around the  pond.  This is the route I take when I have the kiddos because we like the water, wildlife and seasonal grasses.  It’s certainly not the same in the winter but still good to appreciate the beauty of what will be in spring/summer.

There were a few spots which were snow and ice-covered but for the most part the trail was clear. 

I was able to grab 4 miles and watch the sun begin to set before picking up the F’N Running Club for the Wednesday Night Run. 

Two new people tonight!  Can you spot them?  F’N Runners from Top Left:  Rick (newbie!), Joe, April, Aurelia, Meg, Susan, Dawn.  Bottom Left:  Me, Brian P, Brian F, Nicole (newbie!), & Cathie.

Great turnout!  We had all ages/paces covered from a 12-year-old runner & UP no way you will get the ages out of the rest  of us, run/walkers to 7:30 pace range.  Good job FNRC!

Most of the group ran 4 miles, and a few went 6 miles.  It really is a very casual and supportive atmosphere if you are interested in trying a group run, we most definitely can help you along!  Come out and join us!

My mileage for the day was 10.35 but most of those were very leisurely miles with some photo ops plus walking in the snowy/icy spots.  Great run!

Happy Running!                                                                                                                Amanda – TooTallFritz

5 thoughts on “Distracted!

  1. I gotta say, I’m totally jelly of all the peeps running the Chicago Marathon this year. I know it makes sense in my personal life to take the year off, but I can’t help but have both marathon amnesia and envy. 🙂 Although I won’t be crossing the finish line, I’m looking to support as many people as I can come October 7! Congrats on yet another Chicago Marathon signup for TTF! 🙂

    • Yeah, the marathon distance is not my forte by far but I enjoy the training…..which I know sounds totally ridiculous. And who knows, with this much support this year, maybe I’ll accidentally do well? Or maybe not but it will be a GREAT story!

  2. TTF….great post and always love your excitement and energy you bring to bear to this run-game we pursue. I will probably be a damper in the sense of excitement over Chicago Marathon and at this point, still contending with L-leg injuries I have no idea yet if or how I can heal them, and trying to limp my way through training to get me through the Boston Marathon this April that I am already committed to, seems folly to consider signing up for some damn marathon to be run in October. I no longer share excitement for races that sell-out at record pace and require one to register and commit to something j1/2 year or more with no confidence the injuries can be healed or the issues subside. It is a vortex that can suck one in, and seems pure insanity to sign-up for more races when the body is still giving the signs it just can’t take the training, let alone race the distance. Plod it…another story….but why do that when I already know what my capabilities are in running marathons or ultra-distance? See the dilemma?

    Ya….someday I gotta do some charity running for that RMCH cause I need to make amends and its too long a story to re-visit.

    Looks like just going to have to find marathons that are small and that don’t sell-out and one can make comparatively last minute decisions to run them if their training go well and feel confident their physical condition to point can fulfill race goal and objectives. I can run….I can run for fun…just don’t see any fun in having to sign-up and pay noticeable bucks to run a race have no idea that far down the road I will be capable of running it at the performance I want or would be satisfied with.

    Maybe not what you want to hear or see posted on your site, but a runner has to learn to know themself and what is best to pursue. Registering for races far ahead in the future…at this point in time….is not a sensible way to proceed. Just take me further in the vortex that brings me to point I can’t run at all. I can run quite nicely 1-1.25 hours…after that….muscle and nerve issues start talking and the farther I go…the louder they speak.

    Be excited about running….give it your best….but comes a time….ya gotta fall-back and find a new path that builds strength and not weakness and injury.

    If I run Chicago….it will be buying someone’s bib that can’t run it cause of injury. And even that has its issues cause races don’t allow you to exchange or re-assign bibs to other runners. Something I would like to see races start doing….and if need be….just tack on a modest fee to do the reassignment. Not sure what else to do at this point…other than go with my intuition….and that means not signing-up for races until I feel I am healed and back to where I left off last April in Boston when I clocked that 3:24:56 time that qualified me to sign-up first day and get accepted to run my 4th straight Boston. But…at current condition…won’t be able to run anything at top-end of my capabilities this spring. Some runners don’t ever get to Boston…so will count my blessings that I am going back…albeit it…injured.

    peace 2 all,

  3. Wow, four guys came out for Wednesday night’s run?? Awesome!!! I was bummed that I didn’t get out of work in time. I had my clothes with me at the office, I debated running up there before heading home, but there wasn’t much daylight left and I don’t know the area well enough. I am looking forward to exploring the running options up there though, especially some of the trails. Kelly J works near 294, so we might try to meet up for some post-work runs! Maybe we’ll form a satellite FNRC group on Wednesdays at 5pm!

    • We missed you! I know that your new schedule will take some getting used to but things will smooth out. And once spring comes, it will be easier for you to explore. Get pepper spray!

      I’d definitely come to one of your satellite FNRC runs!

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