Calling ALL Turtles!

This is a shout out to all the slower runners!  The runners who sometimes describe themselves as “turtles”.  The runners who are sometimes too nervous to come to a group run for fear of not being able to keep up.


We need you “turtles”!  We need you to be brave and to show up!  We need you to add diversity to our group runs, our running clubs, and our running communities.  We know you’re out there, now come join us! 

I’m currently part of an amazing group of runners, The Frankfort New Lenox Running Club, and I can honestly say that we have runners of all shapes, sizes and abilities. 


However, the core of our group is in the 8:30 to 10:30 pace range.  We NEED more runners to fill in the slots from 11:00 to Run/Walk.  This helps our group accommodate new runners.  Although we welcome runners of all paces and distances, apparently, we don’t have enough turtles.  We have had complaints that more turtles are needed!

Are you a turtle?  Do you live in the south suburbs of Chicago and need people with whom to run?  If so, we NEED you!  We have people in your pace range, we just need to develop that aspect of a group a bit more so that we have turtles at EVERY run we offer.  And we run a lot.  We run on MON, TUE, WED & THUR evenings and SAT & SUN mornings.  One of those days can surely fit into your schedule, right?  So come out and introduce yourself or feel free to email the F’N Running Club for more info at

Help us out.  Please!

**  Always Looking For MORE Runners  **  **

12 thoughts on “Calling ALL Turtles!

  1. You need me! You need me! But I live 3 hours away! Perhaps I can Bluetooth with your turtles :o) Wish I could join this clearly fun, motivated and creative (love the turkey head gear) group. Come on turtles, join this group so when I come to visit TooTallFritz I have a posse to run with!

  2. I’m a turtle these days! I’m looking forward to spring temps when I’ll be able to get out there and move! I’m going to a group run tonight for the first time in MONTHS! Looking forward to spending time with my favorite Thursday Night Group! 🙂

  3. I am a turtle. What time do you run in the evenings? I love in Orland Park and although FNL is a little far, I am always up for a fun group to run with.

    • Correction- I LIVE in Orland Park (and I do love it, but that was a type-o above). Also, I just joined the Facebook page and saw the times posted. Thanks. Hope to see you out there sometime

  4. Oh how I wish I could run with you guys but a 3 hr commute is a bit much!!!!! I am most definitely a turtle and know that I could go faster if I ran with a group to push me. It’s very hard to pace yourself but I know I am getting there as my time is going down…slowly but surely!!!!

  5. This is exactly what I am looking for – and what I was hoping for. I live in Mokena and am a member of CARA but am looking for running partners out here. I am coming off of an extensive 8 month layoff from a broken neck – complete with a plate and 4 screws.

    I am an experienced run/walk pace leader and that is where I have to begin again. I could probably eek out a 11 min mile at this point, but at what cost? So I am looking for a slower pace group and even a r/w – as I have a race every month from Mother’s Day (5k) to a half on Oct 20th. I have no idea how much will be walking until I start. But I can lead a C25K plan or even a Hal Higdon 10k or half r/w training series. I’m just looking to begin again!

    Bad news – I work downtown and don’t get of the train until 6:30. But weekends work for me. Please email info at Thank you!

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