Who’s Dirty? CrossFit Day 17– Eric K Memorial WOD

I’ve suddenly taken an affinity to black workout clothing, tops in particular.  If one thing is for certain, I’m going to come home from CrossFit looking like I just rolled thru the dirt.  If getting dirty is any indication of my level of effort then I’m definitely going to win something.

CrossFit_dirty   CrossFit_dirty2

As a side note for new CrossFitters – Besides black clothing, I also make sure my tops are form fitted so they stay in place while I’m standing on my head or doing whatever activity is on the board for the day. 

The 17th day of CrossFit brought us the  Eric K Memorial WOD.

First, let me apologize because I misspoke earlier when I said the run club (and I) finally RX’d a workout.  That’s a lie.  We modified two things.  First we subbed in kettlebell deadlifts for the real deal and second we used bands for our pull-ups.  As you may, or may not know, runners are not known for their arm strength.  So we suck at pull-ups, or at least I do, everyone else is amazing. 

 Eric K Memorial WOD

4 Rounds

  • 8 Deadlifts – 225/135 – Or if you’re in my crew, kettlebell deadlifts #35
  • 29 Push-Ups
  • 20 Wall Balls – 20/14 – I think I used a 10# ball though
  • 12 Pull-ups – I used 2 bands

We then paired with a partner and my dumbass I panicked cuz I didn’t see the “4 rounds” part of the workout.   I thought we had one round (not normal at all but I had like 2 hours of sleep and was apparently delusional) and then we would have to split each of these moves with a partner.  Since I’m not one to get out of bed for an easy workout,  I suggested that we would do the workout x2.   Yep, I did that.  And everyone agreed.  So basically we did the above WOD like we didn’t have a partner.  Instead of 8 deadlifts per round split by 2 people, we each did the full 8 deadlifts.  Then 29 push-ups, then 20 wall balls, then 12 pull-ups.  Repeat x4.  It took exactly 2 rounds for us to be dead on our ass.  Yep, don’t CrossFit with me, I’ll just make you work harder.  LOL!

So now I can’t lift my arms.  Anyone want to swim for me during my upcoming half iron distance TRI on SAT? 

** Dirty & Delusional From CrossFit ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

9 thoughts on “Who’s Dirty? CrossFit Day 17– Eric K Memorial WOD

      • Awe!!! That’s baloney…you’re stronger than you think.

        There are 35# barbells…..I bet you’d surprise yourself!!! I know I did, when I tried DL’s the first time!

      • I’m sure you can go full bar deads. Does he have you do ONLY the WOD or do you get any strength training in at all. All new CrossFitters should, IMO, be working on strength as their #1 concern.

        Regardless, I agree with @rachelaugh

      • We do strength work but our class is more like a CrossFit Endurance class. Our goals are a bit different than the general CrossFitter who goes every day. We use CrossFit to supplement our main workouts and make ourselves better runners and TRI athletes. If the strength work trashes my muscles and I can’t run my 20 miler or ride my bike 60+ miles at a crack then it’s not helping me. He is very good about increasing our skills, working on our strength and helping us achieve our other goals.

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  1. Your too modest…you are stronger…simply measured by your motivation and “adjustments” like you did for this WOD. I probably could use you to “kick-some-life” into my training life, but to be fair I have given up with x-train and also quite a bit in Chicago Marathon training simply to keep up with the various course measurement jobs I have in various stages, the backlog of all that turtle data compilation from that 20-day stint I did back in May, and I have another 10-day stint coming up sometime in latter part of September and into 1st week of October. That will be my taper…working long days catching turtles! You do what the Coach says…and if he is gracious enough to allow you to change the regimen as you did…so be it…you just get better and stronger in the long-run (pun-intended).

  2. Oh…if you are a “Dirty Chik” then go get some of that “Run Dirty” run apparel that 5 and 10 k race in Schererville has its roots tied to!

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