Recharge Your Battery!

As we approach the holiday weekend, I want to take a minute to remind you to take some time for yourself and rest.  Everyone needs to recharge their batteries on occasion and this 3 day holiday is the perfect time!

recharge your battery

Many of you will be racing and I hope after that you will kick your feet up, grab a cold bottle of beer water and eat some frozen grapes. Red grapes are tastier then green when frozen, in case you are wondering, and the kids love them!

feet up in Miami

Although, I won’t have my feet up in Miami this weekend, I will be at the lake, on the boat or lounging on my patio.  A tropical location is NOT necessary to enjoy some R&R.

lounge chair hammock

So grab a cold beverage, a lounge chair or hammock, and commence recharging.  We have a full summer ahead of busting our asses bustling activity and this may be the last chance you get to take a few minutes for yourself.

How do will you be recharging yourself this weekend?

** Happy Recharging ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **