Ironman 70.3 Muncie Race Report

This post could easily be titled the “Good, Bad & Ugly” but let’s be positive, right!  So I will instead focus on what I did right, what could have gone better and what just went well…. WRONG!

ironman 70. Muncie Cover

First, remember that this Ironman 70.3 Muncie was shortened due to the excessive heat warning.  It had been 108 static temp in Muncie the day before the race and health officials advised Ironman to shorten or cancel the race.  So the 70.3 distance was reduced to 37.2 (1 mile swim, 30 mile bike, 6.2 mile run) and the start time was moved up by a half hour to 6:30 am.

I hit transition pre-race with none to much time to spare, got my bike racked and somehow managed to forget how my bike pump worked.  The bike pump that I’ve owned for 7 years.  The bike pump that was deflating rather than inflating my tires.  Was I stressed?  I didn’t think so but subconsciously, maybe a little.  Thankfully, the lady in transition next to me was able to “remind me” how to inflate my tires.  This was a sign.  A big one.  I should have heeded the warning.

Transition was big.  There were 1700 registered participants and it looked like this in just about every direction.

ironman 70. Muncie transition

Each race has a certain way to ensure that only athletes get into transition to keep the bikes and gear secure.  Ironman gave us wristbands at check in and only athletes wearing the band could get inside the transition walls.

ironman 70. Muncie bracelet

The race started promptly, ushering the pros into the water with the boom of a cannon.  Then each wave thereafter left in 3 minute intervals on the sound of a horn.  The waves were sorted according to age groups.  The older age groups at the top with the younger ones following.  This resulted in us oldies just getting plowed over, under and shoved/kicked/punched by our much younger friends.  So not cool.  I’m trying to remember how the waves in previous races were scheduled and I’m at a loss.  However, I do not recall ever experiencing pandemonium in the water in any other TRI event in which I have ever participated.  It was not fun.


  • I showed up
  • I had a good attitude


  • The Swim – I panicked.  I started out good, I was toward the back of my wave like always.  I let the fasties get out of the way but I was immediately trapped behind some ladies doing breast stroke and who were just not swimming.  I stopped, let them get a bit ahead, I swam up on them again, stopped again because I didn’t have a clear shot around anywhere and then the real chaos began.  The wave behind us came thundering thru.  Holy crap.  They didn’t really care that we were in the way, they didn’t care that there wasn’t a way thru, they just swam over us.  Wow.  That was fun, and then the wave just kept coming.  I never had a chance to get in a grove, and just focus on swimming because from there on out I was panicked. At some point, somebody kicked me really hard in the ear and my head was ringing a bit.  In fact, a lifeguard asked if I was okay.  What to say?  “Hell, no!  These people are monsters!”  But I laughed & said, “I think so, I’m almost there right?”.  This was the longest and slowest mile I’ve ever swam.  I could have dog paddled the mile faster if I had a straight shot or if I had just focused on dog paddling! This mile swim took longer than my 1.2 mile swim in my last half iron event and I think I’m a stronger swimmer now!  I would free style a couple strokes, then stop to make sure I wasn’t about to be attacked, then free style a few more then recheck my surroundings.  Swim – 1 mile – 45:09
  • Getting in and out of transition.  The transition mat was long, possibly a 1/4 mile or more.  It was rough on my hurt foot transversing the mat with all the gravel everywhere and my being concerned about re-tearing the tendon.  I was very ginger and slow getting up the beach/mat into transition.



  • Goggle Malfunction – I  was running a bit late the morning of the race but decided I had better put more Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo on my goggle lenses to avoid fogging during the race.   In my hurried state, I apparently didn’t get all the shampoo rinsed off and well, the “no tears” slogan is a lie.  That stuff BURNS the eyes!  So during the awesome swim that I had, my right eye was BURNING, watering and distracting me.  I stopped 2x to lift the goggles to let any water escape but since the water was so flipping hot too warm to be wetsuit legal, it was difficult to fiddle with my goggles and not drown since I was also treading water at the same time.  Totally my fault.  My eye was red and irritated for 12 hours after the race.

The bike went well.  Nothing spectacular but good.  I was pretty comfortable, the course which was advertised as “flat” had some small rolling hills so I was able to get some decent speed, which helped.  It was two loops so very crowded in spots as the fasties from the earlier waves were crushing their second loop as I was just beginning my first.

