88 Laps….

For me, swimming is a task like no other.  When I run or bike, I have a constant stream of thoughts and am actually able to work things out in my head.  When I swim, I focus on not drowning, breathing, stretching my stroke and counting my laps.  I have random thoughts that come and go but mostly, I just focus on not drowning and counting.  No joke.

88 laps in a 25 yard pool is equivalent to the 1.2 miles I need to swim in the two half iron events in which I will be participating this year.  I swam the full 88 laps yesterday for the first time.    I am only 55 days away from the July 7th Ironman 70.3 Muncie.

A few of my random thoughts….

  • 44 minutes, the amount of time it took me to swim 1.2 miles in my last half iron event.
  • 56 minutes, the amount of time it took to swim the 88 laps yesterday.
  • 4, the minutes I hope to eliminate from my swim with it being in open water and not having to turn around every 25 yards.
  • 5, the minutes I hope to eliminate from my swim by using my wetsuit that will hold my momma hips up in the proper position.
  • 10, the number of mini prayers I sent up asking for water temps on July 7th & September 1st to be cool enough to be USAT wetsuit legal.
  • 78, the max water temp for an event to be wetsuit legal.
  • 3, the lap I was swimming when I started thinking about Kelly’s post on her first swim lesson.
  • 4, the lap I was swimming when I thought about contacting Maggie’s cousin, Coach Judie, or MJ at TriSmart , or anybody somebody to tell me if my swimming is even remotely adequate.
  • 50, the number of times I tried to “hear”  my stroke like Kelly discussed in her post on the first swim lesson.
  • 0, the number of flip turns I performed.
  • 6, the number of times I stopped to readjust my goggles.
  • 4, the number of times I breathe in 25 yards.
  • 7, the number of years that I have owned the TRI tank I was wearing that I will never again wear.  Can you say skintight and see thru?  UGH!

2XU Tri top

  • 35, the lap I was swimming where it finally all came together and I relaxed.
  • 36, the lap I was swimming when I started to wonder if the turnover rate of my arms during the swim is also called cadence like the rate of turnover of foot fall/pedal stroke while running/biking.  Answer:  YES, look HERE.
  • 3, the number of sets I did to equal 88 laps.  Set 1 = 48 laps, Set 2 = 30 laps, Set 3 = 10 laps.  Don’t ask why, it’s random, just like my thoughts.
  • 25, the lap in the 2nd set where I was wondering if CrazyBoyDon actually counts laps or if he somehow adapts 99 bottles of Beer on the Wall to keep track…..  88 laps to swim in the pool, swim one down, flip it around….yeah that doesn’t work. 
  • 1, the lap in the last set where I realized that I don’t know how to kick.  I have spent so much time “not kicking” to save my legs, that the kick just seems foreign to me now.
  • 12 the number of times Michael asked me if I had been swimming with Santa when I got home.

Santa Swim

Michael is obsessed with Santa and wants to go swimming with him so badly.  He is always flailing around the bathtub pretending to swim with Santa.  If you know of any swimming Santa’s, please let me know.  PLEASE

What do you think about when you swim?  Will you be thinking of swimming Santa’s the next time you go to make some laps?  Maybe you should! 

Santa Swimming_scuba

Happy Swimming **  Amanda – TooTallFritz ** amanda@tootallfritz.com

7 thoughts on “88 Laps….

  1. Love this post!! I love all the random thoughts… and that now gives me some ideas of some things to think about. I usually fixate on hearing myself breathe, which is sooo boring! A swimming Santa would be so fun! Who wouldn’t want to swim with Santa?! And, as I have yet to do my first tri (a sprint), I was just having a discussion with someone today about water temps. I HATE cold water, but am bummed to think I might have to start outdoor swimming in a wetsuit because chances are that when my tri arrives, water temps will be warm enough that a wetsuit is not allowed. And, I am toying with the idea of a half ironman in the fall, so this was especially fun to read for that reason too! Good luck!

    • Thanks! Good luck in your swimming! I “just keep swimming”. That’s my main focus. I don’t stop unless I have a goggle issue. And I’ll be thinking about Santa next week for sure. 🙂 Gotta love 2 year olds. I did tell Michael that Santa only swims with kids and he wouldn’t come to swim with me. LOL!

  2. TTF…Frogger doesn’t swim….sinks badly. Don’t swim cause need a pool to do that and just one more thing gotta pay for. Maybe someday. But…when I do swim…all I can think is if I can touch the bottom! Amazing….88-laps….you doing just fine….even without Santa!

  3. Breathe. Are you really breathing only four times per lap. I’m no swim coach ( although in my day I swam a 45 second 100 free) I’d suggest not going all anaerobic on your swim. Learn to breathe so there’s little or no difference between a breath stroke vs. no breath stroke. Then you can get into a rhythm and concentrate on your stroke efficiency and not when your next breath is going to be. Although it sounds like you have a lot of other thoughts being processed as well. What do I think about? I don’t. I count the sets and laps and otherwise my mind is in a zen like tabula rasa ( blank slate). That’s why swimming feels so good afterwards.

    • Yes, 4x unless I’m not relaxed then I need a 5th. I’m not comfortable with bilateral breathing so I pull rt when I breathe unilaterally. This requires more siting & correction in open water so I compensate with fewer breaths. Since I’m not sprinting, its not the panic you might imagine. If I need more air I take it, I just normally don’t.

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