Fall Is In The Air….

This morning when Michael tore me out of bed I got up, I was giddy with excitement seeing a temperatures in the 50s.  As soon as I could manage it, I was dressed to run.


“Run”Way Fashion – Saucony Ignite Singlet & Athleta Relay Capris

One of the best things about the arrival of fall is that some of our favorite summer wear, like the Saucony Ignite Singlet is on sale!  The Ignite Singlet is currently on “Last Chance” Sale for $22 along with a lot of other great items.  If you have been sweating away the summer in one or two things that you can’t seem to keep clean, then you might want to check online to see if your favorites have hit the clearance racks yet.  Aby and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these singlets and we both pull them out first when they are clean.  We both have a blue & corral colored singlet but I can only seem to find photos of us in the coral. 




I just ordered us a couple more off the Last Chance sale.  I’m looking forward to wearing this one since neon green is my favorite color!   They are so light and airy that they work well for both hot & steamy indoor workouts as well as running! 


Another staple to my wardrobe for anytime fall running is the Athleta Relay Capri.  These babies are NOT on sale.  Never.  But they are worth the $69 price tag.  If I’m wearing capris, which is all the time other than extreme heat or extreme cold, then they are these Relay Capris.

imageI ordered my first pair 3 years ago, in black and they still look like brand new.  I ordered the navy ones last year and then just added the asphalt color this season.  To say the least, I love these awesome pants.  They don’t move, which I love.  They come up a bit higher on the mommy tummy, which I REALLY love.  They have a zip pouch in the back which fits my key, gel, phone (will only fit by itself), etc.   They also include a removable WATERPROOF pouch for inside the zip compartment for those of you who leave the trail looking like you went for a swim instead of a run.  You will also notice reflective accents for my middle of the night early morning run sessions, plus they come in special sizes, like tall, need I say more?  I love these pants and so does everyone else so if you want a pair, I’d order soon before fall really arrives and/or everyone receives their new catalog because these go on backorder fast and who really needs a pair of capris in December?

What are your go to run/workout clothing items?  Anything on sale that we need to know about?

** Happy Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz ** amanda@tootallfritz.com

5 thoughts on “Fall Is In The Air….

  1. This is such a great time of the year to get outdoors. Go to clothing brands? Whatever is in the drawer that my Wife has picked up for me! Although since I started doing the Brooks wear testing program years ago almost all the stuff I have now says Brooks on it somewhere. 😉

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