Motivation or Lack Thereof….

Despite the fact that “spring has sprung”, I’ve certainly had very low motivation since the Lansing Marathon.  The marathon didn’t go as I had hoped and it left me feeling empty, tired and “slightly” hopeless.  And then I got sick immediately thereafter.  Yes, I’m finally feeling better but I’m not as strong.  I’m not fast.  I not motivated.  I’m not feeling at all like myself. 

What to do?  Look at more  springtime photos?

Jenny G came late to the party and sent me some lovely photos from Lake Katherine that she snapped over the weekend.

Lake Katherine    Lake Katherine_blooms

And Keith G, ran one of my favorite trails, Waterfall Glen in Darien, IL over the weekend.  Yay for more beautiful photos!!

Waterfall Glen_Keith   Watergfall Glen_keith

I have been running.  And biking.  Nothing too crazy.  A few miles here and there.  I did a 20 mile “long bike” on Saturday on the trainer, then took it outside on Mother’s Day for a 10 mile “long run” last Sunday.  So I’m moving.  Just not focused on time or pace or racing. 

Know that’s it’s okay if you aren’t feeling the need to just “kill” every run.  Sometimes your body and mind need a break.  They will let you know when they do and it’s always wise to listen.  So as of right now, I’m “just” running.  At whatever pace I can manage. I’m just soaking up the sunshine and enjoying how lush our local trails have become with a little bit of rain and heat.


** Just Keep Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **