My Current Inspiration…..

I know we all have periods of time where we struggle getting out the door to log miles or hit that next workout.  It’s normal.  If you fall off the exercise wagon, don’t stress about it, just get back at it and move forward.  Take a second and look around you and see how others are getting it done regardless of their schedule.  Yes, get back at it!

As of late, running and working out has been easy, motivation wise, for me because I am constantly surrounded with amazing people and even kids who are pushing their limits each and every day.  I have been to 4 Junior High Cross Country meets over the last 6 days and each time I walk away in awe of how hard our kids are pushing.  These kids are running faster than most adults I know.  They are pushing hard each day and they are reaping the rewards.  Last Saturday, they brought home their first trophy, placing third as a team (Aby is at the bottom of the photo).

Aby & Peotone Girls w Trophy_St George Invite_9-15-12

Most of the girls also brought home Top 20 Medals, Aby was 16th running a 14:01 in the 2 mile.  I’m pretty sure I can’t run that fast right now.

Aby_St George Medal_9-15-12

Most of the girls are very tired but keep pushing their limits at meet after meet.  This is Aby running her 4th meet in 6 days last night:

Aby Running_9-20-12

These girls make me want to run faster.  They make me realize that even as an adult if we keep pushing and running hard, even when we are tired, then good things happen.  Now the girls get to rest for a few days before starting another cycle.  Push, Push, Rest.  Push, Push, Rest.  It’s a necessary cycle.  The resting, and taking care of oneself, being just as important as the pushing. 

Push hard my friends and you too will reap the rewards.  Let these little ones inspire you too!

** Push, Push, Rest ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

7 thoughts on “My Current Inspiration…..

    • I know! I just got back to intervals on the treadmill and a 6:40 is almost throwing me off the back! I can barely hold onto it for ONE MINUTE. LOL! Maybe she will carry me? Or can I use the “I’m old now” card? Help me!

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I spent 4+ years watching my daughter and teammates swim lap after lap at practice. Then go to a meet and leave it all in the pool. I figured if these kids swim 1-2 hours a day 4-5 days a week then I should be doing something. It was one of driving reasons to get my butt in gear and get fit again. Probably the best compliment I got was from a 10 year old girl that I had known for years tell me that I was getting skinny.

    BTW, 14:01 is a great time for her age. Just wait until she builds a big base of miles up. She will break 20:00 in a 5K before you know it. Then where will you be.

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