Landscape Cross Training!

No, I’m not out of town.  No I’m not injured so badly that I can’t run or bike.  No I’m not working late even though I should.  What I AM doing is working on my annual Landscape Cross Training which occurs in a mad rush the week prior to Memorial Day weekend.  Tonight will be the third night in a row of Landscape Cross Training.

Fortunately, the weeds and giant thistles have been pulled prior to them going to seed.  Yay!  🙂

         Pulling Weeds   thistle_big ones

I have repurposed an old, torn pool cover for ground cover in an attempt to keep SOME thistles from popping through my mulch!

Pool Cover

I have purchased some new shrubs in an attempt to retake the thistle thriving territory.


weigela wine & roses

I have spread mulch, more mulch and then yep, I have more to spread.


I’m still not done but it’s Wednesday and I will trade in some cross training for running with the F’N Runners!  Then I’ll go home and hopefully finish planting & mulching… I can  start work on the pool.


Which may or may not have some living creatures.

frog swimming

So we can have a pool party!


Any landscape cross training for you this week?  Any green swimming pools that you are trying to bring back to life for the holiday weekend? 

** Happy Landscaping ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

2 thoughts on “Landscape Cross Training!

  1. Yesterday I mowed the lawn and some gardening. I have not yet dug up my vegetable garden to plant that yet though. It’s small but a lot of work for me! And I tend to feel guilty when I don’t workout (in the traditional sense). Too much to it in after working all day!

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