The water stops were frequent due to the shortened course and the volunteers were brave and had steady hands holding out ice cold bottles of squeezable water for the bikers to grab on the way thru.  Each time I connected with a bottle perfectly and was so proud of the volunteers.  They had a very tough job and I’m sure the bike water stations had to be very stressful for them.  I saw people dropping bottles, hitting bottles out of their hands and these were large 3/4 liter squeezable bottles.  It was dangerous for the volunteers!  At one station, the biker in front of me dropped his bottle.  It was after I had already connected with mine.  I was holding a water bottle, zooming along, then had to run over his bottle with one hand steering and somehow managed not to fall.   This was definitely the highlight of my day and I was immediately thankful that I avoided the crash!

Although the bike course was packed, everyone was polite even when rolling past a full 10+ mph faster than me!  Those people kick butt on the bike and the swim and the run.  It was absolutely amazing.  This is the point where I realized that I’m just not fast enough or aggressive enough for Ironman racing.  I’m just not at a point in my life with the kids/family, fulltime job and fulltime commute where I can train hard enough to be even remotely competitive with these type of people.  Although, I like to participate and perform at the best of MY ability, I am perfectly happy to do it on a smaller front at our local races.  This is about fun and fitness to me, not about big name events, prize purses, racing with the pros or jostling for a position which really means very little in the end.   Bike – 30 miles – 1:35:06 – 18.9 mph


Overall, I think Ironman did a great job with the race.  I think they were smart and courteous to decrease the distance rather than canceling the race.  I think they know triathlon racing in and out.  They had plenty of on course support, post race drinks/food, massages.  They also gave a great swag bag with a gender specific shirt, a backpack which I neglected to photograph previously (below) since I was using it and the finishers (I didn’t run and didn’t finish) received a hat and a nice medal to reward their achievement.

ironman 70. Muncie bag

The venue was Prairie Creek Reservoir in Muncie.  It was large enough to accommodate the people but not one of my favorites.  The water was very turned up, dirty, weedy, and warm at 86 degrees.  The grounds had a lot of rocks and tree debris which was difficult on bare feet.  I would recommend a pair of throwaway flip flops for anyone racing here so that you don’t have to walk around barefoot at anytime.

Overall a great race, I just don’t think Ironman racing is for my more laid back style but it was fun to give it a TRI.

**Happy TRIing! ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Twas The Night Before……

I’m sitting in a shitty hotel room alone on the eve of Ironman 70.3 Muncie after a long day of travel. The main topic for today unless you live under a rock is still the weather. As I was getting close to Muncie, Indiana the temps kept increasing. It was 106 in Fort Wayne, which I thought was unreal until I got to Muncie where my car read a temp of 108. It has been 108 since I entered this town. I went to the convention center 2x, once for packet pick up and then again for an athlete’s meeting, then I went to dinner. At this point, I’m hoping the thermometer on my car is just stuck/broken because the thought of 108 in INDIANA at 8pm is ridiculous.


If you haven’t heard people bitching talking about the weather than I know you’ve heard them talking about the fact that Ironman has GASP decided to shorten the race. Yes, shorten the 70.3 mile race (1.2 mi swim, 56 mi bike, 13.1 mi run) to a mere 37.2 miles (1 mi swim, 30 mi bike, 6.2 mi run). The health officials here in Muncie are warning people to not go outside tomorrow and not to exercise outdoors. Apparently, today isn’t “hot” but tomorrow is gonna be a real scortcher with expected temps between 110 and 114 degrees. Yep, I’m still gonna be in Muncie, INDIANA tomorrow. No, I didn’t type that incorrectly. Yes, people are really f’ing pissed that the race is being shortened. Ummmmm, okay. As I was driving here, I half expected to pick up my packet and be sent home but no, we are racing. It will just be the modified distance due to EXTENUATING circumstances. I personally don’t think this is unreasonable. Yes, it stinks that people trained months for this race and now will not be completing the full distance but I’d like to think that a reasonable adult would consider this decision to be in the best interest of the athletes. Thanks for thinking of me, Ironman!

They still gave us a cool swag bag with gender specific tech shirts, plus a few other goodies.


They are still holding the race. They just want us out of here and in the safety of cooler temps as soon as possible. So far, I like the way they have handled the situation. They are even offering us a 50% discount to some of the upcoming 70.3 events which are not yet full. They are also still using this race as a qualifier for the 70.3 championships. They are doing what they can do and I like it and I picked up a couple water bottles to commemorate this event since it will surely go down in history.


I’m smiling and happy to be here.


