KOREBALL Review and Giveaway!!

The fitness industry is hot, hot, HOT!  The great thing about it being so hot is that we have new and amazing products coming out each and every day.  One such product is the new KOREBALL.  The KOREBALL is a great product for at home and on the go workouts.  In fact, it was specifically designed to be portable and ready to go wherever YOU want to take your workout.    How about the beach?  Yes, let’s do it!!

KOREBALLWhat is a KOREBALL?  It’s a hybrid of a kettlebell and a medicine ball.  Not as bulky and dangerous as a kettlebell.  Not as round and slippery as a medicine ball.  The KOREBALL has handles on the side to help you grip easily and stay in control at all times.  Plus it’s much safer around small children than both kettlebells and dumbbells.

KOREBALL_core work

I’ve been using the KOREBALL for several months now.  I have totally replaced my medicine ball with this newbie.  I mostly use it for side to sides, ab baskets and in place of dumbbells.  It’s so much easier to use this for dumbbell rows!!

I also really like the ease of filling and the portability.  I filled mine with water.  It’s at max capacity and weighs 11 lbs.  If you are looking for a little more weight, fill with sand verses water.  Watch how easy it is to set up!  20140717-102520-37520326.jpg20140717-102521-37521727.jpg20140717-102522-37522501.jpg20140717-102523-37523176.jpg20140717-102523-37523888.jpgThe website boasts the KOREBALL to be a collapsible, portable  “on the go” workout system.  I agree.  I mostly leave it filled so that I can constantly use it for workouts but this would be so easy to collapse and toss in a suitcase.  LOVE IT!!

KOREBALL has generously agreed to give one lucky reader a KOREBALL ($75 value).  To be entered in the giveaway, please comment below and tell us what type of equipment you use for strength work.  Body weight?  Kettlebells, dumbbells, or traditional iron?  Medicine ball?  Or maybe you just toss the kiddos around?

We will pick one winner via a random number generator on Tuesday, July 22nd. Please follow KOREBALL on Facebook for up to date news on special offers.    And if you can’t wait to win, buy KOREBALL HERE because it just might be on sale and there just might be free shipping as of right now (like this very moment).

Good luck!

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50 thoughts on “KOREBALL Review and Giveaway!!

  1. When my kids were small, I would use them for weights. Currently, I use dumbbells and my own body weight and sometimes bands for weight training! This toy looks awesome!!

  2. I use kettlebells, medicine ball, free weights and the punching bag for my workouts. This looks like a pretty cool contraption!

  3. Well you use the terms “strength” work and for upper body I basically stick with Bowflex, barbell and dumbells. For leg strengthening Bowlfex, resistance bands, strap-on ankle weights, ketteballs (fairly lt wt). For the “core strengthening” generally don’t use anything other than a floor mat and stick with those 5 basic core exercises given in Runner’s World “Fast-Abs” feature from many years ago…you know…plank, side-plank, superman…variation of bird-dog and one other the name escapes me at the moment. The beauty of those 5 core routines is you don’t need any gadgets…can do them anywhere…and the stimulus for increasing strength is simply building in the duration (time) you hold the poses and frequency of reps or sets. And that reminds me…really need to start these routines back up…but soooo….many other things to tend to and barely enough time to get the basic run-schedule done. Always willing to try something new though!

  4. I use hand weights, bands, a kettlebell and a machine—when I am actually training.I would love this. Seems perfect!

  5. Because I’m basically a gym class whore, I’ve used just about everything to strength train…I just started using kettle bells and love it! And let’s face it, I could use anything geared towards core work…

  6. love the kettle bells! traditional weights also starting to be a fave of mine. Core is my weakest by far! Thanks for the giveaway TTF & Koreball!

  7. I’m horrible at sticking to a strength training workout. But when I am, I generally use dumbells, medicine ball, or just my own body weight.

  8. That looks amazing. I’m a personal trainer, and this would be perfect to bring to my clients’ houses! So easy! For myself, I do a lot of body weight exercises and I love the TRX!

  9. I tend to just use my own body weight for strength work often taking advantage of the free stations that they have at the park but I sometimes also use free weights.

  10. I use a little of everything – body weight, dumbells of various weights, and medicine balls. Occasionally I use kettle bells. Would love to try a KOREBALL!

  11. Free weights and kettlebells. I wait until my kids go to bed to do the kettlebell because I get too nervous with them around. This would be perfect!!

  12. Well, currently I use nothing as I’m using pregnancy as an excuse to be lazy. But once this kiddo arrives, the koreball would help to get me back on track.

  13. I usually workout at the gym – so barbells, dumbbells and body weight exercises. I would LOVE to own one of these for more at home workouts (no excuses, right?!) 🙂

  14. I sincerely do incorporate my 25 pound daughter into my workout. She loves it and I am actually able to get my work out in! Other than that I use a medicine ball 🙂 Following on facebook, thanks so much for the chance!

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