Like A Kid at Christmas…..

As I drove away from the Running For Kicks fun run last night, I was so giddy, I felt like a kid at Christmas.  The excitement lasted the entire 45 minute ride home and thru the remainder of the evening.  I was totally high off the run.  I actually wondered if the feeling was the “runners high” that people talk about but I’m quite certain I have never personally experienced.  The reason does not matter, just let it suffice to say this was the most “fun” I have had on a run in a very, very long time.  And that’s saying quite a bit because I actually like to run and find it enjoyable most of the time.

The fun run participants were so numberous, many didn’t even make the picture but here are the ones who bothered to stand still for the 2 seconds for Gail to snap the photo.  I’m in the back, just right of middle in the red shirt with the HUGE reflective log in the middle. 

Good to know that the reflectivity of my Athleta Hopkinton Top is no joke.  Don’t say that you didn’t see me coming! 

After the group photo, most of these people took off in a sprint but the F’N Running Club people were awaiting the arrival of MagMileRunner (Maggie) so this gave me an opportunity to grab a few photos.  Me & Gail….yes, I often cut myself off.  I  need a cell phone photog class.

FNRC Runners, minus MagMileRunner:  Aurelia, Kate, Running (Kell)ometers – Kelly, Get to Goal – Amanda, Joe, & Me:

Then Maggie arrived and we were off and running.  Apparently we ran thru “the hills” of Ishnala but it was dark and so much fun that I didn’t realize there were many hills.  I did notice an occasional downhill because of the downward momentum.  Not sure if we ran up those hills or not.  We might possibly have been running faster than some might consider fun and I secretly knew that I was sabotaging today’s speed workout on the dreadmill but I was having so much fun it was hard to give a damn care.  On the miles where my watch beeped and I knew we didn’t have “many” stops, we were right between 8:40 and 8:44.  Take that Ishnala!  

One might say the RFK runners invaded the Ishnala subdivision in a similar manner as to how children invade a neighborhood at Halloween.  There were runners EVERYWHERE.  Most of the runners had blinking lights and/or reflective wear.  Even though it was dark, we were very visible and you could see runners at almost every intersection.  None of us really knew the route so there was a lot of running, stopping, and jumping on the back of a passing group.  Then we would pass our “leaders” just to get to an new intersection and again stop to “discuss” the route and/or await an approaching group for direction.  It was quite an adventure and so much fun!  I’m so happy that I finally made it on time out for a RFK Fun Run!

When we returned to the store, we were greeted by the smell of chili with all the fixings and lot s of smelly runners.  The Mizuno Rep was also in the house and brought shoes for everyone to try during their fun run, then they raffled off 2 pair of shoes!  No, I didn’t win but I was hoping I would!  Here is a look at the store with everyone eating and awaiting the raffle: 

I encourage you to make it a point to get to Running For Kicks for one of these awesome group runs.  There were paces from walk, run/walk to really fast people.   Monday nights at 6pm, rain or shine!

Happy Running!                                                                                                                Amanda – TooTallFritz                                                                   

6 thoughts on “Like A Kid at Christmas…..

  1. What a great group! It was nice hanging out and running with you yesterday. In that one photo, I don’t think I’m wearing enough reflective gear… Haha!! You guys are welcome to borrow my vest for Ragnar, no problem! I’m sure as the date gets closer, we’ll see what else you guys might need. Happy to help and getting pumped!

    P.S. You’ll have to let me know what you think about your trail shoes! I never thought of doing a review of them for the blog, but maybe I should?

    • I review most of my stuff….not cuz I have to but because I would love to know other people’s opinion before I buy something so try to do the same for others. I’d love to read a review from you. I’ll post a brief one in a couple weeks. I have a trail run coming up with the Ragnar ladies.

      • Very true. I’ll work on it and try to put something together this week/weekend. 🙂 Maybe I’ll see you soon! I’ll be running with Yankee on Saturday and I’m not sure yet about Sunday. We’re hosting for the Super Bowl so I guess that depends on how productive my Saturday is! Haha

  2. TTF…ya it was great seeing ya out there at RFK and running in the Hills of Ishnala. The hills are there, mostly on one segment where you run up a modest hill, turn a corner then up one ya really can feel. But…like you…gotta love those downhill glides cause make ya feel so fast!

    I only did 4.75 miles but it averaged out at 7:58 pace – and I know 3rd mile me and Mark Campbell tailing the younger dude that runs the 7:45 game (and comparatively easy) I clocked a 7:40 for that mile, but being the coach I am…tailed it back closer to 8-flat. The last 0.75-miles was my cool-down, which was 8:25 pace. All in all a pretty intensive workout in that hilly terrain.

    The hills…it’s dark so ya don’t get the full effect…but they are there. If you really want hills…come on out on Saturdays to Palos Rec Center off of 127th St and bring your F’N runners too and you will experience some hills and see them too! Road-trip for F’N….road trip calling….save it for when weather not brutally cold.

    Runner’s high – technically that is when the Endorphins kick-in and seems like you can run forever or run through pain. Some call it the 2nd wind, but physiologically, when you transcend those first few miles and convince the body you in this for the long-haul, glucose and free-fatty acids start getting dumped into the bloodstream, and if you keep hydrated well in terms of water intake, maintain electrolyte balance and augment carb in the intake, ya can keep that running mechanism pounding out the miles are pace. The endorphins, well….that’s a “brain” thing and in a strict sense….ya become an addict to running cause of it. Right…keep doing things that feel good. Of course….my lingering injuries seem to counter any endorphin effects I have had in past or continue in present.

    Drat….you were there running with some of your F’N runners and I didn’t even recognize that or them. I know I see their pics and such you post…but next time…point to them…introduce them to me….and with those nicknames and such they have.

    TTF…your awesome in your pursuits of life, family and running. Don’t worry bout the Dreadmill…ya had a nice, challenging, yet fun-run, so go with that. Smart to keep it easy in the aftermath….make the adjustments and run the Dreadmill routine to boost performance for your 5k race on another day. As you know…you gotta come to those interval workouts in rested condition.

    Will be ordering a pair of Knuckle Lights Wed morn after I get paid!

  3. I am always giddy after a RFK run! I usually sing to the radio (or mp3s) the entire way home. And FNRC runs too! Thanks again for waiting for me!! You guys are awesome!!!!!

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