I will race my 996 as far as they will let me and I’m so veeerrrrrry thankful that I know myself well enough left my running shoes at home. I only have my bike shoes and flip flops. I did that on purpose so that I wouldn’t even contemplate the run. I know I can’t do it. I know it would do more harm to my torn tendon but with the run now shortened to 6.2 miles, it would have been very difficult for me to not give it a shot. However, its not even an option since I am without running shoes!

When I travel for races, I like to eat. However, I have to be careful with my pre-race meal. I need to keep it pretty safe, not spicy, not too rich, and this normally equates to a pretty boring dinner. Tonight I stopped at a locally owned place, Amazing Joes, not to far from the convention center to throw a little business at the community which will shut down for tomorrow’s race.


And it was amazing! Really amazing! First I open the menu and pickle chips POPPED out to greet me. Why, yes, I will! I only ate half of them. I was told the place had wonderful steaks but I knew that was a bit much for my crazy tummy so I picked the most bland pasta dish on the menu, an angel hair pomadoro with chicken. Wow, was I surprised. The dish was packed with flavor and absolutely delicious. I know that was a stellar description but that’s all I got. It was awesome.


Stop at Amazing Joes on Wheeling Avenue if you head to Muncie, Indiana!

So far, a huge thumbs up to Ironman and Muncie for their “warmth” and hospitality.

** Stay Cool ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Looking Back…..

I’m now only a couple days out from the Ironman 70.3 Muncie, therefore I decided to look back at the notes I recorded after my last 70.3.   My previous 70.3 occurred on September 6, 2008.  It was before the TTF blog, before Facebook and during a time when people were emailing back and forth as a manner of communication.  My audience was small but I still sent my family & friends LOOOOONNNNNGGGG emails on every detail that they didn’t care about of the race.  Thanks to Mom, Abby S & Lisa E for reading those and many other emails!

The Great Illini Challenge on September 6, 2008 was my first and most current 70.3.  I have not raced a triathlon since that day.  I do, however, have a crazy beautiful toddler which hubby and I started raising in my time off triathlon.  See hubby, Michael & Aby below.  family_stars & stripes_2012

Some might wonder if I’m nervous since I haven’t raced triathlon for so long.  No, I’m not yet.  Triathlon is where it’s at for me.  I feel at home there and things just click. 

Some might wonder why I picked a 70.3 distance as my return to triathlon.  Timing.  I would have preferred to start with an International/Olympic distance race but timing didn’t work out.  I don’t have a ton of $$ to be racing so I picked just two triathlons (Muncie 7/7 & Great Illini 9/1) for the 2012 season and those were both the 70.3 distance.

Photos & Notes on the Swim/Bike from Great Illini 2008:

Copy of IMG_0287      IMG_0291    IMG_0293  

I tried to be calm and smooth on the swim, I didn’t stress about speed, but just took it easy because I knew that it was going to be the easiest part of the day so I wanted to enjoy it and come out of the water fresh. My goggles did fog up 2x but I just stopped and wiped the fog out and continued on my way, no problem!

** It might be more enjoyable to try to swim the entire 70.3 miles!

Transition was certainly not the frenzied event that it is in shorter TRI races. We were relaxed, joking around with one another, talking with our families, and pretty much stalling to AVOID getting on our bikes! In my relaxed state, I managed to forget my energy gels in transition.  Bad, really bad.

The bike had a great first half, on great roads that were freshly paved. There were lots of very large rolling hills. It was a “what goes down, must go up” theme. The hills also made me realize almost immediately that at some point in transit, something happened to my bike and the chain was loose. Not good, I needed  gears badly with the large hills and they were making a lot of noise and not shifting properly. My chain then popped off at mile 7 at the bottom of a very large hill.

**Mile 10 of bike: Riding is such a great time for self reflection, prayer & quiet thinking.
***Mile 17: It is such a beautiful day, the road is smooth, the sun is shining, and I love these hills!
**Mile 20: Wow, I got up to 33 mph coming down that hill; and it isn’t even bad going up because I get to stand and it allows me to stretch my quads a little! This is really great!
**Mile 40: Why didn’t I make up for sale signs for my bike before I came??
**Mile 41: No biggie about the for sale signs, maybe mom can sell it while I run? No, I’ll just put it on Craig’s List tomorrow!
**Mile 42: A triathlon tattoo was a really bad idea! Wonder if I can have it turned into a cross? I really like crosses!
**Mile 44: There is no shame that a full iron distance person just passed me. I am sure he was a really fast swimmer!!!
**Mile 47: Gel = life/energy and being able to finish the race! If I weren’t so tried I would be really excited.
**Racking the bike = awesome feeling of “last ride”, I don’t even need to sell it, we’ll just throw it in the lake because I’ll get better gas mileage on the way home!

