Motivation or Lack Thereof….

Despite the fact that “spring has sprung”, I’ve certainly had very low motivation since the Lansing Marathon.  The marathon didn’t go as I had hoped and it left me feeling empty, tired and “slightly” hopeless.  And then I got sick immediately thereafter.  Yes, I’m finally feeling better but I’m not as strong.  I’m not fast.  I not motivated.  I’m not feeling at all like myself. 

What to do?  Look at more  springtime photos?

Jenny G came late to the party and sent me some lovely photos from Lake Katherine that she snapped over the weekend.

Lake Katherine    Lake Katherine_blooms

And Keith G, ran one of my favorite trails, Waterfall Glen in Darien, IL over the weekend.  Yay for more beautiful photos!!

Waterfall Glen_Keith   Watergfall Glen_keith

I have been running.  And biking.  Nothing too crazy.  A few miles here and there.  I did a 20 mile “long bike” on Saturday on the trainer, then took it outside on Mother’s Day for a 10 mile “long run” last Sunday.  So I’m moving.  Just not focused on time or pace or racing. 

Know that’s it’s okay if you aren’t feeling the need to just “kill” every run.  Sometimes your body and mind need a break.  They will let you know when they do and it’s always wise to listen.  So as of right now, I’m “just” running.  At whatever pace I can manage. I’m just soaking up the sunshine and enjoying how lush our local trails have become with a little bit of rain and heat.


** Just Keep Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

10 thoughts on “Motivation or Lack Thereof….

  1. It’s so good that you are listening to your body and taking a break before you get overtrained. I’ve tried to push through when my mind and body are tired and wound up getting sick and injured–not fun. You’re right, you don’t always have to push really hard, especially if your body is telling you you need a break.

  2. I am in marathon limbo right now. Next round of training doesn’t begin until July so this time instead of beating myself up for not running, I am going to enjoy Swallow Cliff stairs, swimming, biking, weight training and short fun runs here and there. I always make the mistake of continuing to run quite a bit during limbo time – to the point where I hate it once the next round of training begins. Not this time!

  3. I can definitely identify with the lack of motivation Amanda. I’m in a bit of a funk myself. I think it might be the weather in my case as winter is not generally kind. Hope you start to feel better soon. As you say soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the trails is often more important than pushing out a fast pace.

  4. I’ve been feeling the same for the past few weeks! I considered doing a half on June 1st but my mileage has considerably decreased that I’m not sure it’s a good idea now. Hopefully I can get back on track next week. Love the pics!

  5. Breaks are good! You need to recharge your mind and body. I think we have a skewed perspective on what is “normal” when it comes to being active. We spend so much time reading other bloggers and talking to other runners, we forget that the amount that we all work out, while admirable, is definitely above average. What do they recommend, just 30 minutes a day of exercise to maintain health? So that’s 3 1/2 hours per week. I know that is a “light” week for me, but I need to remind myself that that is still pretty darn good! So no need to justify taking a step back. It’ll do your body so much good, so much more good than powering through high mileage every week.

  6. You are not alone, for about 3 weeks I have been struggling. I have not had the same excitement to go run, and it seems that when I do run they have been sluggish and exhausting. I know things will turn around, and I am thinking that mentally I need to make the change in my self talk to re-motivate myself.

  7. I can relate, my emotions were similar after Vegas last year. You put so mcuh time, energy, hope, etc. into a race and when it doesn’t go your way- that just stinks. Keep your head up, you’ve always been an inspiration to me and go easy on yourself!

  8. Don’t fret about Lansing or “how” the running is going in terms of performance. Do what you are doing…just running whatever…by how it feels….and just “run something” to keep active…and perhaps…clear the mind of its “running woes!”

    I can relate to your feelings…albeit, my marathon in Boston went well in terms of my finish goal, but the bombings put a damper to my spirit…and I was quite weary and having my own “training woes” prior to Boston. And it was obvious that once I got Boston finished…it is time to “give-up” running for a good break…let the mind-body-spirit…rest from the demands, objectives or goals that run or other training programs entail.

    The way I see it….”To get better or faster….beyond the plateaus (or valleys) one finds their self suck in….the first place to start is to give up running for a 2-4 week break…or at least give up the running for high or serious mileage with rigid training objectives…..then after the break…start training again….from the bottom to the top…once again.”

    Do a good break…recharge your body and spirit. When that is accomplished…let me know…I will take you on pro-bono and create you a training program for whatever marathon and time goal you want to strive for. Only have the training and the experience in running…and more so on the distance/endurance side of the equation. So can’t help you with the bi and tri competitions that involve biking and swimming. But….when it comes to distance running…I know how to train and 95% of the time show-up to that marathon and meet my finish goal…sometimes more.

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