Fitting It All In ….

Life is busy.  For everyone.  For some, more so than others.  I won’t bore you with the details of how crazy busy I am but will give you an idea of how my week looks on the “Finish It” type marathon plan, with a little “extra” added in to finish out my TRI season.  I know that many of you are aspiring for BQs or definitive finish times but I’m not at a point in my life where I’m able willing to do what it takes for those results.  I encourage everyone to take a step back, be honest and look at their individual circumstances before making a definitive goal or training plan.   If your honest with yourself, usually the path is clear.


In a typical week, I follow the plan below.  That being said, there are weeks where it doesn’t happen for a multitude of reasons.  Plus, if I have a twinge of pain or I know a muscle is tweaked, I play it safe.  I don’t get paid to run or TRI, these activities are hobbies in which I participate for fun and fitness.  There is nothing fun or fit about being injured.  In fact, I speak from experience when I say that injuries suck.  So for me, the answer is to listen to my body.

MondayAM – Rest.  Weekends are hard and getting back to reality is even harder.  I plan to sleep in on Monday mornings so that I don’t feel guilty about skipping a workout.  PM – Speed work on the treadmill.  I use the iPhone app for the FIRST training plan that is associated with the Run Less Run Faster book.  I plug in my numbers and it spits out a training plan based upon a three day run week.  Perfect amount of run days with TRI training.  Plus the app is much easier to comprehend than trying to read the torn up hard copy of the book that my Weim ate last spring. 

Libby_pillows_Aug 2013

TuesdayAM – 5 am CrossFit. PM – Swim (goal is to swim 1 mile or more)

WednesdayAM – Tempo Run.  PM – Bike.  If life gets in the way, the tempo moves to evening and I skip the bike.

Thursday – AM – 5 am CrossFit.  PM – Swim (but this usually gets skipped.  Time is always an issue).

FridayAM – Long Bike

Saturday – AM – Long Run

Sunday – Rest.  If all is well with the family and I feel decent then I go out for  recovery ride on the bike.  It’s a REALLY good day if I get to fit in a recovery ride.  Makes me super happy.  Smile

Yes, I’m obviously on a finish it plan.  I won’t be winning anything by spreading myself out like this but I’m doing my best, with my schedule to balance the family, the job, the commute, the swim, the bike, the run & making an attempt to get stronger with CrossFit.   Don’t ask me about training bricks because they don’t exist only happen a couple times a year.

Look at your schedule and plan your week.  When you have a plan, it’s easier to make it happen.  Is it necessary to check everything off the list, each and every week?  No.  But it’s easier to make adjustments when you have direction. 

** Finishing IS Winning ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

12 thoughts on “Fitting It All In ….

  1. I feel like the only person in the world that has a commute worth mentioning in my daily activities. How much time do you commute for each day?

    • I commute a minimum of 3 hours a day. That includes daycare drops/pick-ups for a door to door number. Some day are good at 3 hours, some are more.

      On Thu, Aug 8, 2013 at 12:47 PM, TooTallFritz

    • It’s just like everything else, a constant juggling act. Some days the dishes and laundry (or grocery shopping) will take precedence over a swim/bike/run. You just work it out and do your best to balance. Biggest thing is DON’T feel guilty. The art of balancing is also one of accepting that you can’t do it all every day. You can do it, Ang!

      On Thu, Aug 8, 2013 at 12:47 PM, TooTallFritz

  2. Nice post TTF…and definitely…finishing…what you started is…a winning scenario! Amazing that running and training has all the emphasis on time and pace…and so many have to juggle and struggle to do the time in training. Plans are plans…give direction…day-to-day…they get adjusted…based on how body responds…what other commitments or needs one confronts each day. Mix it up…shift things around…maybe sometimes you miss some training on that schedule. Just keep moving on to the next day…the next the best you can…pieces will fall into place…the full picture clear…when you cross the finish line.

  3. This was too perfect for me today. I’m on “forced rest” from training for my half marathon (I tweaked something in my foot/ankle) and freaking out a little bit inside that I won’t make my time goal. With everything going on in my life, (two toddlers, a husband in the military and working second shift at another job, my final semester of graduate school, work, and probably something else I’ve already forgotten), finishing is a perfect goal. Thanks for the reminder to listen to my body – I don’t get paid to run either. 🙂

  4. I read this post shortly after finishing my ultra. The quote picture brought tears to my eyes & is exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks so much Amanda for being just the inspiration I needed to keep my chin up & not be disappointed in how I did. *hugs*

  5. Thanks so much for posting about the FIRST method app, I had no idea they had one! I really like the idea of that plan but it was too confusing trying to read it from the book, I downloaded the app and LOVE it! I will def use this when I train for another marathon!

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