I don’t think we need to relive the run portion of the 70.3 since I won’t be doing the run portion this time.  Although, I’m not looking forward to a DNF, I’ve certainly accepted it.  My strongest part of a TRI is always the run but it’s not meant to be this time around.  So I will be swimming & biking and am thankful I can handle that much!

** Happy TRIing **  Amanda – TooTallFritz **

88 Laps….

For me, swimming is a task like no other.  When I run or bike, I have a constant stream of thoughts and am actually able to work things out in my head.  When I swim, I focus on not drowning, breathing, stretching my stroke and counting my laps.  I have random thoughts that come and go but mostly, I just focus on not drowning and counting.  No joke.

88 laps in a 25 yard pool is equivalent to the 1.2 miles I need to swim in the two half iron events in which I will be participating this year.  I swam the full 88 laps yesterday for the first time.    I am only 55 days away from the July 7th Ironman 70.3 Muncie.

A few of my random thoughts….

  • 44 minutes, the amount of time it took me to swim 1.2 miles in my last half iron event.
  • 56 minutes, the amount of time it took to swim the 88 laps yesterday.
  • 4, the minutes I hope to eliminate from my swim with it being in open water and not having to turn around every 25 yards.
  • 5, the minutes I hope to eliminate from my swim by using my wetsuit that will hold my momma hips up in the proper position.
  • 10, the number of mini prayers I sent up asking for water temps on July 7th & September 1st to be cool enough to be USAT wetsuit legal.
  • 78, the max water temp for an event to be wetsuit legal.
  • 3, the lap I was swimming when I started thinking about Kelly’s post on her first swim lesson.
  • 4, the lap I was swimming when I thought about contacting Maggie’s cousin, Coach Judie, or MJ at TriSmart , or anybody somebody to tell me if my swimming is even remotely adequate.
  • 50, the number of times I tried to “hear”  my stroke like Kelly discussed in her post on the first swim lesson.
  • 0, the number of flip turns I performed.
  • 6, the number of times I stopped to readjust my goggles.
  • 4, the number of times I breathe in 25 yards.
  • 7, the number of years that I have owned the TRI tank I was wearing that I will never again wear.  Can you say skintight and see thru?  UGH!

2XU Tri top

  • 35, the lap I was swimming where it finally all came together and I relaxed.
  • 36, the lap I was swimming when I started to wonder if the turnover rate of my arms during the swim is also called cadence like the rate of turnover of foot fall/pedal stroke while running/biking.  Answer:  YES, look HERE.
  • 3, the number of sets I did to equal 88 laps.  Set 1 = 48 laps, Set 2 = 30 laps, Set 3 = 10 laps.  Don’t ask why, it’s random, just like my thoughts.
  • 25, the lap in the 2nd set where I was wondering if CrazyBoyDon actually counts laps or if he somehow adapts 99 bottles of Beer on the Wall to keep track…..  88 laps to swim in the pool, swim one down, flip it around….yeah that doesn’t work. 
  • 1, the lap in the last set where I realized that I don’t know how to kick.  I have spent so much time “not kicking” to save my legs, that the kick just seems foreign to me now.
  • 12 the number of times Michael asked me if I had been swimming with Santa when I got home.

Santa Swim

Michael is obsessed with Santa and wants to go swimming with him so badly.  He is always flailing around the bathtub pretending to swim with Santa.  If you know of any swimming Santa’s, please let me know.  PLEASE

What do you think about when you swim?  Will you be thinking of swimming Santa’s the next time you go to make some laps?  Maybe you should! 

Santa Swimming_scuba

Happy Swimming **  Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Bike Fit….

As you know from THIS post, I’m back on the bike and staring down two 70.3s which are fast approaching.  The first one is July 7th, a small event hosted by Ironman, and I anticipate it to be a total bike train wreck.  The little biking that I have done so far (70 miles last month) has not gone well.  Everything hurt.  My knees hurt. My hips hurt.  My neck hurt. My shoulders hurt.  I kept thinking, what did I get myself into?!?! that my return to triathlon was going to be a difficult one.  I did the only thing I could think of doing, I took more Joint ProMotion

Joint Promotion

Okay, let’s be honest, I actually started taking Joint ProMotion.  You would think that as a runner and AdvoCare Distributor I would be using a glucosamine supplement but you would be wrong.   I am now.

