For those of you who have known me the majority of my life, there is no question to you that I am a runner.  I have always been a runner and, God willing, I will always be a runner.  There have been periods in my life where I have lost focus and/or was too busy livin’ the life just not able/willing to schedule fitness into my life but I was still a runner.    There are some people who met me during those nonproductive crazy times that think I have now “changed” and am obsessed, or even crazy, because I have running so high on my current priority list.  To those people, I say, I AM A RUNNER.

  • I do not have screaming children because I run; I run because I have screaming children.
  • I do not have a messy house because I run; I run because I have a messy house.
  • I do not need sanity because I run; I run because I need sanity.
  • I do not want to explore nature because I run; I run because I want to explore nature.
  • I do not appreciate life because I run; I run because I appreciate life.
  •  I do not love my kids more than life because I run; I run because I love my kids more than life.
  • I do not attempt to stay calm, cool & collected because I run; I run because I want to stay calm, cool & collected.
  •  I do not view life as an adventure because I run; I run because I view life as an adventure.
  • I do not run because I TRI; I TRI because I run.
  • I do not run because I blog; I blog because I run.

Yesterday I was a runner.  Today I am a runner.  Tomorrow I will be a runner.  I will run in the rain.  I will run in the snow.  I will run in the freezing temps.  I will run in the scorching heat.  I will run on my birthday.  I will run on Mother’s Day.  I will run on my anniversary.   I will run on vacation.  I AM A RUNNER.

Are you a runner too?  Do you have people in your life who will never understand WHY you run?  Or why you are a runner?  Who make fun of you and others in your life who run?  What would you like to say to all of those non-runners who don’t understand?

I.AM.A.RUNNER.                                                                                                                               Amanda – TooTallFritz


19 thoughts on “I AM A RUNNER

  1. Definitely Amanda! Running never used to be such a priority because I felt that I couldn’t run more than 1-2 times per week due to bad knees and feet. Now that I know that I can, and trained for the marathon last year, it became such a big part of my life.

    My dad (who used to run) now teases me and says I need therapy. What people don’t understand is that running IS my therapy. I may get injured and then my cousin says “This is why I don’t run”. But what are the alternatives? A minor injury is treatable. Being overweight, unhealthy and unhappy is worse than a minor injury.

    Great post! I’m a runner!!

  2. TTF…ya going philosophical on me….LOL! I like what you feel and have to say on the subject. I have to think about this a lot more cause your question is not something (in my opinion) that warrants the typical ole short phrase or sentence that people usually respond to on blogs or Facebook or such.

    Hey…I think I wrote some prose called “I Run” a while back. Drat…sucks getting old and things you did a few weeks ago or several months ago or a few years ago seem like decades ago! I have a file on PC and hard-file of the writings I do, so I can find it. Want me to copy and post it here?

    There really isn’t a “reason” to run other than that it is our biological roots and if it does or makes ya feel or be a better person, then go 4 it!

    The rest of you out there in F-N’ land go deep on this subject. Frog don’t want to hear three or four word or 1-2 sentence responses. Just like running…either training or running the actual race…dig deep and find yourself. Yes?

  3. You know I’ve struggled with people in my life who don’t get it. What’s surprising is that my parents are coming around. At first they were like “why?” Now they are starting to understand that it’s something I do most days of the week, regardless of the weather, and that I truly love it, and that I’m making great friends because of it, etc. And they don’t question it anymore. They encourage it. My mom tells me she thinks my running is awesome. I have friends who I know will never get it, and I know they’ll never get it, so I just don’t talk about running around them anymore.

  4. I am a runner too! I definitely have people in my life that don’t understand why I am a runner, but I am! Running is something that will never lie, go away; it will always be there! Great post!

  5. I love this post! Thank you for sharing.

    It was only very recently that I realized I can call myself a runner. I had been running (slowly) for a while, but always compared myself to the people I thought were “real” runners. But one day, I realized I do all the same things those “real” runners do… think about running, talk about running, read about running, and…wait for it… GO RUNNING.

    I am a runner too. And now posts like these mean something to me! 🙂

    • Really awesome! You are definitley a runner. The great thing about us is that we come in all different shapes, sizes, ages, and talent levels but we are all still doing the same thing, RUNNING!.

  6. Great post! I don’t think there is anything you really can say to a person that doesn’t understand why we love to run. You either get it or you don’t; the key is not to hold it against them. 😉 I didn’t get it until I was in my 30’s, and now I GOT IT! We can only continue to show how it enriches our lives and maybe one day they will try it (like I did).

    Thanks for commenting on my post!


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  8. Not A Runner,I read your blog! You have inspired me to run again. I am not a rnneur either. My neighbor is you would think she would be an inspiration. Somehow a 56 year-old who routinely wins 5k’s and 10k’s and runs half marathons is NOT an inspiration to me. She is a star, though! Say hello to J.Deb (D Ann)

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