Beyond Thankful…..

As we close out Thanksgiving for 2012, I look back at what the year has brought us.  It hasn’t been easy and I’ve wanted to jump off the roof to avoid the noise of screaming/fighting children multiple times but it always seems a little better in hindsight and I am always thankful.  I’m thankful for the health of our “little” ones.  I’m thankful hubby and I both have jobs.  I’m thankful hubby and I haven’t killed each other because of those little screaming/fighting angels in stressed out states of mind.  I’m thankful the holidays are upon us so that we can CELEBRATE the close of 2012  glory of the season.

For me, the best part of 2012 has been watching Aby come into her own as a runner.  Watching her on the Cross Country course, really running, in a strong way I had never seen before this year.  Watching her at races, as I trailed behind her knowing that forevermore, she will be the fastest runner in the house. 


Running side by side with her on the trail and in weekend runs when she opted to stay with me rather than running ahead. 


Taking her to races that she has never been able to run before because I now know that she can hold her own and is mature enough to handle real races and tough terrain. 

Aby_RFK Turkey Trot_2012

Watching her collect some serious hardware along the way.


It really has been an amazing year!  The Thanksgiving Holiday brings most of us a 4 day weekend and plenty of time to reflect on the things for which we are thankful.  It is by far my favorite weekend of the year and the only one where I can expect 4 days off work in a row.  The only one we automatically know on which day of the week the holiday will fall.  Definitely the easiest one to plan and the easiest to set up annual traditions.  I’ve been trying to become more traditional over the last few years, trying to keep at least a few things the same from year to year in both family and life so that on occasion we can step away from the chaos for just a minute and KNOW what to expect. During a time where we are taught to expect the unexpected, it’s comforting to make, and then hang onto, a few traditions.

Which holiday is easiest for you?  Which holds the most “traditions” for you and your family?  More up on our Thanksgiving traditions tomorrow!

** Be Thankful ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

4 thoughts on “Beyond Thankful…..

  1. Wow…another post and with lil-daughter runner and similar thoughts come to mind that I just posted bout Nicole’s awesome little running daughter…Aby in those pics got real nice form…forefoot strike even to midfoot and nice opposite leg kick-back. And again…just a little forearm x-over and only thing this coach would try to work on is keeping those arms forward moving. You are blessed and ya…give a lot of thanks for having such a great daughter…and one that wants to run and kick mom’s ass too! LOL!

    One thing that this and Nicole’s post bout her Little-fast-daughter-runner brings to forefront of my mind….is just how few women (and a lot of younger generation) understand the significance of running or being able to have an active life involving sports of all kinds. I am speaking of 1972…Title IX….and those gutsy women that preceded that breakthrough….and were the women that worked hard to make it happen…that a woman would run marathon distance…that Joan Benoit would win that Olympic Marathon in Los Angeles.

    Somehow I think a lot of our country assume it is a given right….but it was never that way and it took a lot of gutsy and hard-working women to bring about the change…that today…every race so filled with women runners of all ages and abilities.

    If I were a mother (and nothing wrong with father taking the initiative) I would make sure my young daughter understood the history and significance of Title IX and those pioneer women that pushed the envelope and persevered and made it happen….that now…today…you can go to any local race of any distance and see a whole lotta of women spanning all ages….running….and a lot of them far ahead of me!

    I hope both elementary and at least high schools have at some point in their curriculum…some time spent on the history of women in sports….Title IX and the those pioneer women that led the fight to make the change. That is something to be thankful for!

  2. Congrats to Aby!!! It’ll be so fun to see how far/fast she goes over the next few years, and where running takes her. And if she pursues any other sports. I vote soccer since she’s got the speed and endurance … plus it’s a great sport! 🙂

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