Then I started thinking.  More thinking.  I’ve never been a strong biker but there is a difference between sucking not being good at something and having pain.  I never had pain before, this is new.  I am riding the same bike I had Pre-Michael but I felt like it had shrunk in it’s 1309 days of hibernation.  Muscle atrophy?  Probably not.  I “may” have mentioned these problems to hubby and he may, or may not, have threatened me regarding bringing home a new TRI bike.  Sigh….

So I called Trek Schererville and scheduled an appointment to be refitted on my “old” bike.  Aby was kind enough to take a few photos of the process.

Picture 051


                      Picture 050 Picture 049         


         Picture 048   

Getting Closer…. Hello Team Tough Chik!  I’m actually in this photo…..kinda.   And you can “kinda” see Paul behind me, adjusting the bike.  Apparently the seat was almost 2” too low.

Picture 046

When your seat is too low, you don’t get proper pedal extensions, have less power, and develop aches and pains in your hips and knees.  It also basically folds the bike up on you and the aerobars will feel too short, shifting will be difficult and you “may” develop pain in the neck and shoulders.  Really?  I never would have guessed.

Picture 044 Picture 045

I’m a happy camper now and looking forward to my ride this afternoon.  Cross your fingers for me! 

And as a general rule of thumb, if it feels wrong, it is wrong.  Trust yourself.  Don’t get hurt because you are stubborn or because you think you are a weak biker/runner/person.  It also helps if you buy your bike from a store you can trust, a store who’s employees know your name and number when it pops up on the caller ID, a store that will refit your bike and help you with your mental problems, a store that will service your bike free for life.  Trek.

Side note:  My computer finally arrived!  I’ve been waiting for the Node 1.1 to arrive so that I could have an affordable computer which works on the road and on my trainer, while still being wireless.  This is HUGE.  Now I have zero excuses as to not riding.  NO EXCUSES!

So what’s your excuse for not putting in your miles?  Please share, I need some new ones!

Happy TRI-ing ** Amanda – TooTallFritz ** **

Scheduling Conflicts…..

I start planning my race schedule a year or so in advance.  I know this “may” seem OCD to some but there are a handful of races which I run each year, mostly because I like the course, or the race director (example:  Palos Half Marathon that Mel from Running For Kicks organizes in May), or it’s a charity event, or it’s close to my mom’s house and gives me an “extra” reason to go for a visit.  Whatever the reason, I certainly have my favorites and I will choose a small event over a big expensive event each and every time. Therefore, I have never delved into real Ironman territory.  I participated in an awesome 70.3 event, the Great Illini Challenge, in 2008 while I was trying for Mr. Michael but it was a generic version of the half “Ironman” distance and a fraction of the cost.  I normally stay away from big name events where you pay for an after party, band, and/or the brand name, etc. with your entry fee.  It’s just not my thing because I participate for the running/TRIing, not the party.  However, as this year’s schedule plays out, I have paid for both an entry into a Rock N Roll event and now I am registered for the Ironman 70.3 Muncie.

In my defense, I got a super deal on the RnR Chicago event when I registered for it last November with a coupon code and as an early bird.  As for the Ironman event, hey, that’s where my friends are going and I want to be there with them, and the timing/location is right.  Plus, my one friend is a kickass great biker, which is my weakest link, so I will just focusing on “trying” to catch her or if by chance I get out of the water first I will be pedaling my ass off fast trying to stay away from her!  I know that she will still crush me on the bike but a little added incentive is worth the price tag.  🙂

Unfortunately, I had to nix a really GREAT race on my schedule to take part in the IM 70.3 Muncie.  I gave up the Evergreen International TRI in Hudson, IL due to scheduling conflicts with family, run & other TRI events.  This event is on July 14, 2012.

If you are available on July 14th, I highly recommend this race!  It is in a great location, great course, plus they offer both a sprint and an international distance so good for everyone in your party.  This is definitely one of my favorites and the course is fast, I will miss it on my 2012 calendar but please partake, take photos and send them to me and I will  post them while congratulating you on your achievements!  Go, register for Evergreen HERE.  As an added bonus, the race director a super cool lady who puts on a series of events under the TRI Mom/TRI Shark name.  In the last event I raced for TRI Mom, I was handed a sack lunch as I was leaving for my drive home.  Thanks, Mom!  I was starved and much appreciated that sack lunch.  Some times it’s the little things, you know?

