6 Days til Ragnar – 6 Chicks

So today brings us 6 days out from the start of the 2012 Chicago Ragnar Relays.  And we have 6 chicks that form our ultra team, You Just Got Chicked.

6 Chicks _ red x me

However, one chick…..ME, isn’t going to get to run.  I “may” have mentioned that my Plantar Fasciitis flared up BEYOND comprehension over the last couple weeks.  And we “may” have been trying to get me thru the Ragnar Relays by using the acupuncture, foot manipulation, cortisone shot, ice & motrin but it all blew up this morning.  Quite  literally BLEW UP.  I was running,  a little over a mile from my car, turned around because the pain was so bad that I audibly said, “I can’t do this today”, then about 2 minutes later something popped.  It felt like I got shot in the side of the heel in the arch.  Wow.  I hobbled back to my car and drove bawling straight to the chiro.  I honestly thought I would need surgery but knew she would be honest and tell me what to do and basically not panic like I was at the time.  I honestly thought blood had to be squirting out of my shoe cuz it seemed impossible that something could hurt so badly and not be squirting blood. 

So the “good news” is that nothing is broken.  Although it would heal faster if something had broke.  I don’t need surgery but was told that rehab will be the same as if I had to have surgery.  12 weeks off or I can try to start taping after 2 weeks, keep running which would be stupid and risk further injury.  I was basically told after 2 weeks, if I started up again, I might get another 2 weeks before I was back here or worse.  I think the best case scenario since I don’t get paid to run and TRI, would be to suck it up and take the 12 weeks off.   No Ragnar.  No 70.3 Ironman Muncie.  No Great Illini Challenge 70.3.  No Chicago Marathon. 

At this point it hurts to walk and the main focus is getting the swelling out.  I iced more today than ever before in my life.  I used a bucket of ice, I soaked my foot in our green pool, and I used an ice wrap.

foot in pool with kids foot on ice

So I’m going to focus on walking first and then the rest will come with time.  Or not.  Whatever happens, happens.  If I understand it correctly, all of this is related to the plantar fasciitis and the heel spurs but I have a secondary issue which deals with the muscle or ligament which runs beside my tibia (big bone that most call the shin bone).   This ligament attaches to the heel bone thru the arch.  Well, this has been a very painful tender area and we knew it was a problem but today it reared is ugly head and stated its presence for real.  This ligament is strained/torn/pulled/sprained…..whatever you want to call it.  Doesn’t even matter at this point.  It hurts like a bitch badly.

So, the search is on for a lady runner for our Ragnar team.  33 miles is the distance which needs to be covered over the 30+ hour period.  And yes, the race is 6 days away.  Yes, the race starts in Madison, WI.  If you have an interest in running, message me ASAP.  I need to fill my spot.  I can’t walk so running is absolutely not an option.  Please think and help me fill this spot!

** Happy PAIN FREE Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz ** amanda@tootallfritz.com

22 thoughts on “6 Days til Ragnar – 6 Chicks

  1. Oh Amanda! I am so sorry you are in such pain! I hope you have a speedy recovery. If you need anything at all, please let me know!

  2. I am SO SO SO SO sorry that you are injured!!!!!!!! That STINKS. SO. BAD!!!!!!! I will be praying for you to recover quickly and that you can get some races on the line to make up for those that you missed!!!! ❤

  3. I went to the CARA super clinic today after swallow cliff, and I have been asking around All over the place……..!! Swimming will be good for you physically and mentally, Just take it easy, hopefully it will heal quickly. Like I said earlier let me know if I can do anything to help you out, when I saw you earlier I wanted to cry with you……as a previously injured runner, we all unfortunately know how it feels. Prayers for you.

  4. OH NO!!! Amanda, I am so sorry!! You are so determined and unwavering. You will recover and all those races will be waiting for you next year! (((gentle hugs)))

  5. Sorry about the injury. You could try using a frozen water bottle as a roller. Place it under your foot and gently backwards and forwards. The ice will reduce the swelling and the rolling action will gently massage the area. See, fitfor365.wordpress.com/2012/05/02/relief-in-a-bottle/ and good luck!

  6. TTF…such a change in the weather…such bad news to hear. Wish I could help with the relay…but not a chick!

    This is the “pay-me-later” that the injury devil now submits bill for immediate payment. Ya…I know you are surely disappointed you won’t be doing that Ragnar, the 70.3 and Chicago Marathon as you had set your sights on, but your focus now turns toward of a racing and training of a different kind….tending and healing up that injury and repairing and strengthening that whole complex from foot to lower leg, and upper thigh to hip. I am sure you will learn a lot through the next 12-weeks and have plenty to post about it. We can all learn a lot from you as you tend to therapy and other treatments, so keep us posted!

    And we can all learn from you experience and your case should be a reminder to us all that it is really important to heed the signs that lead to take-out injury. Pain is one of them. All runners, bikers and/or triatheletes have tough hearts and souls, and determined minds to bear the rigorous training it takes to race your best. And we all tend to believe we can just “work through it” when things start aching or hurting.

    I fall into that pit time and time again….it is what I refer often to as “dancin’ with the devil (DWTD) or “dancin’ with the injury devil” and there is no science to it…. essentially an art to do it…and it varies incredibly from individual to individual. And sometimes ya win or at least “draw”…..and sometimes ya loose. In other words, DWTD is gambling, but it doesn’t follow the “odds” or laws of probability, strictly….unless you extend the time frame beyond a single event….then I might go out as far to say….everything has a probability of one! Pain is a signal and if it is not heeded and dealt with…sooner or later….the probability of injury is one.

    I am no expert that has the answers as to how anyone should assess, cope or deal with pain. I guess it is a dance and art each and every one of us will have to experience and learn best how “to make the deals” and how to DWTD. My sciatica is a chronic condition and as it stands now, I know of no specific cure for degenerative discs. Maybe someday they will find a way to repair discs so that eliminates compression of the nerve, but until then my choices are to give up running or dance. I choose the latter….cause for me to not be able to run….

    And if or when my time comes to pay later, I will be the first to get on this site and say….it got me…I just didn’t do the dance quite right! Let’s hope we all get better… at dancing! Hang in there TTF…when you come back for your 12-wks or so of therapy….you will be far better at dancing! When things don’t go our way….the best antidote is try to keep a positive perspective. That’s all I am trying to do with all this windy prose. Peace and good-running and dancing to all!

  7. That will teach you to try extreme ironing down swallow cliff steps!!! Seriously feeling blue for you hunny. You are the lace who holds us all together. We will miss u for the next 12 weeks. DO NOT COME BACK EARLY!

  8. Oh No! Injuries suck! So sorry to hear about this. Take care of yourself and hopefully the rest and physical therapy will have you running stronger in the end. Hope you found another runner.

  9. I’m sorry this all happened to you!!! And right at the time you have so much that was upcoming. I hope you heal up quickly and 100%.

  10. Talk about Murphy’s Law 😦 I am so sorry! The pain sounds terrible. I don’t what it is, but foot pain always feels 10 times worse to me, so i can’t even imagine. I hope you have a speedy recovery and the pain is at a minimum. Or at the very least, you have some great painkillers.

  11. ugh…injuries are the worst! My foot has a bone that is growing funny and actually causes plantar fascitis and tendonitis…started right before my half and is only now beginning to feel better…the elliptical has been my friend…but long distance running may continue to cause repeated damage to that foot. I hope yours heals and stays better and you are back to racing soon! I am sure you will be.

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