5 Days til Ragnar – 5 Generous Sponsors

Although, my Ragnar dreams are over, we still have 5 generous sponsors who have given a lot to get us to and through our relay journey.


Family Fan Clubis hooking us up with everything from personalized race shirts with our team name (You Just Got) Chicked to decals and magnets for our van, personalized safety vests, headbands, etc. You name it, they can personalize it.   We have even contracted them to do the shirts for our running club.  Lots of options here, check them out!

ShowerPillapparently doesn’t want us to chase away the competition with our running funk. Do us a favor and get your own so you too will smell fresh and clean throughout the 36 hour event! Or come and borrow some of ours! 🙂

If you need compression shorts to help with performance, recovery & injury prevention, then check out Aspaeris Pivot Shorts! They will be protecting us during our Ragnar Adventures!  I love these shorts and wear them under my skirts or by themselves.  They are very versatile.

Check out the awesome fueling possibilities at GUEnergy.com. Don’t run out of energy, we won’t!  Gu covers all areas from energy to hydration while offering a variety of products.  Good stuff and lots of options.

BondiBand.com has some unique & creative but FUNCTIONAL pieces ranging from headbands, to hats, to swim caps. Lots of COOLstuff from BondiBond! Check them out!

A huge shout out and thank you to all of our sponsors!  Thank you so much for helping us prepare for this awesome journey.  Your support has been much appreciated!

** Happy Relaying ** Amanda – TooTallFritz ** amanda@tootallfritz.com

5 thoughts on “5 Days til Ragnar – 5 Generous Sponsors

  1. Way to go TTF….good job plugging the sponsors. Go Bondi-Band…Frogger is a good supporter/promoter of Bondi-Band.

    Regarding GU energy Gel…Rocktane very good and I use it to some degree in all my training and marathons, but Crank Spots E-Gel is my favorite. No one round here sells it, so I got go online and order it. You should check them out and someday see if they will sign-on as a sponsor to your endeavors.

    Oh…btw….watch that auto-spell-check and such….regarding GU….”gametes” are really male or female germ or sex cells of haploid condition! LOL! Or is there something I am missing about GU?

    Next year I will sponsor you….but with what? Hmmm….have to figure out something!

    peace 2 all,

  2. Hi there! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and just happened upon this specific post during a google search, so I figured it must be serendipity. I was just wondering, how did you go about obtaining sponsors for your Ragnar race? Did you just reach out to businesses and brands? We’ve run about 6 Ragnars in the past 2 years and have our sights set on several more so I am interested in looking into sponsorship and it would be great to get some input from someone who has done it!

    • Yes, I just sent emails. I always expect more “No’s” than “Yes'” and just roll with whatever happens. But I only reach out to brands that I like. I don’t support brands that I don’t actively use. But that’s just me. Same with my giveaways. It’s always stiff that I like & use frequently.

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