Shout Out to Jogging Stroller Mom’s

It’s no secret that I would do just about anything go out of my way to avoid running with the jogging stroller.  I consider running to be equivalent to therapy and I wouldn’t go sit in a therapist’s office with my little one(s) dropping juice cups, throwing things “overboard”, asking for snack refills, leaning over trying to get their little fingers caught in the spokes, or asking “mommy when can I run?”  However, it is frequently sometimes necessary to pull the jogger out and run with the kids.  Here we are on Saturday’s run preparing to brave the mid-day temps:


All of our jogging stroller runs are an adventure!  I don’t have a pace goal in mind because I am awkwardly pushing an additional 45 lbs in a stroller that perpetually rolls to one side or the other, needing constant readjustment and I don’t stress about anything other than watching to make sure the kiddos are safe.   I normally have a loose distance goal in mind but that is dependent on the kids, the weather, the traffic, and the corresponding attitudes of all three of us.  On Saturday, I was hoping to run 4 miles and we actually covered 4.1 miles so it was a total success!

We make frequent stops on our jogging stroller runs:  for snacks, to pick up garbage, to investigate random things we see, to throw rocks in the creek, to pick up sticks, to refill sippy cups/get “a drink”.  I can’t remember the last time, we did a jogging stroller run and did not bring home some random item that we found roadside.  On Saturday, we brought home some very immature, green walnuts.  Warning:   Walnuts are sticky from sap! 


Sometimes, if the ride is somewhat smooth or the little man is particularly tired, he falls asleep.  He loves going “running” with us and really enjoys seeing everything we pass, and telling me to run faster.  When he conks out, I know he is exhausted.  Saturday is one of those days.  The little man couldn’t make it thru without a catnap.  Aby and I actually stopped for the walnuts water and noticed him snoozing.

                    Michael_sleeping in jogger_7-28-12                    me & aby_7-28-12

All of the jogging stroller runs are fun.  I really enjoy them but look at them as more of an activity with the kiddos rather than a true training run.  Each time I see a mom on the trail with a jogger, I throw her a shout out and say “looking good” or “doing great”.  I know how hard it is to run with the jogger and I know that she is either out on a family “fun run” or didn’t have any other option if she wanted to get in some semblance of a workout.  I know she is determined and focused on her health.  It makes me proud to see her out there making it happen!  Great job, ladies!

A few jogger stroller tips:

  • Purchase the best jogger your budget will allow.  I went cheap and purchased a Garage Sale Special.  It’s not a well known brand and certainly not ideal for long distances.  My stroller is constantly rolling off the road everywhere but forward. 
  • Try out several strollers before laying out a ton of money.
  • Get a stroller with an adjustable handle to accommodate your height.  Mine isn’t adjustable and I get a pain between my shoulder blades when I run with it because the handle is too low.
  • Keep the run fun and don’t have unrealistic expectations about pace.
  • Know that in addition to propelling your body own body weight, you will also be propelling the weight of the stroller, snacks, toys and your little one so once again, adjust your pace expectations.
  • Get a stroller with a fixed wheel or one that has the option of fixed position.  This will be safer for your little one and avoid the stroller veering off road if you hit a bump, rock or something on path.
  • Get a stroller with a larger front wheel, these roll smoother and faster than the small wheel variety and transverse rough terrain much easier.
  • Make sure the stroller has a harness to hold the little one upright at all times.  My little guy sometimes likes to lean down and try to touch the wheels when we run and it freaks me out because I’m afraid he will get hurt.
  • Be grateful for the desire and motivation to run, even with the extra weight in tow.  It’s worth it!  I promise!

As with all products, there are a million choices, so try to find one that works best for you and your budget.  If you need to go cheap, then do it, the most important thing is to be able to get out and run.

Please give a shout out to all the jogging stroller mom’s you see on trail; those ladies are working hard! 

If you use a jogger that you love, please comment and give the brand/model!    Any other jogging stroller tips?

Random Side Note:  I joined a DietBet Challenge today!  You probably know by now that I love a good challenge and Kelly set this up for all of us who need a little late summer incentive.  If you need to force yourself to lose a few pounds, jump on this with us!  You can win real $$.  Is that enough incentive to get your ass moving, clean up your food intake and drink your water?  I’m in!

** Happy Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

88 Laps….

For me, swimming is a task like no other.  When I run or bike, I have a constant stream of thoughts and am actually able to work things out in my head.  When I swim, I focus on not drowning, breathing, stretching my stroke and counting my laps.  I have random thoughts that come and go but mostly, I just focus on not drowning and counting.  No joke.

88 laps in a 25 yard pool is equivalent to the 1.2 miles I need to swim in the two half iron events in which I will be participating this year.  I swam the full 88 laps yesterday for the first time.    I am only 55 days away from the July 7th Ironman 70.3 Muncie.

A few of my random thoughts….

  • 44 minutes, the amount of time it took me to swim 1.2 miles in my last half iron event.
  • 56 minutes, the amount of time it took to swim the 88 laps yesterday.
  • 4, the minutes I hope to eliminate from my swim with it being in open water and not having to turn around every 25 yards.
  • 5, the minutes I hope to eliminate from my swim by using my wetsuit that will hold my momma hips up in the proper position.
  • 10, the number of mini prayers I sent up asking for water temps on July 7th & September 1st to be cool enough to be USAT wetsuit legal.
  • 78, the max water temp for an event to be wetsuit legal.
  • 3, the lap I was swimming when I started thinking about Kelly’s post on her first swim lesson.
  • 4, the lap I was swimming when I thought about contacting Maggie’s cousin, Coach Judie, or MJ at TriSmart , or anybody somebody to tell me if my swimming is even remotely adequate.
  • 50, the number of times I tried to “hear”  my stroke like Kelly discussed in her post on the first swim lesson.
  • 0, the number of flip turns I performed.
  • 6, the number of times I stopped to readjust my goggles.
  • 4, the number of times I breathe in 25 yards.
  • 7, the number of years that I have owned the TRI tank I was wearing that I will never again wear.  Can you say skintight and see thru?  UGH!

2XU Tri top

  • 35, the lap I was swimming where it finally all came together and I relaxed.
  • 36, the lap I was swimming when I started to wonder if the turnover rate of my arms during the swim is also called cadence like the rate of turnover of foot fall/pedal stroke while running/biking.  Answer:  YES, look HERE.
  • 3, the number of sets I did to equal 88 laps.  Set 1 = 48 laps, Set 2 = 30 laps, Set 3 = 10 laps.  Don’t ask why, it’s random, just like my thoughts.
  • 25, the lap in the 2nd set where I was wondering if CrazyBoyDon actually counts laps or if he somehow adapts 99 bottles of Beer on the Wall to keep track…..  88 laps to swim in the pool, swim one down, flip it around….yeah that doesn’t work. 
  • 1, the lap in the last set where I realized that I don’t know how to kick.  I have spent so much time “not kicking” to save my legs, that the kick just seems foreign to me now.
  • 12 the number of times Michael asked me if I had been swimming with Santa when I got home.

Santa Swim

Michael is obsessed with Santa and wants to go swimming with him so badly.  He is always flailing around the bathtub pretending to swim with Santa.  If you know of any swimming Santa’s, please let me know.  PLEASE

What do you think about when you swim?  Will you be thinking of swimming Santa’s the next time you go to make some laps?  Maybe you should! 

Santa Swimming_scuba

Happy Swimming **  Amanda – TooTallFritz **