So how is your racing season shaping up?  Is it coming together smoothly or are you coming across a few speed bumps like me?  I honestly can’t fit in one international/olympic distance TRI this year and will just be focusing on the two 70.3 distance events.  Not ideal and I’m sure my transitions will be slow due to lack of practice but attitude and an over abundance of confidence will make up for transition issues because I plan to totally crush both 70.3s this year.  I only have one time in which to compare and that is the pre-Michael race but the time still stands and counts in my books.  The 2008 Great Illini Challenge brought me a 6:33 finish and I am hoping by drafting off Renee the Muncie race will get me under the 6:30 mark so I can go on to really get after it at the 2012 Great Illini Challenge 70.3 on Labor Day weekend.  BELIEVE!

If you would like to join me at the 2012 Great Illini Challenge 70.3, they offer both an Olympic and 70.3 Distance, so feel free to come and have fun at whatever distance you are ready to tackle!  This course is really user/spectator friendly too as it has 2 loops to each part.  You will be close to your car transition several times during the race in the event that you “need” anything.  I hope to see you out there!

**Disclaimer** – Drafting in a triathalon will get you disqualified.  Don’t do it.  And if you do, don’t tell them that TTF said it was ok cuz it’s not! 

Sidenote:  Let me just say how excited I am for all of you over the PunkeeLove Headband Giveaway!!  I wish I had a headband to send each and every one of you and I will be on  pins and needles doing the drawing on Monday.  Good luck everyone!  Don’t forget to use the one time only code for 20% off:  tootall20   to order the bands that you want on discount.  I’m certainly taking advantage of the code and placing an order today since I don’t need to wait for the drawing!

Happy Running & TRIing,                                                                                             Amanda – TooTallFritz

2012….The Mystery of What Will Be…..

This is the first day of 2012 and we are looking at a fresh start with a  whole new year in front of us.  What will you bring to Ms. TooTall and the family, 2012?  This is the time in which many are making New Year’s Resolutions; however, I am not really a fan of a “resolution” per say .  I think that many treat resolutions like rules with the “they are made to be broken” type attitude.  So in absence of a New Year’s Resolution, each year I attempt to develop some sort of challenge for myself and as many people as I can suck into the insane plan.  As with all good plans/challenges, it needs to most importantly bring about a good story in the process!  I really believe that over half of the endeavors in which I have sucked my sister into  completed were for the sole sake of having a good story.

Thru the years, we have developed some REALLY good stories.  Still one of my favorites was the 2005 Rim to Rim hike thru the Grand Canyon with (Me), Sara (my sis), Lisa E., Lisa’s Cousin Cindy & Lisa’s mom:

That adventure was my foray back to fitness.  It was a long road cuz I had 10+ years of excess eating/drinking to redirect but I not only hauled my ass person from the North Rim, to Phantom Ranch on the Colorado River but then up the South Kaibab Trail for a finish on the South Rim.  Good times.  Good memories.  And it was a heck of a workout!  This adventure was a catalyst to my current state of fitness.  More importantly, it gave me the confidence to also try other things that prior to that point, I would have NEVER though possible.


Me & Abby S. during the Inaugural 2008 Fort 4 Fitness Half Marathon:LOTS OF FAST RACINGLOTS OF TRIATHLON

I’m unzipping the black wetsuit in the middle.




So after so much fun and sweat it is hard to create a budget friendly challenge for the new year.  Last year I challenged myself to run 1000 miles.  I made it despite fighting injuries from March thru year-end.  This year I wanted something new and fresh and along came….So the big adventure for Ms. TooTall for 2012 will be participating in a chicks only, 6 person, ultra relay team for the Madison to Chicago Ragnar Relay Series. 33 miles over the course of 2 days/nights in early June.  This is gonna be insane fun and should provide us with a GREAT story!

I will also be running the 2012 Chicago Marathon and delving back into Triathlon after a long bike hiatus from Mr. Michael’s birth/toddler years.   The goal is a 1000 running miles and 1000 bike miles.  This will be TOUGH for me but I joined Team Tough Chik for 2012 so hopefully that will provide extra support that I need to make this happen!  If you are interested in being on Team Tough Chik for 2012, click HERE.  The deadline for joining the team has been extended until Jan 7.  See a few of my fellow Tough Chiks below.

What do you have planned for 2012?  Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?

Once Again…..Happy New Year!                                                                                Amanda – TooTallFritz