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I want to send a huge THANK YOU out to everyone who commented yesterday and gave suggestions, advice & encouragement as to my race strategy for the Palos Half.

The tips are much appreciated and I have already implemented a few by going out and running relatively hard this morning.  Once I warmed up, I tried to focus on getting good/fast foot turnover to try to increase my speed.  I only ran 4 miles but it was pitch black dark without any star and/or moon support at 4am.  It was also 31 degrees so it took me a bit to get warmed up and stop thinking about the weather.  I believe my splits were:  8:25, 8:21, 8:23 & 7:53.  I was aiming more toward low 8s but I was running by feel since it was dark, using my KnuckleLights, and I was honestly more focused on what was happening around me in the dark than my pace.   Technically, I just wanted to attempt running fast in the dark down the middle of the road where it is flat and not sloped.  Overall, I was pleased, particularly with the last mile but don’t we all run that last mile hard back into our safety zone driveway?  My normal early morning, run in the dark, pace is 9:28-9:30 so this was definitely a successful run.  Yes, the foundation has been laid.  The miles have been ran.  The work has been done.  All of you know the drill and had wonderful advice.  Please know that if I finally get my 1:50, all of you can own it too with your many words of wisdom and constant encouragement! 

Do you have any training or race questions?  If so, let me know and we will get a suggestion box going for you! 

Thanks Again & Happy Running,                                                                                        Amanda – TooTallFritz

4 thoughts on “Suggestion Box….

  1. I’m learning to cross train more effectively instead of just relying on running only. I don’t have the body to remain injury free and my feet most certainly deserve the rest.

    My question is with regards endurance and my lack of. I have lots of motivation to go out and exercise. Mainly to get away from the kids and cleaning and I have always been the outdoorsy type.

    I don’t seem to have very good endurance I don’t know where to order some from or who to borrow any from. Where does everyone get there’s? It’s my main disability. I’ve tried the mantras, focussing and treats but I could still very easily and happily cut to a walk at any point in my run especially the horrid first 1-2 miles.

    Any advice would be greatly received!

    • My personal experience is that endurance comes with time, and miles. You need to build a good base and if you are struggling with injury issues that is almost impossible. The swimming will help your respiratory endurance and you can do aqua jogging/running to work on leg strength but really its about putting in the miles. Hopefully Frogger will help out here and respond when he gets online.

      On an unrelated note, I used to struggle building endurance due to recovery issues. I was always tired from not fueling properly after the run. So make sure you are taking care of yourself on that front too, plus hydrating with lots of water throughout the day. If you aren’t properly hydrated, somewhat recovered, and fueled then you will always feel like shit….ie…want to walk and it will be nearly impossible to build on the miles.

      I’m not a coach, nor am I a nutritionist…this is just what I’ve learned from my years of running and triathlon in accordance to how my body works.

  2. Good luck with this race! It’s so exciting when you know you are close to hitting a personal milestone! I’ll be sending you some “run fast and strong” wishes!!

    • Really awesome. It’s not this Sunday but next (5/6)…..I’m just really anxious. So you have plenty of time to send me “run fasts & strong” wishes! Thanks so much!

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