Back to Reality…..

Although today I am confronted by going back to work reality, yesterday was a busy and productive day on the home front as we tried to squeeze in as much as possible on our last day off.  I was fortunate that Hubby took one for the team watched the kiddos so I was able to meet up early, but not too early, with the F’N Running Club for a Monday morning run.  This was a total luxury for me because I am usually sitting on my ass at my desk early each Monday.  The Monday morning New Year Crew:  Julie, Joe, Jeni, Susan & Jennifer E.I want to give a huge shout out to all of these runners, as well as sending them a great big THANK YOU for getting up and out of their cozy beds to come for a run.  I laid in bed all night listening to the 50 mph winds and rain/sleet pelting the windows.  When I got up it was snowing, we had freezing temps and MORE wind, so I was surprised that anyone besides Susan show up.  Thanks, you crazy F’N Runners!  I would have never been able to do it without you yesterday and had already copped out of my Jan 1 run due to wind/cold so I really needed this!

The temps were around 20 degrees in the early morn but felt much colder due to the wind.  However, being on the trail, the trees provided us with a lot of wind cover and it really wasn’t bad after that first mile.  It was snowing pretty good at times too but there wasn’t any accumulation, the trail was in good condition with good footing.  Not too slippery.  

  Julie & Susan looking strong as they are approaching the turnaround: 

Joe, Julie & Me at the turnaround.

The group ran between 3 and 7 miles at a leisurely pace.  A few stops for road crossings and turnaround/meet-ups.  I never stop my watch cuz I will forget to restart it so I had 7.01 miles in 1:10:48.  Great run!

After my car defrosted from the snow and ice which had accumulated during our run, I returned home and hubby and I set up my dining workout room again.  The workout equipment had been evicted to the basement while trying to fruitlessly sell the house, then to make room for Tacky Christmas.  I am back in business now! 

I even managed to squeeze in some bike miles and a short weight workout during Michael’s nap! 

So the NEW year is going strong for me so far.   I am trying to refocus on fresh foods and veggies to lose those extra 5 lbs, core/weight work, and more cross training.  I am sore today so something must be working. 

Are you off to a good start this year?  Are you doing anything different or just refocusing on some good habits which may have fallen to the way side over the holidays?

Think and BE Healthy this year!

Amanda – TooTallFritz

19 thoughts on “Back to Reality…..

  1. I did my first ever circuit weights workout with Kate LF. I’m happy and surprised with how much I was able to lift! I’m trying to focus more on cross training and weight lifting to help increase my speed and give me that extra umph for the last mile or so. Half marathon training officially starts in February (according to Hal Higdon’s intermediate plan) and I will be ready for it! 🙂

    Congrats for a strong start to 2012 as well!

  2. Amanda,
    Great start for the new year!! Love the workout room! Where did you get that stand for your bike, I love that? I was able to start the year off well also, Sunday in the wind/snow/ice/mud ran swallow cliff for 12.12 miles….I felt it in the legs yesterday…..ran from RFK in the evening in the wind/cold, 4.50 miles and my legs were sore…….which is a good feeling!!?! Marathon training starts this Saturday for Illinois!!
    Have a Happy New Year, with NO injuries!!!

    • Jess – I have treadmill envy of you! You not only HAVE a treadmill but bought one with the iFit Live. I am a huge JM fan! On the bike note, I purchased one off the end of the year clearance. It’s a low level TRI bike. I bought from Trek cuz there is a store about 40 min from my house and they can help me service it. I wanted a Felt but didn’t want to have to go to the CHI for maintanence.

  3. I had to get back to reality today too – I did manage to drag myself out of bed at 6AM for a pre-work swim. Always pleasant when it is 18 degrees out!

    Looking forward to following!

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