The Art of Customer Service….

As technology changes and advances daily, I sometimes think the internet rules the world.   In this new technological age, it is harder and harder to get good customer service.  Any information we can find on a company is provided thru the internet and there aren’t readily available phone numbers in the “contact us” section.  Most of the time, if I have an issue, I resort to emailing customer service and/or doing live chats with a representative.  The results tend to be mixed and I honestly, do not have high expectations that “issues” will be resolved in a positive manner. 

However, I was more than pleasantly surprised with the customer service I recently received from Under Armour.  For the record, they are not one of my sponsors but I would certainly be open to a proposal!  I contacted Under Armour because I had purchased a heavy-duty 3.0 Base Layer exactly 1 year ago.  Although, I have had the product for quite some time, I only pull this bad boy out when it’s REALLY cold.  I believe I wore it 2x last winter and it’s been sitting and waiting since.  I have only had to pull it out for one run this year.  Here is the photo of Joe, Julie & I in the freezing temps on Jan 2nd.  I believe we also had a little rain & snow, and the wind was atrocious but I was warm! 

However, upon my return home and washing my beautiful 3.0, things went bad.  I’m not really sure what happened as this was the 3rd wash for it and I didn’t have problems before but it came out of the washer like this: 

Absolutely Ruined.

I admit, I was upset.  I decided to contact Under Armour, not because I thought they would do anything but because I wanted them to know.  I sent an email to customer service and attached these two pictures (above).  Within 2 or 3 days, I had a response and an apology with instructions on how to return the merchandise for a refund/exchange.  I opted for an exchange and it has arrived!  I noticed immediately that the product has changed over the last year.   The material is thinner and less plush.  I anticipate it will be just as warm as the other but probably less issues with machine washing and pilling.  In fact, I have noticed all brands of technical, cold weather gear within the last couple years to have become thinner and less bulky.  They still provide the same warmth but we have less to haul around while running, jumping & playing in the cold.  Three layers now, isn’t what three layers was 2 years ago.  As with everything, gear technology is also moving forward at an amazing rate.  As a result, my outer layers are becoming baggy cuz trust me, I’m not losing any weight, so I will need to start buying a size smaller.  Win!

Thank you,  Under Armour!  You have certainly made a lifetime customer out of me.  I had even been considering trying one of your running shoes for my triathlon adventures this year and think I’m going to place that order very soon.  Look for Ms. TooTall “TRI”ing in these UA Charge RCs……

Have you had any positive customer service interactions where you felt they just went above and beyond to help you out? 

Happy Running,                                                                                                               Amanda – TooTallFritz                                                                     

7 thoughts on “The Art of Customer Service….

  1. I love my Under Armour and find it always to be worth the price. Their ColdGear is fantastic! Another company that pleasantly surprised me with great customer service was the knucklelights. I had a problem and they immediately helped me. Such a pleasure to deal with companies that keep their customers happy (and buying more!)

  2. I too love my UA! And that was a story MADE OF WIN!! I actually had a really great (customer service) experience with BeachBody and the shake I get. The bag wouldn’t not close the zipper thing would just not stay zippered in the middle. I put the shakeology in a big zip lock bag, but called them to let them know. They sent me a new bag for free! At the time I wasn’t affiliated with them as a coach, so it was $120 + tax/shipping. amazing customer service!

  3. TTF….oh ya…I have often had pleasant experiences with customer service with various companies. La-Ti-Da (Effusion Lamp company) sent me several free wick-stones when I complained bout one came with my lamp going defective after only a month of use and letting them know Pier 1 Imports (where I bought the lamps originally) didn’t sell replacement wicks.

    Garmin has been very responsive to issues I have encountered with there 305 GPS watch….on numerous times, and one time replaced the unit at no cost….. nice! Most places or companies will respond to you, but you have to keep good documentation, plus be willing to endure the “process” to navigate to the end result that ends in replacement or refund. And…as you point out…..not always an easy endeavor.

    Under Armour is pretty big corporation and like Nike, there products are pricy (probably cause they spend so much on endorsing elite athletes that wear there products!), but I am a big fan and rely mostly on their base layer apparel, like underwear and compression shirts and shorts and such…duh….hence the name Under Armour – LOL!

    North Face has a lot of good products for living life in comfort and I don’t necessarily rely on them for running gear, but I have a lot of lighter or moderate weight breathe-thermal shirts or jackets that really keep ya warm when at home or outside doing whatever.

    Columbia sportswear probably has the best jackets and such for enduring winter cold, but not for running…just when outside doing other activities or off to work or whatever. The Omni-Heat technology is un-excelled and the ultimate best in maximizing loss of body heat and I have several of these jackets, with one including the pants or snow-pants….something probably more applicable for snowmobilers, but if you outside and shoveling snow or taking a hike and it 10-below, then that Omni-Heat gear will keep you warm and comfortable and I know of no other gear that comes close. I can only wonder what the end result would be if either German or Allied forces would have had the Columbia Omni-Tech technology in their apparel when they had that stand-off at Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge.

    Technology has come a long way in apparel that retains heat or wicks the moisture away and cools ya in the last decade and running has to be a major factor driving the industry….but won’t rule out some effect from the military that seeks to keep its forces in tip-top fighting condition….and in many respects….that means maintaining a comfortable internal homeostasis.

    I have encountered that issue yu denote as “pilling” or is it supposed to be “piling” or those little balls of fabric that seem to accumulate all over the fabric. This might occur in the drying cycle as the shirt or whatever tumbles haplessly bout amidst a bunch of other clothes at and undetermined length of time and intensity of heat. I suspect something in the drying cycle is the culprit….just can’t prove it. Doesn’t matter….the ultimate apparel should be able to take whatever life and laundry dish out at it…right?

    good job TTF for following through and letting others know there can be positive results if you go the distance with the complaint and customer service thing. Kinda of like running and training to run a marathon isn’t it….gotta go the distance!


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  6. Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. You can offer promotions and slash prices to bring in as many new customers as you want, but unless you can get some of those customers to come back, your business won’t be profitable for long…

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