Recharge Your Battery!

As we approach the holiday weekend, I want to take a minute to remind you to take some time for yourself and rest.  Everyone needs to recharge their batteries on occasion and this 3 day holiday is the perfect time!

recharge your battery

Many of you will be racing and I hope after that you will kick your feet up, grab a cold bottle of beer water and eat some frozen grapes. Red grapes are tastier then green when frozen, in case you are wondering, and the kids love them!

feet up in Miami

Although, I won’t have my feet up in Miami this weekend, I will be at the lake, on the boat or lounging on my patio.  A tropical location is NOT necessary to enjoy some R&R.

lounge chair hammock

So grab a cold beverage, a lounge chair or hammock, and commence recharging.  We have a full summer ahead of busting our asses bustling activity and this may be the last chance you get to take a few minutes for yourself.

How do will you be recharging yourself this weekend?

** Happy Recharging ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

14 thoughts on “Recharge Your Battery!

  1. Amen to your message today!!! Rest, adult beverage, rest, eat, adult beverage, eat, play with the kids and repeat throughout the four day weekend!!! You guys have a blast and be sure to have fun!

  2. Ah….recharging yah? I guess I have been doing that not running since April 16th in Boston….right? Ya…doin’ a lot of other things…but I doin’ on my own terms and not according to a rigid schedule….so I guess that qualifies as recharging?

    But ya right to take time for yourself and your family and your friends and just “chill-out”….and Memorial Day weekend is a great time to do it! And…it will be nice and toasty this weekend…so why kill yourself sweating when you don’t need to build the sweat acclimation response till early fall when ya facing what usually turns out to be a toasty Chicago Marathon! You got all summer to run….so take a break and enjoy whatever!

    Sometimes….to love your sport or your passion….to be the best you can be….ya got to give-it-up for awhile….and “recharge”…..just as you promoting here in this post. TTF you are a Wonder-Woman and I am nothing more than an Echo shouting across that vast canyon….runners, bikers, swimmers or whatever…..take a break….ya deserve it!

    As I like to say….”There can be no gain….without the pain of giving some time up”…..if taking a break be painful (as it can be to some of us run-sweat junkies out there)!

    There is a time to ramp-it up and a time to rest and relax….this is a time for the latter!

    peace-n-love 2all

  3. So very true but somehow harder for me to do – but therefore that much more important to do!! That’ll be my goal after the Soldier Field 10. Funny that you mention frozen grapes. A friend of mine mentioned that earlier this month and I’d never heard/thought about it. Went home and put a bowl of red grapes in the freezer. Genious!! Kids & I love em (don’t think hubby has tried them yet). Enjoy your relaxing weekend!!

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