Chicago Running Bloggers Invade Road Runner Sports

Although I’m a loyal patron of my local running store in Palos Heights, IL, I love a good run related event!   If we add in a few Chicago Running Bloggers to a run related event then I’ll beg my hubby to let me out of the house  do my best to attend.  So I stopped by Road Runner Sports on Kingsbury in Chicago this week to run and hang out with other area bloggers.

A few of us came early for a 3 mile fun run.  From left to right:  Lauren (Lauren Runs to TRI), Erin (Eri-thon), Kelly (Running Kellometers), Me, Maggie (Mag Mile Runner) & Sierra (Posh Meets Pavement). 

CHI RunBloggers_RRS

Although running thru downtown Chicago during rush hour is less than ideal, we still had fun, plus got to demo the new Mizuno’s that the rep had on hand!

CHI RunBloggers_RRS_shoes

Most of us were in the Wave Inspire 9s, which is a stability shoe.  These are Aby’s shoe of choice and I’ve never cared for them during previous demos.  However, over the course of those 3 miles, they were light, roomy, not too tight on my piggies and my heel did not slip.  This tells me that they have changed a lot over the last couple generations.  In fact, I really liked them and I’m thinking that Aby and I will be twins soon because when I pick up her new pair, I’m getting some for momma too! She really hates it when I make her dress like me just loves it when we match.  Open-mouthed smile


After the fun run, they made us give the Mizuno’s back we got to chat up other area bloggers, enjoy pizza, beer & water, plus we received an overview of the Shoe Dog system & technology. 


Although, I didn’t need new shoes, I did take advantage of being fitted and also let them create inserts for my shoes with their super secret technology.  I have approval to move away from the “post style” orthotics from the doc and back toward normal shoe inserts.  These custom inserts from Shoe Dog & Road Runner Sports were molded directly to my feet and they are a stepping stone, a halfway point if you will, between doctor made orthotics and normal shoe inserts.  They cost $80 and will last 1500 to 2000 miles, then I will hopefully be able to run without adding anything extra to my shoes!  Yay for forward progress!

I’ve been a Road Runner Sports fan for a while even though I had not previously been inside a store.  I frequently use their online site to purchase TRI equipment, and random things that I need now that my local run store doesn’t carry.  It’s the only online running retailer that I use that isn’t brand specific.  I shop there a lot and am a VIP member.  I purchased the  “VIP” membership for $1.99 on my first purchase to secure a 10% discount (on every purchase, more if they have a special promo) and then they ship all purchases for free and very quickly.  I don’t think it’s ever taken more than 2 days.  Super cool, particularly when you can’t get to the local run store and you need something fast.  I’m a big fan and I really dislike paying shipping costs!


So all in all, I had a great night with my Chicago Running Blogger friends. I enjoyed learning about the Shoe Dog process even though Mel D. can do the same thing just by looking at us stand/walk/run & I love my new shoe inserts.  I’m definitely a Road Runner Sports fan and highly recommend them if you need something fast and you can’t get to the local run store OR if you can get to one of their real store locations and get fitted IN PERSON with the Shoe Dog software & a knowledgeable sales rep.  I personally, wouldn’t advise any type of online system that tries to “recommend” a perfect shoe for your foot without actually seeing and talking with you first.  Shoes are important, don’t skimp on the process.

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2 thoughts on “Chicago Running Bloggers Invade Road Runner Sports

  1. Love being a Road Runner Sports VIP and glad they opened a Chicago location. I need to get some inserts made because it doesn’t matter what stability shoe I buy, the bottom of my feet HURT after a long run.

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