2012 …… In Review

Seven days out from Christmas and I’m in disbelief that the year is almost gone.  Most of the time at year end, as I’m sitting in this position looking back, I’m able to take pride in the goals set and attained.  Not so much this year.  I struggled to build back up after some time off at the end of 2011 (a failed attempt to clear the plantar fasciitis).  Then I tore the tendon in my foot at the beginning of summer.  I will not run 1000 miles this year.  I did not run a 1:50 half marathon which I thought was an absolute no brainer.  I did not break 6:30 for a half iron event which I also thought was a no brainer.  I did not complete even one triathlon.  I did not run a marathon.  I did not maintain my weight.  I did not do a lot of things that I had thought were so very possible at the beginning of 2012.  But alas, it wasn’t a bad year. 

Occasionally, we just need to “let go” of our goals and go with the flow.   Some things are absolutely beyond our control.   You know the difference between being lazy and not making it happen verses life/injury got in the way and derailed the plans.  So if your life, or God’s plan for your life, got in the way this year and you DID NOT #MakeItHappen, then please take a minute, right now, and let it go.  Next year is another year.   The point of making goals is to constantly challenge oneself and be the best person that you can be at any given time.  Sometimes, the best we have at a given moment is sitting in the rocker ….. rocking our sick child.  Or icing an injured foot over a cold Corona Light.

So as I look back, I do not see failure but instead I look at the positive things that I did accomplish.

I got a photo with THE Green Men at the Shamrock Shuffle this year!  Major accomplishment!  Expect to see this photo several times a year from now til eternity.  I’m VERY proud!  (Nicole F, me, Green Man #1, Maggie, Green Man #2, & Kelly)

Nicole-Me- Green Men_Maggie_Kelly

I raced my first relay event with my “baby” girl, Aby.  Tinley Park Duathlon where my “baby” OFFERED to run for me so that I could still participate even though I was still very early in the injury stage and couldn’t even walk without a limp.


I watched that same baby girl become not just her own person but a really FAST runner.

Monster Dash_2012_Aby &Me beginning

I managed to keep my crazy lil man safe “enough” to make it through 2012.

Mattessien State Park_kids on trail_Aug 2012

I’m still married. (This will be the only time that you will see me in a bikini…..only photo I have of hubs & I from 2012 and I may delete this section before I actually publish).

Mick & I_july 4 2012

So 2012 was not only a good year but a great one!  I encourage you to focus on the positive and do your damndest to make 2013 EVEN better.  We only live once.  Make it count.

** Cheers to Making It Count **  Amanda – TooTallFritz **

11 thoughts on “2012 …… In Review

  1. What a great year it has been! Maybe in 2013 we can get another photo with the green guys? Lol! My cousin can’t run any more so I was going to see if she wanted to do a relay for the Tinley Dualthon. We’ll see but I think it could be fun. 🙂

  2. That’s the TTF I like…finding the positive outlook…even when things didn’t go as we expected or hoped! And that’s the beauty of New Years Eve – the end of a year and the new BEGINNING of another. There are those “doomers” out there that say the world will end this 21st cause that is the end of the Mayan calendar. But they were not a “linear” culture – there calendar is cyclical – it starts again…anew!

    Some quotes for you to ponder –

    “Fall down seven times…get up eight.” Japanese Proverb

    “The world breaks everyone, and afterwards some are stronger at the broken places.” Ernest Hemingway

    “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” Arthur Ashe

    Sorry…don’t have dates or where the quotes come from originally…only who they are attributable to.

  3. You have been a good friend, coach, running partner to many. You have helped many of us achieve goals in 2012 by cheering for us and supporting us. Without you, I would not have reached some of my goals. You are a great role model and inspiration in the way that you balance motherhood, a job, injuries, and exercise. I admire your spirit and honest approach to life. Thanks for being YOU! And thanks for being real enough to admit that sometimes life is difficult!

    • Life is difficult, usually for everyone. Some don’t like to let others know that they struggle, which is fine, just not my style.

      Thanks for being my friend, running partner and “sounding board” this year. Things wouldn’t have been the same without you. Hugs!!

  4. Sounds like you had a GREAT year, even though you didn’t do everything you thought you would. I love how positive you are!
    And girl, if I looked like you, I would be rocking that bikini!! I can’t wait to wear my first one!

    • I’m not a bikini person (unless I’m in my backyard and can change in an minute if necessary). I feel way too exposed and its really not mommy friendly. I only wore it out in public that day b/c the fam was rockin’ the stars & stripes swimwear on the 4th of July and I wanted to do the same.

      Keep working toward your goals. You’ll get there. Then it will be easy to just do what you do and maintain. 🙂

  5. So beautifully said……with injuries this year also and the disappointment of not being able to run Chicago Marathon, and unable to run some other races due to the injuries….I still feel I had a GREAT year also!! Running Illinois marathon and AirForce Marathon(Not able to run trained for time) and Chicago Ragnar, I am happy with that fact I was able to RUN!!! Looking forward to an even better year!! Hoping to run a TRI this year and excited about running in Florida this January(nice way to start the year off)!!! Thank you for all your insperation through out this year!! Thankful for all the insperation I have received from my running friends!!

    • Running friends are the best. They understand how to push us to make us better but also know have no qualms in telling us to rest when we need it.

      You had a great year, Judy! And I’m so glad to know you!!

  6. You did have a great year and the right attitude. It’s really easy to set goals but hard to achieve them if life and injuries get in the way (and not laziness, like you said). And I am so frustrated lately with people focusing on the negative (“Well, I PR’d but had to walk a few times…” who cares?!!!)… I wish more would focus on the positive!

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