Shamrock *LOVE* Shuffle – 2012

I have been counting down the day for the 2012 Shamrock Shuffle since we finished the race last year.   

This is by far my favorite race of the year and this year will be bigger and better than the previous races because instead of going with 3 or 4 of my closest friends, we have a huge group of over 30 ladies who will be wearing green Team Sparkle Skirts. Here is a preview of a few of us from the Oak Forest Fleadh 5K a couple weeks ago.

Plus we have a few men making the trip this year too.  They received a green sparkle skirt exemption and opted for kilts instead.  Fun!  Can’t wait for the photos!

I have been running this race for several years and recently went back thru and “found” some of the previous year’s photos.  The first year that I could produce was 2009 when I was preggo with Michael but alas the photo was not of me since I couldn’t run.  Here is my friend Cindy (Jackie – The Swim Coach’s mom) & Mark B. (aka – Nitro):

Thanks for running for me Cindy; I know the conditions weren’t “ideal” but I appreciate your helping me out!

2010 was rough for me as I was physically bouncing  back from Mr. Michael.   Even though he was born in September 2009, he had a lot going on and I never really got back to running until January 2010.  So the Shuffle came fast.  And it was hard.  And it was cold.  But it was still awesome because I was with my friend Lisa and a few of her friends that year.   

2011 brought my return to fitness.  I ran the 2010 Chicago Marathon and about died in the heat really came into my fitness AFTER the marathon.  If you run a marathon, this may happen to you too.  Your struggle thru the training, you struggle thru the race and then AFTER the race you are on fire.  Strong. Fit. Fast.  Makes for great fall racing if you are a fall marathoner.  FUN!  However, I was so on fire and upping my mileage like crazy that I managed to hurt myself at the beginning of March 2011.  I went into the Shuffle with a smile but hadn’t run a step in weeks.  C’est la vie!  FAVORITE.RACE.OF.THE.YEAR.

And in case you can’t tell from the photo, it was hot as hell.  But I had more “friends” this year.  My friend Lisa, brought the entire clan:  Hubby – Mike, Son – Logan, Lisa & Daughter – Rachel.

And my girl Kristina was “in” for 2011 and pretty much every race since.  🙂

To me, this race is about more than running, it’s about spending one weekend a year fully devoted to friendship and a healthy lifestyle.  A huge thank you to my friend Lisa, who comes each year from Wisconsin to celebrate this weekend with me.  Really awesome!

So CHEERS to the Shamrock Shuffle 2012!  I will ENJOY the atmosphere and the celebration no matter the weather or the results!

Do you have any annual races or celebrations that have become tradition to you?

Happy Running,                                                                                                                Amanda – TooTallFritz

12 thoughts on “Shamrock *LOVE* Shuffle – 2012

  1. The Shuffle is my race tradition! I go into it each year, with fond memories of our first 10k together, and the remembered fear that you were going to push me into Lake Michigan cuz I didn’t want to run off and leave you. NOW, you not only run off and leave ME, but you get to have a beer while you wait for me. Your single minded pursuit of fitness has motivated me to continue to keep plugging away and I love coming to Chicago and spending time with you and yours. So CHEERS to keeping the tradition alive as long as I am able to stay upright and moving forward.

  2. I recently found photos from my first Shamrock Shuffle back in 2007. A bad college drug store box dye job, too old tennis shoes, and a bib worn on my boobs made me laugh really hard. (Of course the photos are posted on the blog

    And your comment about feeling fit after a marathon couldn’t be more true! I took most of 2010 off of running and training for the marathon in 2011 has gotten me back into running more than I could have ever hoped. It went from a love and a hobby to a full blown obsession and I couldn’t be happier with the new friends I’ve made and continue to make through this wonderful sport! 🙂

    I’ll see you Saturday AND Sunday, in the B Corral, trying to kick some butt on the city streets! Favorite. Race. Ever. 🙂

      • I’m carpooling with the Kates and there is a large group of us. Of course we’re going to try to make it to the Hilton but with the crowds, etc… if we can’t do it, I’ll hopefully see you in the corral, or cheers with a beer at the finish line! I’ll have my phone with me so I can always text you too. Are you running with your phone? (I don’t normally race with it but the Shamrock Shuffle is kind of an exception because there are so many friends running it!)

      • I am not going to carry my phone during the race….hard enough to just carry me! I will grab it as soon as I finish running. I suggested the F’N Runners meet back up at the Blue Gear Tent after the race. I will be there at the very front entrance of the tent, basically able to touch the tent, so head that way after you get done and get your gear check bag. It is close to the post race party so hopefully we can go over there after everyone comes back thru.

  3. Our big summer tradition is one of the mud runs. We dress in costume, and each year our team grows.

  4. Ha….Boston Marathon has become my tradition, but locally the Tinley Stars & Stripes 5k seems to be my most consistent, as well as RFK’s Turkey Trot. I look forward to running my first Shamrock Shuffle this Sunday….sunny with a high of 60F! Woo-hoo!

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